二十笔实用成语 776

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二十笔实用成语 776

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二十笔实用成语 776

01. new to the game, be
定义: 生手的, 没经验, 不熟悉的.
例句: I know my employers are skeptical of me because I'm new to the game but I need to find a way to gain their trust. (由于我是个生手, 我知道我的雇主怀疑我的办事能力但我需要找一个取得他们信任的办法)

02. new twist, a
定义: 新的转折或变化.
例句: The final touch was a new twist for me: lime sugar – grated peel mixed with sugar. (最后这一道工序乃是一个新转折: 绿柠檬砂糖 – 掺着刮碎绿柠檬皮的砂糖)

03. new wrinkle, a
定义: 崭新但经常是未料想到的方面, 层面, 创新, 进展, 或策略.
例句: If proven to be true, the discovery could signal a new wrinkle in the way we think about the evolutionary process. (如果被证明是真的话, 这次的发现可能展示了我们在考虑进化过程的方式上出现了一个新进展)

04. newbie, a
定义: [网路术语]网路新手, 电脑新手, 新人.
例句: I'm a newbie and I am particularly interested in flight simulation. (我是一名新手, 我对飞行模拟特别感兴趣)

05. news to me, be
定义: 我不知道这件事; 没人告诉我这件事.
例句: "They've blocked off Maple Street for some repairs." "That's news to me." ("为了一些修护工作, 他们把枫树街封闭了." "我倒是不知道这件事.")

06. next best thing, the
定义: 没有完美的人或物退而求其次的替代人或物; 最佳的替代品.
例句: I'm really craving some chocolate cake, but I guess this candy bar is the next best thing. (我好想吃一些巧克力蛋糕, 但我想这只糖果条是个最佳的替代品)

07. next big thing, the
定义: 下一件大事.
例句: Self-driving technology will be the next big thing in the auto industry but it requires huge amounts of costly electronic parts. (自动驾驶技术将成为汽车工业的下一件大事但是它将需要巨量的昂贵电子零件)

08. next chapter of, the
定义: 某人的下一段故事或下一个生涯.
例句: While the next chapter of your career will be built on the foundation of your past experiences, you'll need to be okay being a novice again if you want to pursue a different career path. (虽然你下一个生涯将建立在你过去经验的基础之上, 你须要同意再度成为一名新手如果你想寻求不同的职业生涯)

09. next of kin, a
定义: (当事人的)近亲. (注: 常用于紧急通知方面)
例句: Hospitals will then notify the next-of-kin that the patient has been admitted or if there is any change in their condition. (院方将因此通知病人近亲如果此病人被接受入院治疗或者他或她的病情有任何变化的话)

10. next time around/round, the
定义: 下一次, 下一轮, 下一场.
例句: Thanks, Bill. Next time around, dinner is on me! (谢谢, 比尔. 下一次吃饭, 由我请客付账!)

11. next time you better ...
定义: 下一次你最好...
例句: Next time you better knock on the door first. This is called respecting someone else's privacy. (下次你最好事先敲敲门. 此即是所谓的尊重别人隐私)

12. next to
定义: [介词]紧接着, 在某人旁边, 排名仅次于某人, 比某人差一点.
例句: To my surprise, a cute girl sat next to me for the cross-country flight from New York to Los Angeles. Bella was sweet and friendly. (让我惊讶的是, 在纽约至洛杉矶穿越全国的班机上, 一位可爱女郎坐在我的旁边. 贝拉对人体贴友善)

13. next to impossible, be
定义: 几乎不可能.
例句: It was next to impossible to see the road ahead in the fog. (在雾中几乎不可能看清前面的路)

14. next to nothing
定义: 等于没有, 几乎免费.
例句: I knew next to nothing about farming. (我对农耕几乎一无所知)

15. nice and clear, be
定义: 美好又清晰, 清新, 晴朗.
例句: A little while ago that water was nice and clear and now it's all dirtied up. (刚刚这水还是清新的而现在变得又脏又浑)

16. nice and easy
定义: 慢慢地, 小心的地, 轻柔地, 或从容不迫地.
例句: The pilot brought the plane down nice and easy. (这名飞行员从容不迫地让飞机平稳着陆)

17. nice as pie, be (as)
定义: 对方友善虽然你并没有期望如此.
例句: Mr. Stewart may seem crotchety, but actually he's as nice as pie. He's helped me carry my groceries home many times. (史都华先生也许看起来急燥易怒, 但他实际是个好人. 他曾经许多次帮我搬食品杂货回家)

18. nice guys finish last
定义: 善人被人欺. (注: 意指告诉人要赢就要强硬甚至残酷)
例句: Nice guys finish last in this industry. If you aren't prepared to step on a few toes, you're never going to get anywhere. (做这个行业, 好人总是被人欺. 如果你不准备得罪一些人, 你将永远一事无成)

19. nice job/work!
定义: [赞赏语]好样! 做得好! 做得漂亮!
例句: "Nice job, Bill!" "Thanks, Tom!" ("做得漂亮, 比尔!" "谢谢你, 汤姆!" 注: 我们在做人方面, 不要吝啬于称赞别人尤其他或她真正做得漂亮)

20. nice of you to ..., it is
定义: 你心很好... (注: 意指向善心人士答谢)
例句: Don't worry about your long story, it's nice of you to tell us what you've been through. (别担心你的冗长故事, 你是个好人告诉了我们你所经历的事情)



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