二十笔实用成语 685

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二十笔实用成语 685

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二十笔实用成语 685

01. laugh something out of court, to
定义: 以讥讽嘲弄驳斥某事为不可能或为荒谬.
例句: I told them the old car could be repaired, but they laughed me out of court. (我告诉他们这部年久失修的老爷车还是可以修复的, 但他们嘲讽我说修复它是不可能的)

02. laugh to see a pudding crawl, to
定义: 看到什么都好笑, 感觉什么东西都有趣味.
例句: Sally thinks I'm funny, but she would laugh to see a pudding crawl. (莎莉认为我很有趣, 但她看到什么都觉得有趣)

03. laugh up one's sleeve, to
定义: 偷着乐, 掩饰自己的喜悦.
例句: Jane looked very serious, but I knew she was laughing up her sleeve. (珍虽然表面上看起来很严肃, 但我知道她私底下却是偷着乐)

04. laugh/shout fit to burst, to
定义: 笑爆了, 笑岔气了; 厉声嘶吼.
例句: I was laughing fit to burst. This book is so funny. Maybe the plot is typical but the humor makes it special and worth reading. (我看得笑岔了气. 这本书真有意思. 它的情节也许是普通无奇但它的诙谐使它变成一本不寻常以及值得一读的书. 注: 这句话里的typical是普通或平常的意思并不是特殊或非凡之意)

05. laughing matter, a
定义: 当成玩笑, 不必当真或并不严重的事情或事态.
例句: This disease is no laughing matter. It's quite deadly if not treated immediately. (这个疾病可不是开玩笑的事. 如果不及时治疗的话它将会致命的)

06. laughing out loud (LOL), be
定义: [网路用语]大笑. (注: 此用语主要是用于吸引别人注意在笑话或有趣的事情上或表达对某事引起的兴趣)
例句: I love how you said, "Coffee is not my cup of tea." LOL! (我好喜欢你所说的, "咖啡不是我所喜欢的饮料." 真好笑! 注: 这里的"Coffee is not my cup of tea."是一句有趣的一语双关话)

07. launch/mount a raid, to
定义: 发动突击或临检.
例句: US commandos launched a raid into Somalia to capture a militant group officer. Under heavy fire, the Americans withdrew empty-handed. (美军突击队发动突击入侵索马里亚企图捕获一名激进团体的官员. 在猛烈的炮火之下, 这批美军空手而返, 无奈地撤出)

08. launder money, to
定义: [法律术语]洗钱. (注: 意指将非法所得转变为合法财产的行为或手续)
例句: The economic and social consequences of allowing criminals to launder money can be disastrous. (允许犯罪份子洗钱对经济层面以及社会层面都可能会造成灾难性的后果)

09. law and order, the
定义: 法律与秩序. (注: 意指严格执法, 遏止犯罪, 维持社会安定)
例句: After the war there was a serious breakdown in law and order. It has taken a long time for the police to gain control of the situation. (战后曾发生严重的法律与秩序的崩溃. 警方经历长时间才取得维持稳定的控制权)

10. law of the jungle, the
定义: 丛林法则. (注: 意指抛弃法律文明, 优胜劣败, 适者生存, 只图个人自身的生存和利益)
例句: I was brought up on the streets where the law of the jungle applies, so protecting myself came naturally to me. (我是在贫穷区长大, 在那里只有丛林法则才能适用, 所以保护我自己是我的自然本能. 注: 这里的the streets是指一个城市中贫穷及犯罪率较高的地区)

11. law unto oneself, be a
定义: 率性而为, 专断独行, 独立自主, 自己就是法律.
例句: I can't get Tom to follow the rules. He's a law unto himself. (我没办法让汤姆遵守法规. 他是个专断独行的人)

12. law-abiding citizen, a
定义: 奉公守法的公民.
例句: As a law abiding citizen, you have to follow the traffic rules at all times, not just when they are "being enforced." (作为一名奉公守法的公民, 你必须在任何时间都遵守交通法规, 而不是它们"被执行的"时候才遵守法规)

13. lawsuit was dismissed, the
定义: 此诉讼案已被驳回.
例句: The judge tossed out the case on procedural grounds, and the lawsuit against me was dismissed. (由于程序不符合规定, 这位法官拒绝受理这份案子, 因此这件控告我的诉讼案已被驳回)

14. lawsuit was filed, the
定义: 此诉讼已被告上法庭.
例句: When the newspaper refused to admit that the story was false, the actor filed a lawsuit against the publisher. (由于这家报纸拒绝承认这篇报导是错误的, 这位演员告上法院控告这家报纸发行人.注: lawsuit was filed是被动语气而主动语气则是to file a lawsuit)

15. lay ... open to something, to
定义: 置...于危险中; 为...制造机会.
例句: The mayor's remarks were thoughtless and laid him open to public criticism. (这位市长的轻率发言把他自己置于遭受公众批评的险境)

16. lay a finger/glove/hand on someone, to
定义: 触及某人; 动手打人, 伤害某人.
例句: I was told not to lay a finger on the son of the boss when he comes to work for us. (我被告知当老板的儿子来为我们工作的时候千万别去伤害他)

17. lay a trip on, to
定义: [俚语]让某人产生罪恶感.
例句: Don't lay a trip on me about low grades. I'm studying hard. (不要因为我的差劲分数让我产生罪恶感. 我正在努力地用功读书)

18. lay about, to
定义: 向四面八方攻击, 拳打脚踢.
例句: The guards laid about them, striking men and women with the flats of their swords. (这群警卫对他们拳打脚踢并且用剑脊击打男人和女人)

19. lay an egg, to
定义: 生蛋, 下蛋; 挂鸦蛋, 失败, 表演拙劣, 犯下愚蠢错误.
例句: Although he was supposed to be a good magician, his performance laid an egg with the audience. (虽然他本应是个优秀的魔术师, 但他的拙劣表演却让观众失望)

20. lay aside, to
定义: 放在一边; 储存以备以后使用; 放弃.
例句: We need to lay our differences aside so that we can learn to work together. (我们必须把我们的意见分歧放在一旁, 由此我们才可以学习同心协力地工作)



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