二十笔实用成语 800

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二十笔实用成语 800

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二十笔实用成语 800

01. not this one
定义: 这...不一样; 这...不行; 这...没有; 这...例外.
例句: With gas price at $4 a gallon, you would think people would be staying away from gas-guzzlers but not this one. He still drives a gas-thirsty jalopy. (由于四美元一加仑的油价, 你自然会认为人们将会避免使用高耗油的汽车但这个人却是个例外. 他仍旧开着一辆耗油的老爷车)

02. not this time
定义: 这次不一样; 这次不行; 这次没有; 这次例外.
例句: "Can't I go with you?" "No, not this time. I've got to get our shopping done fast and I want to do it alone." ("我可以跟你一起去吗?" "这次不行. 我必须要尽快地把东西买好, 我想要自己一个人跑.")

03. not through with ..., be
定义: 还没做完; 还没说完; 还没把话讲清楚; 还没把问题解决.
例句: I'm not through with her yet and I'm not through with you either. (我跟她还没完, 跟你也没完)

04. not to be confused with ...
定义: 不要与...混淆不清或混为一谈.
例句: A yeoman was a farmer who owned and worked his own land, not to be confused with "Yo, man!" (一名自耕农是一个拥有并且耕作自己农地的农民, 不要与"唷, 伙计!"混淆不清)

05. not to be fussed about/over
定义: 不在乎要或不要; 不想去管或费神; 不被烦扰.
例句: "Do you still want to go to the basketball game tomorrow?" "I prefer not to be fussed over. Honestly, it would be nice to spend the day with you." ("你明天还想要去看篮球赛吗?" "我不想费这个神. 老实说, 跟你共度一天也很好.")

06. not to be outdone
定义: 不愿被别人比下去; 不愿被别人赢过去.
例句: She wore a lovely tiara but the groom, not to be outdone, had on a very smart embroidered waistcoat. (她戴着一副可爱的冠状头饰但新郎, 不愿被比下去, 穿着一件帅气的刺绣背心)

07. not to be sneezed/sniffed at
定义: 不可轻视, 不可小觑.
例句: We may not have won the game, but we scored enough points and caused enough damage to let everyone know we aren't to be sneezed at. (我们也许赢不了这场比赛, 但我得到足够的分数和给对手造成足够的伤害, 好教大家知道我们不可小觑)

08. not what it was cracked up to be
定义: 不是人们所说得的那么好.
例句: It was repaired, but the new engine wasn't what it was cracked up to be. (它被修好了, 但这部新引擎不是人们当初所说得的那么好)

09. not to mention; not to speak of
定义: 更不必说; 除此之外; 何况.
例句: They have two big houses in the city, not to mention their vacation home by the beach. (他们在城内有两栋大房子, 除此之外他们在海滨还有一栋渡假屋)

10. not to one's taste/liking, be
定义: 不适合口味, 不喜欢.
例句: Look, I'm not here to debate, but it's not to my taste and I just want to order something else. (听着, 我可不是来这里辩论的, 但是这份食物不合我的口味, 我只是想要点一份别的东西)

11. not to put too fine a point on it
定义: 坦率地说, 恕我直说. (注: 意指有人听了会不愉快)
例句: Not to put too fine a point on it, most of his suggestions have been useless. Don't listen to him! (恕我直说, 他大部分的建议都是没用的. 别听他的!)

12. hate to rain on your parade, to
定义: 不想泼你冷水; 不是要扫你的兴; 不想让你失望.
例句: Hate to rain on your parade, I'm afraid I can't agree at all with you on this point. (很不想扫你的兴, 在这点上, 我恐怕完全不同意你的意见)

13. not to say
定义: 更别提, 更别说. (注: 意指某某已经够坏更别提另外更坏的事)
例句: He was impolite, not to say downright rude! (他对人不礼貌, 更别提他粗鲁至极)

14. not to take away anything from you
定义: 不是要贬低你; 不是要抢走你的功劳.
例句: Not to take away anything from you, but lots of people have tried that strategy and it hasn't worked yet. (不是要贬低你, 但许多人都尝试过那个策略, 但它还没有成功过)

15. not to worry
定义: 别担心, 没问题, 别当回事, 没事.
例句: "It looks like we're almost out of milk." "Not to worry. I'll get some more this afternoon." ("看样子我们牛奶快喝完了." "没事, 我今天下午再买一罐.")

16. not too bad
定义: 还不错, 相当好.
例句: "Hey, haven't seen you in ages! How are things?" "Eh, not too bad. Just working away, can't complain." ("嘿, 好久没看见你了! 你的情况怎样? " "嗯, 还不错. 也就是一直在工作, 一切还顺利.")

17. not too shabby
定义: 还不错, 相当好.
例句: He came in second in the race. That's not too shabby for an inexperienced runner. (他赛跑拿了第二名. 对一名没经验的跑步选手来说还算不错)

18. not touch ... with a ten-foot pole, would
定义: 厌恶, 不屑, 死也不愿与...有关.
例句: That class may be alright but because I hate the professor I wouldn't touch it with a ten-foot pole. (那个课程本身也许还不错但因为我厌恶那个教授, 我才死也不愿意去上那个课)

19. not trouble one's head about, would
定义: 别担心, 别烦恼.
例句: Don't you trouble your head about that. I'll take care of it. (别烦恼这点小事. 我会把它处理好)

20. not turn a hair, to
定义: 神色自若; 处变不惊; 面不改色. (注: 意指不显出恐惧, 惶恐或慌张态度)
例句: Most people would have been very nervous in that situation, but she never turned a hair. (若换了别人的话, 大部分的人在那种情况下会很紧张, 但她却神色自若)



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