二十笔实用成语 726

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二十笔实用成语 726

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二十笔实用成语 726

01. lousy with, be
定义: 充沛的, 充满的, 丰富供应的.
例句: He's lousy with money and he's rich enough to retire if he wants to. He's certainly worked hard and deserves a good life. (他有的是钱, 他富裕的程度足可以够他退休如果他想要这么做的话. 他确实一直努力工作, 过个好日子是应当的)

02. love affair, the
定义: 恋情; 爱情关系; 性爱关系; 强烈的爱好.
例句: In the past, cars were our tools to make new friends. But America has lost love affair with cars. The younger generations use smartphones as their connection to the outside world. (在过去, 汽车是我们结交新朋友的工具.但美国已经不再恋眷汽车了. 年轻世代使用智能手机作为他们联系外部世界的工具)

03. love and kisses
定义: 爱与亲吻. (注: 用于写在信尾或电子信尾的表达情感祝语)
例句: You can write "Love and kisses" at the end of a letter/email to family members or close friends. (你可以在书信或电子邮件的结尾写上"爱与吻"给家人或密友)

04. love at first sight, a
定义: 一见钟情.
例句: When Jessica met Ryan, it was love at first sight. (当洁西卡和来恩相遇的时候, 那是一见钟情)

05. love conquers all.
定义: 爱可以克服重重困难.
例句: This mom's story of breastfeeding her adopted daughter proves that love conquers all. (这个母亲所说的以她母乳喂养她养女的故事证明了爱可以克服一切困难)

06. love handles
定义: [俚语]啤酒肚, 肚上一圈脂肪.
例句: Use light weights while doing sit-ups and side crunches will help you strengthen your abdomen muscles and back muscles and will reduce the size of love handles. (做仰卧起坐和侧紧缩运动的时候使用轻型哑铃会帮助你强化你的腹肌和背肌以及缩减你的啤酒肚)

07. love is blind.
定义: 爱情是盲目的. (注: 热恋人们无法看到恋人的错误及缺失)
例句: She can't see his bad habits because love is blind. (由于爱情是盲目的, 她看不见他的坏习惯)

08. love me, love my dog.
定义: 爱屋及乌, 你如果爱我, 你必须接受我的想法及习惯.
例句: "I wish you'd keep your dog out of the house when I come over." "Love me, love my dog." ("我希望来你家串门子时候你把你的狗放在屋外." "你如果爱我, 你也应该接受我的狗.")

09. love of my/one's life, the
定义: 一生至爱之人, 事或物.
例句: My wife is the love of my life and my family is also precious to me. (我妻子是我一生至爱的人, 我的家庭也是对我很珍贵)

10. love someone/something to bits, to
定义: 极爱某人或某事或物.
例句: I love you to bits, sweetie. Happy anniversary! (甜心我好爱你. 祝你结婚周年快乐!)

11. loved ones, your
定义: (你的)家人.
例句: Many of her friends and loved ones visited her in the hospital. (许多她的亲友都到医院来探望她)

12. lovers' lane, a
定义: 情人幽会的地方. (注: 例如公园或安静隐密的小径)
例句: After the movie they drove to the local lovers' lane. (看完了电影, 他们开车到本地情人幽会的地方)

13. low blow, a
定义: 犯规动作; 卑鄙攻击, 下流手段.
例句: When my roommate moved out without a word of warning, leaving me to pay the entire rent, that was a low blow. (我室友不打一声招呼就搬走了, 剩下我一个人付房租, 那真是个卑鄙行为)

14. low-carb diet
定义: 低碳水化合物或低淀粉饮食模式. (注: 例如米, 面或马铃薯等; carb是carbohydrate的缩写)
例句: A lot of people are following low-carb intake routine but most of them have no proper idea about what vegetables to eat on a low-carb diet. (许多人遵循低淀粉饮食的日常生活但是他们大部分的人没有低淀粉饮食该吃那个蔬菜的正确认识)

15. low center of gravity, a
定义: 低重心, 低重力中心.
例句: Many coaches tell their football players that the "low man wins." This refers to the importance of keeping a low center of gravity during the play. (许多美式足球教练告诉他们的球员"低重心的球员才会赢得球赛." 这个话是提醒球员在球赛中保持低重心的重要性)

16. low in ..., be
定义: 带有小量的...; 含有微量的...
例句: If you have a medical condition that requires a diet low in sodium, or if your doctor has advised you to limit your sodium intake, then by all means follow your doctor's advice. (如果你有需要低盐饮食的身体状况,或者如果你的医生建议你限制对盐的摄取, 那么你务必要遵守医生的建议)

17. low man on the totem pole, a
定义: 低阶级, 低级别的人, 小人物, 小角色.
例句: I know I'm a low man on the totem pole with this internship, but it will at least give me a place to start in my career! (我知道我只是一名低层实习员, 但起码这个工作给予我一个生涯开始的起点)

18. low on the totem pole, be
定义: 地位低的, 被视为不重要的, 被不重视的.
例句: If you want to understand the real problems, talk to the workers. You'll learn a lot from people who are low on the totem pole. (如果你想要了解真正问题的所在, 跟工人去谈谈. 你会从这些不被重视的人群了解许多问题)

19. low/lowest point, the
定义: 最低点, 最不愉快的部分.
例句: When I was at my lowest point of life, none of my family members knew. Every time I woke up, I had to pretend that I was doing great in life. (当我在人生中最低落的时刻, 我家人都不知道我那时的状况. 每当我起床之后, 我不得不假装我正过着春风得意的日子)

20. lower one's sights, to
定义: 降低自己的目标或期望.
例句: Unfortunately, we simply can't afford to live in that ritzy neighborhood, so we have to lower our sights and look elsewhere. (遗憾的是, 我们确实住不起那个豪华住宅区, 因此我们必须把自己的标准降低, 到别地方找房子)



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