二十笔实用成语 805

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二十笔实用成语 805

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二十笔实用成语 805

01. Now you have done it!
定义: 好了, 这下你闯祸了!
例句: Now you have done it, young man. You have picked on my maturity as if it's an old age thing. How about you and I go a few rounds, young man? (好了, 这下你闯祸了, 小伙子.你一直拿我的成熟年龄来寻开心好像我已经年事已高的样子. 你要不要跟我来几回合的拳击, 老弟?)

02. now you're cooking (with gas)!
定义: [称赞语]这样做才对! 干得漂亮!
例句: Adjusting those parts made all the difference. Look how fast it goes! Now we're cooking! (调整那些机件之后大大地改善了速度. 看看它跑得有多快! 这样做才对!)

03. now you're talking!
定义: 你说的对! 这才像话! 这才差不多! (注: 意指同意或鼓励某人的意见)
例句: "You don't want hamburgers. Well, how about steak?" "Yeah, now you're talking." ("你不要吃汉堡. 那么, 吃牛排怎么样?" "对, 这还差不多." )

04. Now, it's your chance to ...
定义: 现在正是你去做...的机会.
例句: Now, it's your chance to take the stage and wow the audience. (现在正是你登上舞台, 令这批观众赞叹不已的机会)

05. now, now
定义: 好了, 好了; 算了, 算了; 安慰某人不要着急或不愉快; 劝阻或劝导某人的不当行为.
例句: Now, now. There's no need to use that kind of language. (好了, 好了. 你没必要使用那种语言)

06. nowhere to be found/seen
定义: 到处找不着.
例句: I swear I was just holding them in my hand, but now my keys are nowhere to be found! (我发誓我刚刚还抓在我的手里, 但现在我却到处找不着我的钥匙!)

07. no-win/lose-lose situation, a
定义: 双输或稳输不赢情况; 不管怎么做都不令人满意的情况.
例句: If I leave for work now, I'm going to be stuck sitting in traffic, and if I wait until the traffic clears, I'm going to be late. It's a no-win situation. (如果我现在去上班的话, 我将会被困在堵塞交通里, 如果我在家等到交通顺畅的话, 我将会迟到. 不管怎么做我都是稳输不赢)

08. nudge-nudge, wink-wink
定义: 假如你知道我意思的话. (注: 意指轻推肘, 眨眨眼, 意有所指有关性行为的暗示或默契)
例句: To be honest, we didn't see many sights on our vacation. We spent most of the time in bed, though there wasn't much sleeping, nudge-nudge, wink-wink! (老实说, 我们这次的渡假没去什么地方游览. 我们大部分时间都在床上度过虽然我们也没睡多少觉, 假如你明白我意思的话!)

09. null and void, be
定义: 失去法律效力的, 无法律约束力的, 被废止的, 无效的.
例句: Public disclosure of the terms of the out-of-court settlement renders it null and void. (公开披露庭外和解的协议条款令此和解协议失去法律效力)

10. number is up, one's
定义: 大难临头; 濒临死亡; 将要被惩治.
例句: She knew her number was up when she saw the look on her supervisor's face. (当她看到她上司脸色的时候, 她知道她要大难临头了)

11. number one pick
定义: 首选; 第一选择.
例句: I want to move away in a few years, and Austin is my number one pick at the current time. (我想要几年内搬走, 此刻奥斯汀是我的首选)

12. number one (名词)
定义: [俚语]自己最重要利益; 去撒尿, 上厕所. (注: 例如照顾自己的利益take care of number one)
例句: He is always looking out for number one and will never do anything for anyone else. (他总是谋求自身的利益, 从来不帮人做任何事)

13. numbskull/numskull, a
定义: [不尊重语]蠢人.
例句: Why did you do that? How can you be such a numbskull? (你为什么那么做? 你怎么能这么蠢?)

14. nurse a drink, to
定义: 小酌慢饮, 小口地慢慢喝酒.
例句: I spent too much money and got drunk too often when I would go to bars in college, so I've learned to just nurse a drink or two when I go out nowadays. (每当我上大学的酒吧, 我总是大量挥霍金钱也频频酒醉, 因此如今我学会了外出交际时便小酌两盅)

15. nurse a grudge, to
定义: 怀有怨恨或不满.
例句: My old girlfriend is still nursing a grudge toward me even after three years. (即使在三年之后, 我的前女友仍然对我怀怨在心)

16. nut, a
定义: [不尊重语]男人的卵蛋; 坚果; 笨人, 怪人, 疯疯癫癫的人; 对某事物痴狂的人.
例句: That guy is a nut. I know the police are doing everything they can to catch the guy. (那个人是个疯子. 我知道警方正倾全力追捕此人)

17. nutcase, a
定义: [不尊重语]笨人, 怪人, 疯疯癫癫的人; 对某事物痴狂的人.
例句: If you go to work in pajamas, people will say you're a nut case. (如果你穿着睡衣裤去上班的话, 别人会说你是个疯子)

18. nutjob, a
定义: [不尊重语]疯子, 精神不正常者, (政治上)极端份子.
例句: My whole family thinks I'm a bit of a nutjob because I practice holistic medicine. (由于我奉行整体医疗术, 我全家都认为我有点不精神不正常)

19. nuts about ..., be
定义: 对...热衷, 热爱, 痴狂的.
例句: He has been nuts about rocket science ever since he was a little boy. (他从小就热衷火箭科学)

20. nuts and bolts, the
定义: 基本要素; 具体细节.
例句: I want you to learn how to write well. You have to know the nuts and bolts of writing. (我希望你们学习如何文笔流畅. 你们必须要熟知写作的基本要素)



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