二十笔实用成语 797

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二十笔实用成语 797

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二十笔实用成语 797

01. not one bit
定义: 决不, 丝毫不, 一点都不.
例句: "Are you nervous at all about today's entrance examination?" "Not one bit. This is what I've been studying hard for the past year." ("今天要考入学考试, 你紧不紧张?" "一点都不. 我过去一年的苦读就是为了这场考试")

02. not one and/in the same, be
定义: 两回事, 不一样, 不是同一个.
例句: They're closely related but they're not one and the same person. (他们是近亲但他们不是同一个人)

03. not oneself, be
定义: 感觉不对劲; 不舒服; 情绪, 精神上或身体状态失常.
例句: I'm sorry for getting upset at you earlier, I'm just not myself today. (抱歉我早先时候对你发火, 我今天情绪有点失常)

04. not only ... but (also) ...
定义: 不仅...而且...
例句: The child is incredibly gifted: she not only speaks five languages, but she is an extraordinary pianist as well. (这名儿童禀赋异常: 她不止会说五种语言, 而且她也是一位极为出色的钢琴家)

05. not only that
定义: 不仅如此.
例句: Not only that, we also provide you with the opportunity to make money while you are away. (不仅如此, 我们也提供你在离家的时候仍然可以赚钱的机会)

06. not open one's mouth, to
定义: 一语不发, 保持沉默, 守口如瓶.
例句: Don't open your mouth about this! I would die of shame if anyone were to find out. (这件事你要守口如瓶! 如果任何人知道了这事情, 我会羞愧死了)

07. not out of the woods yet, be
定义: 还没有完全脱离危险, 还没有完全康复.
例句: Her surgery went as well as we could have hoped, but she's not out of the woods yet. (她的手术就如我们所希望地做得相当顺利, 但她还没完全脱离险境)

08. not over by a long shot, be
定义: 一时还结束不了.
例句: The cold weather is not over by a long shot. We still have a few more weeks of cool temperatures in store before spring arrives. (严寒的天气一时还结束不了. 在春季来到之前, 我们还要再挨过未来几个星期的低温天气)

09. not particularly
定义: 不见得; 不是很 ...; 只有一点点; 不太 ...
例句: "Did you like the movie?" "No, not particularly." ("你喜欢这部电影吗?" "不是很喜欢.")

10. not pass the smell test, to
定义: 无法在合法性, 道德性或真实性上被人接受的.
例句: While several facts were dug up through public records that were previously under the radar, the theory he used those facts to support did not pass the smell test. (虽然数件证据被人在先前遭人隐藏的公共档案中挖掘出来, 他使用这些证据作为依据的理论并没有被人接受)

11. not pay any/much mind to someone, to
定义: 别理会某人, 忽视某人.
例句: Don't pay him any mind; he's just jealous of what you've accomplished. (别理会他; 他只是妒嫉你所取得的成就)

12. not peanuts, be; not small potatoes, be
定义: 不是小钱; 不是小数目.
例句: This is not small potatoes. This would be a huge loss to us if we lost this deal. (这可不是个小钱. 如果我们没有得到这笔生意的话, 对我们来说这将是一个巨大损失)

13. not playing with a full deck, to
定义: 少了一根筋, 不聪明, 笨笨的.
例句: Tom's a nice guy, but with some of the foolish things he does, I wonder if he's not playing with a full deck. (汤姆是个好人, 但是由于他所做的一些傻事, 我怀疑他是不是少了一根筋)

14. not put it past, to
定义: 相信某人可能会做某事, 如果某人做了某件事你也不会惊讶.
例句: Do I think Joey stole the money? Honestly, I wouldn't put it past him. This man has no conscience. (我认为是乔伊偷走了这笔钱吗? 说实话, 他要是偷了我也不会惊讶. 这个人为人不正派)

15. not quite
定义: 那倒不是; 不见得; 并非如此.
例句: "Are you promoting me?" "Not quite, but if you do well in this new position, I think you will get promoted in the future." ("你要提拔我吗?" "那倒不是, 但是如果你在这个新职位做得不错的话, 我认为你在未来会被提升")

16. not quite finished yet, be
定义: 还没全部做完.
例句: We are now in the process of finalizing this project, but we are not quite finished yet. (我们现正在进行结束这个工程项目的过程中, 但是我们还没全部做完)

17. not quite the thing
定义: 不适当; 不合社会常理; 不合礼仪; 不正常.
例句: Surely you knew that wearing a tracksuit to a job interview wasn't quite the thing, right? (你不可能不知道身穿运动服去参加求职面试是个不合礼仪的行为, 对吗?)

18. not ready to be counted out, be
定义: 不甘愿被淘汰, 被排斥在外或被判出局.
例句: We've had a few nicks and bruises and things like that, but we're not ready to be counted out yet. (我们确实有一些小擦伤, 碰伤和诸如此类的状况, 但是我们可不甘愿就这样被淘汰了)

19. not ready to face it, be
定义: 不愿去面对它.
例句: If you're not ready to face it, you block it by focusing on other things. This pressure can be put off for some time, but sooner or later, you're going to face it. (如果你不愿意面对这件事, 你就以专注别的事情来忽视它的存在. 这个压力可以逃避一段时间, 但迟早你还是要面对它)

20. not really
定义: 那倒没有; 也不是; 并非全然; 不见得.
例句: "Do you like your current job?" "Not really." ("你喜欢你现在的工作吗?" "也倒没有.")



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