二十笔实用成语 689

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二十笔实用成语 689

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二十笔实用成语 689

01. lead nowhere, to
定义: 一筹莫展, 毫无头绪或结果, 进了死胡同.
例句: This meeting is leading nowhere. We've been here for over two hours and haven't even been able to come up with a name for our product! (这个会议讨论个半天毫无结果. 我们开了两个多钟头的会议, 到现在我们连一个产品名称都想不出来)

02. lead one's own life, to
定义: 独立自主, 掌握自己的人生.
例句: You need to learn how to lead your own life and not be led by someone or something else. (你应该掌握自己的人生, 不再被某人或某事所牵制)

03. lead separate lives, to
定义: (两人)过着两种不同生活; (夫妻)貌合神离, 各自生活.
例句: The couple have been leading separate lives for the past four years. They're not alone. More and more of married couples are finding themselves living as if they are divorced. (这对夫妻过去四年过着貌合神离的生活.他们不是唯一碰到这种情形的夫妇. 越来越多的已婚夫妻发现他们好像是过着离婚的生活)

04. lead someone (around) by the nose, to
定义: 牵着某人鼻子走, 完全支配或控制着某人.
例句: I'm amazed that he lets them lead him around by the nose like that. (我很惊讶他居然让他们如此地牵着他鼻子走)

05. lead someone a (merry) chase/dance, to
定义: 耍花招误导别人; 给某人制造烦扰不安; 令某人疲于奔命.
例句: He led me a merry chase before I finally got him to agree to a meeting. (他让我找他找得疲于奔命后来我终于设法要他同意跟我见一次面)

06. lead someone astray, to
定义: 诱领某人走入歧路, 堕落; 把某人带坏.
例句: Some older students led him astray. (一些老学生把他带坏了)

07. lead someone by the hand, to
定义: 携手引领或引导; 悉心指导某人.
例句: Teresa, a colleague at the office, led me by the hand through my first days on the job. (上班最初的几天里, 一位办公室的同事特蕾莎悉心指导我)

08. lead someone down/up the garden path, to
定义: 欺骗或误导某人.
例句: I want you be honest with me. Don't lead me down the garden path. (我要你跟我说实话. 别跟我耍花招)

09. lead someone on, to
定义: 怂恿, 误导或欺骗某人, 吊人胃口; 欺骗别人感情.
例句: I know you love Josephine, but she was leading you on. She loves Paul. (我知道你爱约瑟芬, 但她在欺骗你的感情. 她爱的是保罗)

10. lead the pack/field/world, to
定义: 领先群伦, 名列第一.
例句: It would be nice to lead the pack but we still have a long way to go. (名列前茅当然是件好事但我们距离领先地位还有一段漫长的路)

11. lead the way, to
定义: 带路, 领路; 在一个领域里领先或居首位.
例句: I had to lead the way because no one else knew where the new office was located. (我必须要给大家带路因为没有其他的人晓得新办公室的位置在哪儿)

12. lead the world in ..., to
定义: 在某领域上领先全世界或领导全世界.
例句: China is leading the world in renewable energy, and accelerating her foreign investment in renewable energy and supporting technologies. (中国在可再生能源的领域上领先全世界, 并且加速她对再生能源和配套技术的国外投资)

13. lead the/your eye to ..., to
定义: 引起对...注目或注视.
例句: The fog follows the river curves and leads my eye to the distant hills. (这阵雾气沿着蜿蜒曲折的溪流飘散并导引我注目远方的山岗)

14. lead to, to
定义: 导致, 引起, 通至.
例句: This road doesn't lead to the village as we thought it did. (跟我原先想像的不一样, 这条路并不通往那座村落)

15. lead up to, to
定义: 为...作准备或铺陈; 逐渐地接近或转向; 导致, 导引.
例句: I had no idea what he was leading up to when he started talking about his father. (当他开始谈论他的父亲的时候我不晓得他这一讲要把话题导引到哪里去)

16. lead with one's/the chin, to
定义: 胆大妄为, 不计后果; 敢作敢当.
例句: Gordon always says exactly what he thinks; he never minds leading with his chin. (戈登总是心里想什么就说什么; 他毫不在乎讲了话所造成的后果如何)

17. lead/live a double life, to
定义: 过着双重生活.
例句: The investigation uncovered details of Tom's double life, including secret bank accounts and a private post office box. (这次调查发现了汤姆过着双重生活的细节, 包括多笔银行秘密帐户以及一个私人邮政信箱)

18. leading question, a
定义: [法律术语]想要取得自己想要答案的问题; 诱导性或操纵性的问题. (注: 意指意有所指的诱导问题, 例如: 你跟被害者受害当天一起喝酒, 是吗?)
例句: I requested that this leading question be stricken from the record. Court: "Sustained. Counsel is admonished to refrain from leading the witness." (我要求把这个诱导性的问题从法庭记录上剔除. 庭上说, "同意. 本庭训诫辩护人要克制自己不要再诱导这名证人.")

19. lead-pipe cinch, a
定义: 肯定, 毫无疑问之事; 保证的成功, 绝对有把握之事.
例句: It's a lead pipe cinch that if we give an inch, Jack will take a mile. (如果我们做出让步的话, 杰克绝对会进一步得寸进尺)

20. leaf out, to
定义: 生长新叶子.
例句: I trimmed the branches before the trees began to leaf out. (我趁着树还没生长新叶子之前把树枝修剪一番)



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