二十笔实用成语 755

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二十笔实用成语 755

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二十笔实用成语 755

01. members on both sides of the aisle
定义: 国会议员. (注: 原译是走道两旁的会员, 实际指国会议堂走道两旁所有的国会议员)
例句: Women members on both sides of the aisle very much believe that their presence and their voices matter. (所有的女性国会议员坚信她们的存在和她们的声势是举足轻重的)

02. Members should also be made aware of security concerns.

03. memory lapse, a
定义: 失忆, 脑中暂时空白, 记错.
例句: Whether it's a memory lapse or a complicated parking lot, forgetting where you left your car is probably more of a common occurrence than you'd like to admit. (不论这是暂时失忆还是停车场太复杂, 忘记你把车子留在停车场的哪儿也许是个屡见不鲜的常事只是你不愿承认而已)

04. memory like an elephant, to have a
定义: 有很好的记忆力尤其不忘掉别人对你所做的坏事.
例句: Mom has a memory like an elephant, so ask her what Tom's phone number is. (妈妈记忆力特别好, 你可以向他询问汤姆的电话号码)

05. men in grey suits, the
定义: 幕后具有权势政商大员. (注: 这些人都不是被选举出来的幕后操作的实权人物. 换句话说, 他们在法理上不受监督或制约)
例句: It's easy to get disillusioned as a voter when you know most decisions get made by the men in grey suits. (当你了解到大多数的决策都是幕后具有权势政商大员所做的时候, 身为一个选民很容易变得大失所望)

06. mend fences, to
定义: 修补破裂关系, 冀望言归于好.
例句: After Jill heard that her father had become ill, she decided it was time for them to mend their fences before it was too late. (在姬儿得知她父亲生病之后, 她决定趁还来的及的时候,修复她跟她父亲破裂的关系)

07. mend one's broken heart, to
定义: 治愈破碎的心.
例句: Her love can surely mend my broken heart. We are so much better together than apart. (她的爱确实治愈了我破碎的心. 我们相聚的时候比分离的时候幸福许多)

08. mend one's ways, to
定义: 从善如流, 改善自己态度.
例句: She has been forced to mend her ways in order to get along better at work. (为了在工作环境里与同事更加和睦相处, 她被迫改善自己态度)

09. menial task/work, a
定义: 粗重及不体面的工作.
例句: I would never regret the time I'd spent doing the menial work. If anything, it would always remind me of how fortunate I was because I had a job. (我永远不后悔我曾一度干过粗重及不体面的工作. 甚至相反地, 它将永远提醒我是多么地幸运因为我曾有份工作)

10. mental block, a
定义: 脑中一片空白, 想不起某事, 思维阻碍.
例句: I have a mental block when I try to do algebra. I can't think. (每当我做代数习题的时候, 我总是脑中一片空白. 我想不起来)

11. mental cruelty, the
定义: 精神虐待.
例句: But, I don't think mental cruelty is grounds for divorce if the mental cruelty concerns the way a mate twists the toothpaste tube or hangs stockings in the bathroom. (但是, 我不认为精神虐待是离婚的法律依据如果这个精神虐待涉及到配偶挤牙膏的方式或把长丝袜晒在浴室之内)

12. mental faculties
定义: (与生俱来地清晰的)思考能力.
例句: Although becoming very frail, he never lost his mental faculties. (尽管身体状况非常孱弱, 他从没有失去他的思考能力)

13. mental midget, a
定义: [骂人话]智力侏儒, 脑残, 白痴.
例句: I hate to seem like a mental midget, but can you tell me in plain English what's so great about that car? (我很不愿意看起来像个白痴, 但是你可不可以用通俗易懂的话告诉我那部车到底有什么了不起?)

14. mentally prepared, be
定义: 做好心理准备.
例句: No matter how many times we talked about it, still I was not mentally prepared completely for my newborn baby. (不管这件事我们讨论多少次, 我还是没有完全做好心理准备迎接我们新出生宝宝的来临)

15. mess about/around, to
定义: 瞎搅和, 鬼混.
例句: They were laughing and playfully punching each other, just messing around and acting like fools, something the three of them were definitely good at. (他们在欢笑以及嬉戏地互相打闹, 只是瞎闹和傻里傻气逗乐, 这些耍宝行为肯定是他们三个人最擅长的)

16. mess over, to
定义: [俚语]虐待, 不公平对待.
例句: Max messed Tommy over and sent him to the hospital. (麦克斯虐待了汤米把他送进了医院去诊疗)

17. mess up, to
定义: 瞎搅和, 弄糟, 办砸.
例句: He messed up his chance to get a promotion by not making much of an effort last year. (由于他去年在工作上不卖力, 他毁了他升迁的机会)

18. mess with someone's head, to
定义: 把某人整得挫折感, 焦虑感, 或者很不痛快.
例句: He wasn't about to let some punk mess with his head. (他才不会让这群小瘪三整得他痛苦不堪)

19. mess with, to
定义: 招惹, 扰乱, 捣蛋, 激怒.
例句: We learned not to mess with the Mafia. Their revenge is deadly. (我们学到了别去招惹黑手党. 他们的报复是致命的)

20. messy business, a
定义: 肮脏的工作, 不好做的工作, 令人生畏的工作.
例句: It's a messy business building a house yourself especially in a hot and humid summer. (自行建造一栋房子是一件令人生畏的工作尤其在高温湿热的夏天里)



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