二十笔实用成语 852

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二十笔实用成语 852

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二十笔实用成语 852

01. out to lunch
定义: 出去吃中饭, 心不在焉, 不注意(别人的感觉), 脱离现实, 疯狂, 糊里糊涂.
例句: She has talent physically but mentally she's out to lunch. (身理上她具有天赋, 但心理上她却是糊里糊涂的)

02. out to sea without a paddle
定义: 处于孤立无援, 身处困境中却无计可施的情况.
例句: Investors who go out into the world without sensible core principles to direct their choices risk finding themselves out to sea without a paddle. (投资人进入这个金融世界如果心中没有明智的核心原则来指导他们的抉择将导致他们身陷困境却无计可施的危险)

03. out to win
定义: 决心要赢, 竞争到底.
例句: Of course we should have fun, but there are still winners and losers, and we should be out here to win. (我们当然应该在比赛中玩得快活, 但是竞赛仍要产生胜利者和失败者, 所以我们也应该要决心赢得比赛)

04. out with it!
定义: [命令语]有话就说! 别吞吞吐吐的!
例句: OK, out with it. Tell me what's bothering you. (好了, 你有话就说. 告诉我什么事烦扰着你)

05. outdo each other, to
定义: 争奇斗艳, 互相比拼, 看谁更厉害.
例句: You and I shared a love of sneakers and we were always trying to outdo each other by finding the nicest shoe for the cheapest price. (你和我都热爱运动鞋, 我们两一直互相斗法看谁能够找出以最低价钱购买的最帅运动鞋)

06. outdo yourself, to
定义: 全力以赴, 胜过从前, 表现得比以前更好.
例句: Our legal team have outdone themselves with this contract. (我们律师团队把这份合约做得比以前要好多了)

07. outgoing calls, the
定义: 打出去的电话.
例句: Unlimited means truly unlimited. No extra charges for outgoing calls. (无限制通话的意思的确是无限制通话. 你打出去的电话不加额外费用)

08. out-of-court settlement, an
定义: [法律名词]庭外和解.
例句: She was awarded compensation in an out-of-court settlement. (她在一件庭外和解的案件里获得赔偿)

09. outside chance, an
定义: 几乎不可能的机会, 可能性小.
例句: I don't think Joan would go on a date with me, but on the outside chance that she says yes, I'm going to ask her anyway! (我不认为琼会跟我约会, 但即使她同意的可能性极小, 不管怎样我还是会去约她的!)

10. outside my ken
定义: 超出我所知道, 超出我所了解.
例句: The quirks of the antiques business were beyond my ken. (这些古董行业里的怪异行为超出我的了解)

11. outside of ...
定义: 在...之外, 除了...之外.
例句: Outside of the weather, our vacation was really quite enjoyable. (除了天气之外, 我们这次的假期还真是玩得相当愉快)

12. outside/beyond one's remit
定义: 不在权限之内, 不是某人的责任.
例句: Unfortunately sometimes people wait a long time to lodge the complaint and find out their request is outside my remit. (不幸的是, 有时候人们等了长时间之后才提出了申诉却发现他们的请求不在我的权限之内)

13. over a barrel
定义: 处于劣势; 没有选择的余地; 啼笑皆非情况.
例句: I think that we have them over a barrel and should be able to win the contract easily. (我认为我们先把他们置于没有选择余地的境地, 我们才能够轻而易举地取得这份合同)

14. over a time span of
定义: 一段...时间.
例句: We executed this experiment over a time span of 5 weeks. (我们花了五周的时间执行这项实验)

15. over again
定义: 重复, 再度, 再一遍.
例句: I wouldn't change anything if I had to do it over again. (如果我必须要再做一次的话, 我不会做任何的改变)

16. over against ...
定义: 与...相比较; 在...的邻近; 在...对面, 在...前面.
例句: Over against the crazy amount of hours Stephen has to work, I feel like I have a pretty cushy number with my job. (跟斯蒂芬疯狂大量的工作时间相比, 我觉得我的工作时间还算非常轻松)

17. over and above
定义: 除此之外; 不止; 超过.
例句: They demanded $2,000 over and above the initial asking price because they knew the demand was so high. (除了他们原来的要价之外他们还要求再加两千元因为他们知道这项需求很高)

18. over and done with
定义: 完成, 结束. (注: 具有早做完早了事的含意)
例句: I had to get a flu shot at the doctor's office this morning and I am glad that's over and done with. (我今天早上必须要去医生的诊疗室打一针流感疫苗, 很高兴这一针打完了)

19. over and out
定义: [无线电术语]通话完毕, 退出.
例句: "Oh, and while you're at the store, could you please get some milk, too?" "Sure thing. Over and out." ("呕, 你既然还在店里, 能不能请你顺便买一瓶牛奶?" "没问题. 通话完毕.")

20. over and over again
定义: 重复地, 一遍又一遍地, 不只一遍地.
例句: I told him over and over again that I can't unlearn what he told me. For that, I am incapable of trusting him ever again. (我不只一遍地告诉他, 我不可能忘记他所告诉我的事.为此, 我再也无法信任他)



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