二十笔实用成语 690

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二十笔实用成语 690

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二十笔实用成语 690

01. leaf through, to
定义: 快速翻阅一遍(书或报纸等等).
例句: She was leafing through the magazine, looking at the pictures. (她正在快速地翻阅一遍这本杂志, 查看着图片)

02. leak out, to
定义: 走漏消息, 露秘密.
例句: Eventually, news of her pregnancy leaked out. (最终, 她怀孕的消息还是走漏出去了)

03. leaky faucet, a
定义: 漏水的水龙头.
例句: The annoying sound of that leaky faucet was driving me crazy. I picked up the needed parts in the nearby home center, and fixed it myself. (这个漏水龙头滴滴滴的令人厌烦声音把我逼疯了. 我到附近的建材行买了些需用的零件把它给修好了)

04. lean against, to
定义: 斜靠在某人或物之上, 持反对态度.
例句: I leaned the ladder against the wall before I went out to lunch at the new burger joint. (我把这把梯子斜靠在墙壁上然后我就出门到这家新开的汉堡店吃午餐)

05. lean and mean, be
定义: 精减而有效率的, 干练的, 肯吃苦耐劳的.
例句: If you use a PC for your business, keep it lean and mean. Try to use your PC only for business use, and keep the lunchtime web browsing to a minimum. (如果你使用一台个人电脑在你生意上的话, 尽量精减而有效率地利用它, 并且在午餐空档把上网浏览的使用上减至最低)

06. lean on, to
定义: 斜靠在某人或物之上, 信任依靠某人, 对某人施加压力.
例句: The gang decided to lean on the small shop owner to get him to sell his property. (这群帮派份子决定对这个小商店老板施加压力强迫他卖掉他的房产)

07. lean times, the
定义: 贫困的日子, 不景气日子.
例句: The economy is going sour which means lean times ahead. (经济情况将要变坏也意味着不景气日子将要来临)

08. lean toward, to
定义: 倾向于, 有意于, 有可能或想要做某事.
例句: She's leaning toward a major in medicine. (她比较倾向于主修医学)

09. leap at, to
定义: 跳向; 热切地选择或接受.
例句: She leapt at me in the darkness and scared me to death. (她从暗处跳向我, 把我吓死了. 注: leap的过去式的拼写可以是leaped也可以是leapt)

10. leap at the chance/opportunity, to
定义: 赶紧抓住机会.
例句: I leaped at the chance to be an intern at the publishing company. (我抓紧机会成为这家出版公司的实习生)

11. leap in the dark, a
定义: 不顾及后果地冒险尝试或冒险行动.
例句: Without knowing enough about the city, his move to Minneapolis was a leap in the dark. (对于这个城市没有通盘的了解, 他的迁居到明尼阿波利斯是一个不顾后果的冒险行动)

12. leap into action, to
定义: 积极开始行动起来.
例句: Just as soon as we were given the assignment, we leaped into action immediately. We simply could not afford any delay. (当我们一收到了被指派的任务之后, 我们马上积极地开始行动. 我们实在拖不起时间)

13. leap of (the) imagination, a
定义: 想像力的飞跃. (注: 意指以非常态心思去创造或了解新创意)
例句: It doesn't take a great leap of the imagination to see that he's using you. (一点都不难看出来他在利用你. 注: 意指你不需要废尽心思去猜想他对你有什么企图;他只不过是想利用你)

14. leap of faith, a
定义: 无条件的信仰或信任; 毫不怀疑或犹豫不决. (注: 意指不保留地接受无法以实物或实际方法证明的信仰或信任)
例句: Mary Anne made a leap of faith by taking her life savings plus a loan from her friend Tom and opened her first beauty shop. (玛丽安毫不犹豫拿出她一生的积蓄再加上跟她朋友汤姆借的一笔钱, 开了她第一家美容院)

15. leap out at, to
定义: 从暗处跳出攻击某人; 跃然纸上, 迅速取得某人的注意或留下强烈印象.
例句: I looked through the list of names, but none leaped out at me. (我逐一查看了这份名单, 但是没有一个名字能够立即吸引起我的注意. 注: 意指我所看见的都是一些普通无奇的名字)

16. leap/jump over, to
定义: 跳越过.
例句: I leaped over a puddle with ease and ran after my dog who was chasing a cat. (我轻易地跳越过一滩水坑, 追赶我那只正在追猫的狗)

17. leap to one's feet, to
定义: 一跃而起, 跳起站立.
例句: The crowd leapt to their feet, yelling as loudly as they could, cheering, and going crazy. (观众一跃而起, 拼命大声喊叫, 欢呼, 群情疯狂激动)

18. leap year, a
定义: 闰年. (注: 意指三百六十六天的一年, 逢到闰年时, 二月有二十九天)
例句: The year 2016 was a leap year and next one is 2020. (2016年是个闰年, 下一个闰年是2020)

19. learn at your mother's knee, to
定义: 小时候学的.
例句: I learned to draw at my mother's knee. (我小时候就学画图)

20. learn by heart/rote, to
定义: 靠背熟或凭记忆来学习的.
例句: To shape himself as an orator he learned by heart the speeches of Disraeli. (他熟记迪斯雷利的演说来塑造他自己成为一名演说家)



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