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二十笔实用成语 821

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二十笔实用成语 821

01. on my/one's way home
定义: 在我回家的路上.
例句: Yesterday I was on my way home from work when I ran smack into the back of a parked car and the driver was my ex-girlfriend. (昨天在下班回家的路上我撞上了一部停泊车辆的后方,而它的驾驶人居然是我的前女友)

02. on no account
定义: 无论如何都不能.
例句: You must on no account give your banking details to anyone over the phone or by email. (你无论如何都不能把你的银行资料在电话上或以电子邮件告诉任何人)

03. on no account must/should someone do something
定义: [命令语]无论如何, 决不允许某人做某件事.
例句: On no account, must you open that door! (无论如何, 你决不可打开那扇门!)

04. on occasion/occasions
定义: 偶尔地, 有时候地.
例句: His brother-in-law Carlos dutifully visits him on occasion, but his sister refuses outright to see or speak to him. (他的姐夫卡罗斯偶尔会义务性地去探望他, 但是他的姐姐却断然拒绝去看望他或跟他说话)

05. on one hand; on the one hand
定义: 在某方面的看法; 从某个角度来看问题.
例句: On the one hand, it's a better working place. On the other, it costs a lot to commute between here and my home. (某个方面来说, 这是个更好的工作地点. 从另一个方面来看, 从我家到这里上下班要花许多钱)
收费公路每隔一小段路便设立一排收费站; 每天上下班缴纳十块美元过路费是常事

06. on one hand ... on the other hand ...
定义: 一方面来说...另一方面却...
例句: On one hand fulltime work is good because of the money, but on the other hand you have little time to spend with your family. (一方面来说, 全职工作由于薪水比较高是好的, 但是从另一方面来看, 你几乎没什么时间跟家人在一起)

07. on one's beam-ends, be
定义: 处于艰危或拮据的状况; 船倾斜可能将要翻覆.
例句: My sister's on her beam-ends now that she's lost her job – I might have to lend her some money so she doesn't lose her house. (由于我姐姐的失业, 她生活拮据– 我可能不得不借她一些钱这样她才不会失去她的房子)

08. on one's best behavior
定义: 表现良好, 谦恭有礼, 言行举止适当.
例句: Good morning, class. I hope everyone was on their best behavior for the substitute teacher yesterday. (早安, 班上同学. 我希望昨天大家对这位代课老师彬彬有礼)

09. on one's conscience
定义: 令自己良心不安.
例句: I have to tell you the truth, because I don't want this on my conscience any longer. (我必须要告诉你这件事情的真相, 因为我不想再让我自己良心不安了)

10. on one's doorstep
定义: 在门口; 责任归咎于某人; 就在眼前; 不可能忽视了.
例句: I always hire reputable subcontractors for my company because I don't want complaints of shoddy construction at my doorstep. (我总是替我公司雇用有信用的承包商因为我不想背负豆腐渣工程的控诉)

11. on one's feet
定义: 站起来, 立足; 恢复健康, 情况改善; 临时构思, 即席表演或行动.
例句: Our teacher was back on her feet shortly after she had her accident. (我们老师在意外事故发生之后没多久便康复了)

12. on one's hands
定义: 手边拥有; 成为此人的责任或负担; 由此人来照顾或管理.
例句: As long as she had three children on her hands she couldn't get very much accomplished. (只要她身边有三个儿女的负担, 她就没办法取得长足的成就)

13. on one's head
定义: 承担自己的责任或过错.
例句: I won't rat you out, but if you get caught cheating it's on your own head! (我是不会打你的小报告, 但是你如果作弊被抓到的话, 你要自己承担这个责任!)

14. on one's heels
定义: 紧跟其后; 将近要追赶上; 经常作伴或跟随.
例句: I ran as fast as I could, but the dog was still hard on my heels. (我死命地奔跑, 但那只狗仍旧紧追不放)

15. on one's high horse
定义: 摆出高傲, 自以为是姿态.
例句: He is always up on his high horse and never bothers to think about how other people feel. (他总是摆出一副高傲姿态, 从不考虑别人的感受是什么)

16. on one's home ground
定义: 在自己熟悉场地, 在自己的地盘或主场.
例句: The team will be playing the championship match on their home ground this weekend, which they're hoping will give them a bit of an advantage. (这支球队将于本周末在他们自己熟悉的场地内进行冠军比赛, 他们希望借此取得一些主场的优势)

17. on one's honor
定义: 以名誉担保; 万分诚恳.
例句: On my honor, I swear to you that I did not steal that money! (以我的信誉担保, 我向你发誓我没偷那笔钱!)

18. on one's hunkers
定义: 蹲着; 蹲下来.
例句: He sat on his hunkers to inspect the leak beneath the sink. (他蹲下来检查洗手台下的漏水情形)

19. on one's legs
定义: 站立着, 能走动的, 站着说话.
例句: We have been feeding a spotted boar for the last two years. He has become so fat that he can barely stand on his legs. (过去两年来, 我们一直喂养着一头斑点公猪. 他变得太肥他几乎都没法站起来)

20. on one's merits
定义: 基于某人本身的品质或才能而不是靠人际关系.
例句: Students are selected for this college on their merits. (被这家大学录取的学生们是凭借着他们本身的真才实学)