二十笔实用成语 715

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二十笔实用成语 715

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二十笔实用成语 715

01. load a gun, to
定义: (枪枝)填装子弹.
例句: Always assume that every gun is loaded. Accidentally pulling the trigger, or forgetting to put the safety on, may cause someone to lose their life. (永远把每一把枪都当成已经填装了子弹. 意外地扣扳机或者忘了把枪枝保险栓拉上将可能会造成某人丧生)

02. load down with, to
定义: 负荷, 承受重压或困难.
例句: If you are already loaded down with debt, and keep receiving offers for more credit cards in the mail, destroy them and throw them away. (如果你已经负债累累然后又不停地接受更多邮寄过来的信用卡, 你应当销毁它们再把它们扔掉)

03. load of cobblers, a
定义: 一派胡言, 胡说八道.
例句: I heard what they said about you, and that's a load of cobblers. (我听说了他们说你的坏话, 简直是胡说八道)

04. load/pile of crap, a
定义: [不雅语]满嘴胡言, 胡说八道; 垃圾, 废物, 没价值的东西.
例句: Take this pile of crap back where you bought it and get your money back. (把这些你买来的废物退还给你所买的店家, 再拿回你的退款)

05. load of garbage/trash/hot air, a
定义: 满嘴胡言, 胡说八道; 垃圾, 废物, 没价值的东西.
例句: Global warming is not a load of hot air, and humans are to blame. (全球暖化不是胡说八道, 人类应为此负责)

06. load of laundry, a
定义: 一篮/筒脏衣物. (注: 这里所讲的load是一篮可以一次适合放入洗衣机筒洗涤的容量; 所以在洗衣粉/精上都有标示这一盒/瓶的洗衣粉/精大约可以让你洗多少个loads. 读者从此可以明白其盒/瓶子上标示loads的真实意思)
例句: To prevent your septic trouble, don't do several loads of laundry in one day. You can spread it out and do one load a day for several days. (为了防止污水处理系统发生问题, 不要一天之内洗涤几篮的脏衣物. 你可以分成数次一天洗一篮连续洗几天)

07. load the dice, to
定义: 暗中做手脚使某人有机会或使某人没机会赢; 以不正当手段占优势.
例句: There's no way we can win this contest; they've loaded the dice. (我们根本赢不了这次的竞赛; 他们已经做了手脚让我们没法赢)

08. load up on, to
定义: 大吃大喝; 购入大量; 喝醉.
例句: I loaded up on shampoo because the store was having a sale. (我买了大量的洗发液因为这家店正在减价出售)

09. load up, to
定义: 给予某人大量负担; 满载; 大量囤积.
例句: We'll leave as soon as we finish loading up the car. (一旦我们把车子装载满了我们就马上离开)

10. loaded for bear, be
定义: 有备而来, 准备好接受任务, 进行冲突或挑战.
例句: Stay away from the boss — he's loaded for bear today. (离老板远一点 — 他今天准备要找人麻烦)

11. loaded gun, a
定义: 上膛的枪械; 强力及致命的武器.
例句: I have a valid Concealed Carry Permit, so I can have a loaded gun in a car compartment. (我有一张合法的隐密携带手枪的许可证, 因此我可以将上膛的枪械储存在仪表板下的杂物箱里)

12. loaded language, a
定义: 话中有话, 语带多关的话语. (注: 意指充满了多种意义的话语, 不容易从字面上解释)
例句: Once you're able to recognize loaded language, you'll be far less likely to be fooled by commercials and politicians. (一旦你有办法识别出语带多关的话语, 你将大幅度地降低被广播电视广告或政客欺骗的可能性)

13. loaded question, a
定义: 意有所指的问题. (注: 意指问题设计好意图引出特定的回应)
例句: I refused to answer the loaded question that Anna asked me; I did not want to tell her what she wanted to hear. (我拒绝回答安娜所提问的意有所指问题; 我不愿意告诉她想要听的话)

14. loaded to the hilt, be
定义: 装得满满的.
例句: The truck is loaded to the hilt full of firewood that will last the whole winter. (这部卡车已经装得满满的柴火可以满足整个冬天的使用)

15. loaded with luxurious amenities, be
定义: 装备得许多豪华家电带来舒适, 方便, 以及享受.
例句: Willow Creek Apartments offer modern and stylish 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments that are loaded with luxurious amenities without breaking the bank. (柳溪公寓提供现代化及高格调的一, 二和三卧室公寓, 这些公寓装备了许多带来舒适, 方便, 令人享受的豪华家电但租金却相当合理)

16. loads of
定义: 大量, 许多; 非常.
例句: Yesterday we had a picnic in the Moody Beach Park and had loads of fun. (昨天我们在穆迪海滩公园野餐, 玩得很痛快)

17. loan out, to
定义: 贷出, 借给.
例句: The cookbook you're looking for was loaned out to a friend of mine. (你在寻找的食谱我已经借给一位朋友了)

18. loan payoffs
定义: 贷款付清.
例句: You can contact the loan department to request a loan payoff amount. Even if you decide not to pay it off, at least you know the true amount owed on the loan. (你可以联系贷款部门跟他们索取付清贷款的最后金额. 即使你决定不付清它, 你起码得知这笔贷款你真正欠了多少钱)

19. lob missiles at ..., to
定义: 向...发射导弹; 向...投掷硬物(例如石块, 砖块或瓶子).
例句: Riot cops were dispatched as furious Hillary supporters lobbed missiles at officers during a third night of protests against Trump's surprise election victory. (在抗议特朗普出人意料的选举胜利的第三个夜晚中, 防暴警察被派至现场同时愤怒的希拉里支持者向警官扔掷石块)

20. local yokel, a
定义: 乡下人; 本地人.
例句: We were lost, so we stopped and asked a local yokel for help. (我们迷了路, 因此我们停下来请求一名当地人帮忙)



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