二十笔实用成语 891

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二十笔实用成语 891

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二十笔实用成语 891

01. proceed against, to
定义: 起诉某人.
例句: Proceed against me if you find me guilty, or even if you don't. Go ahead! I'm prepared for all and any iniquities. (你可以起诉我如果你发现我有罪, 甚至发现我没罪也没关系. 起诉我吧! 我已经准备好应付所有一切不公不义的待遇)

02. proceed from, to
定义: 从某个源头发出.
例句: The strange noises proceeded from the house. (这些奇怪的声音是从那栋房子发出的)

03. by a process of elimination
定义: 经由一系列筛选或淘汰或排除过程.
例句: I suppose that we can come near to the truth by a process of elimination. (我想我们可以经由一系列排除筛选的过程来接近真相)

04. proclaim it from the rooftops, to
定义: 公开宣布.
例句: I was ready to proclaim from the rooftops that we'd be having a baby, but my wife wanted to wait for a while before we made the news public. (我正准备要公开宣布我们家将要迎来新宝宝,但是我妻子想要再等一阵子才公布这个消息)

05. the prodigal son returns; the return of a prodigal son
定义: 浪子回头.
例句: Well, looky here, the prodigal son has returned! Guess you didn't like that fancy new company that poached you last year. (哎呀, 看看谁来了, 浪子回头啦! 我猜你大概是不喜欢待在去年偷偷把你雇走的那家华而不实的新开公司吧)

06. professional ethic, the
定义: 职业道德, 专业道德.
例句: Should doctors violate the professional ethic and make profit at the expense of patients health, he will be sued for criminal and suspended his medical license. (如果医师违反了专业道德, 为了盈利牺牲了病人健康, 他将会被以刑事起诉并且吊销其医疗执照)

07. professional job, a
定义: 高技艺或专业工作.
例句: This is a professional job, dress should be business professional. We take pride in being the very best we can be. (这是件专业工作, 应该穿着商务专业人士服装. 我们为我们的精益求精和力求完美的态度自豪)

08. professional opinion, a
定义: 专业或专家意见.
例句: Some types of foundation cracks are harmless but some are not, so you need professional opinion here to discern which is which. (有些种类的地基裂缝是无害的但有些裂缝是有害的, 因此你需要专家意见来这里鉴定哪个是有害的和哪个是无害的)

09. profit taking, the
定义: 卖出获利. (注: 意指当股票突然高涨时持股人卖出股票获利)
例句: There was a ton of profit taking after IBM's stock leapt up 20 points. (IBM公司股价蹿升二十点之后大批持股人卖出获利)

10. progress has been made/achieved
定义: 取得了进步.
例句: Thanks to these efforts, major progress has been made in China's poverty reduction endeavors. (由于这些精力的投入, 中国在脱贫努力上取得了重大进展)

11. project
定义: [易混淆字或片语](长期性, 特定目标的)计划; (研究或工程)工作项目; (长期性, 解决特定问题的) 学校作业; (美国专用词)政府为穷人建造的房屋或公寓. (注: 作者发现有些英文词汇的中文翻译不够细致尤其project的名词部分更需加以补充)

12. projected winner, the
定义: 被预测的赢家或胜出者.
例句: The TV stations agreed not to announce the projected winner until after the polls closed. (这些电视台同意在投票所关闭之后才公布被预测的赢家)

13. prominent figure, a
定义: 显要人物, 赫赫有名人物.
例句: Zhong Nan Shan, the Chinese epidemiologist and pulmonologist who discovered the SARS coronavirus in 2003, and a prominent figure in the COVID-19 response. (钟南山, 这位中国流行病学家和胸腔科医师于2003年发现了严重呼吸系统综合症冠状病毒, 也是冠状病毒救治的赫赫有名人物)

14. Promise me it won't happen again.
[成语句型]答应我不再做这事; 答应我不再犯这个错.

15. promise someone the earth/world/moon/stars, to
定义: 跟某人允诺办不到的事, 乱开空头支票.
例句: Your clients will come to distrust you if you keep promising them the earth and then inevitably fail to deliver. (如果你不停的向你客户乱开空头支票然后又难免地办不到的话, 他们将会对你不信任)

16. promise well, to
定义: 有前途, 有希望, 有指望.
例句: The new employee you hired promises well, though he needs a bit more training. (这名新雇的员工是有前途的, 虽然他需要多一点训练)

17. promised land, the
定义: 上帝所允诺的乐土; 富庶, 充满机会的地方.
例句: Bright minds of India, particularly, the engineers and scientists soon after completing their college education head for the Promised Land – the USA. (头脑聪明的印度人, 尤其是, 工程师和科学家他们在大学毕业之后便马上奔向充满机会的国度– 美国)

18. promotion opportunity, a
定义: 升职的机会.
例句: Now our supervisor is retiring, creating a promotion opportunity that I've been waiting on for a decade. (现在我们的主管要退休了, 造成了一个我等待了十年的升职机会)

19. prompt action, a
定义: 立即的行动.
例句: If it hadn't been for her prompt action, we would all have drowned. (如果不是她的立即行动, 我们都可能已经淹死)

20. prone to, be
定义: 有某种倾向的, 易于的.
例句: Our boss is prone to get irate when someone disagrees with him, even if he's clearly wrong. (每当有人跟他意见相左, 甚至明显是他错误的时候, 我们老板便容易暴怒)



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