二十笔实用成语 856

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二十笔实用成语 856

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二十笔实用成语 856

01. pack them in, to
定义: 吸引大量观众.
例句: The circus manager knew he could pack them in if he advertised the lion tamer. (这个马戏团经理知道他可以吸引大量观众如果他做广告宣传这名驯狮员的话)

02. pack up, to
定义: 打包准备离开, 停止工作, 放弃一个活动.
例句: She packs up when things become difficult. (每当遇到困难的时候, 她总是放弃努力. 注: 如果你看到一句话的动词是现在简单式, 它有可能是指此人的习惯性行动; 加上此句的when也有whenever也就是'每当'的意思, 所以整句便可翻译为一个习惯性行为)

03. package deal, a
定义: 全套服务; 套餐; 包裹交易; 一揽子交易. (注: 意指数个相关交易必须要全部接受或全部拒绝)
例句: The spa has a package deal available that includes access to the pool and sauna, a 45-minute massage, and a facial treatment of your choice. (这套休闲健康中心所提供的全套服务包括游泳池和桑拿浴室的使用, 一节四十五分钟的按摩理疗, 以及你可以选择的面部皮肤护理)

04. packed (in) like sardines, be
定义: 塞满; 极度地拥挤的; 拥挤得水泄不通.
例句: The bus was full. The passengers were packed like sardines. (公车载满了人. 乘客拥挤得水泄不通)

05. packed to the gills, be
定义: 完全塞满了; 到处都是; 爆满.
例句: I've got so many meetings and deadlines these days that my schedule is packed to the gills! (目前, 我有太多的会议要出席和许多赶在截止期限之前要完成的工作, 我的行程已经完全排满了!)

06. packed to the gunwales, be
定义: 装满, 塞满.
例句: The car is packed to the gunwales, so if you want to bring anything else, you'll have to hold it on your lap. (这部车坐满了人, 如果你想要带任何其他东西, 你只有把它摆在你的大腿上了)

07. packed with actions, be
定义: 充满了紧张刺激的行动, 动作或打斗.
例句: Although the middle section of the book is a little vapid, the book is packed with actions and it has kept me enthralled with its cliffhanger ending. (尽管这本书的中段有点枯燥乏味, 但这本书充满了紧张刺激的动作, 它令我痴迷地一直阅读到惊心动魄的结局)

08. pad the bill, to
定义: 浮报帐单; 假借成本提高之名乱加价.
例句: The plumber who was fixing our plumbing system was padding the bill so we got another plumber. (这名修理我们供排水系统的水管工浮报帐单因此我们雇用了另一名水管工)

09. pad out, to
定义: 以填料来填充, 添词加句, 滥竽充数, 虚报, 浮夸.
例句: The lazy student wrote a short report and padded it out with useless facts. (这个懒人学生写了一篇简短报告然后再拿一些没有用的事实来滥竽充数, 增加页数)

10. paddle one's own canoe, to
定义: 自行打理; 自给自足; 管好自己事.
例句: Love many, trust few, but always paddle your own canoe. (博爱众人, 不随便相信人, 但总是管好自己事)

11. page through, to
定义: 快速有序地翻阅.
例句: If you page through it for a while, you'll find some interesting things on that website. (你如果迅速有序地浏览一阵子, 你便会在那个网站里发现一些有趣的事物)

12. paid in full, be
定义: 被付清, 被偿清.
例句: The receipt shows that their bill has been paid in full. (这份收据显示出他们的帐单已经被付清了)

13. pain in the ass/butt/neck/wazoo, a
定义: [不雅语]令人烦不胜烦的人, 物或事.
例句: I told Mark repeatedly to stop making a mess on the floor – he is such a pain in the ass! (我告诉马克很多遍别把地板弄得脏乱不堪 – 他真是个令人烦透的人!)

14. paint a picture, to
定义: 描述某事情. (注: 意指有些主观看法的意思)
例句: Johnny always paints an idyllic picture of our childhood, glossing over the bad memories of our father. (强尼总是把我们的童年时光描述为欢乐, 平和, 以及如诗如画的情景, 他却掩饰忽略我们父亲给我们带来的不愉快的回忆)

15. paint black, to
定义: 抹黑, 将某人描述的邪恶不堪.
例句: He argued that the video was edited to paint him black, taking his statements out of context and mixing them with ominous music. (他提出理由证明这个视频被人剪辑来抹黑他, 把他所说的话断章取义并把他的话语配上险恶的音乐以突显其邪恶不堪)

16. paint/box into a corner, to
定义: 逼到困境无法脱身; 逼入墙角; 弄得进退维谷.
例句: You've boxed yourself into a corner, haven't you? You have no one to blame but yourself! (是你把你自己逼入困境, 弄得狼狈不堪, 是不是? 你只能怪你自己,谁也怪不得!)

17. paint the town red, to
定义: 进城狂欢, 疯狂派对.
例句: We decided to go out and paint the town red after we all passed our exams. (我们决定出去玩个痛快, 为我们都通过这些考试好好地庆祝一翻)

18. paint with the same brush, to
定义: 一竿子打翻一船人. (注: 意指将某人或物与其他不好的相似人或物混为一谈)
例句: Just because the CEO turned out to be a rotten scoundrel doesn't mean we should paint the entire company with the same brush. (就因为这名执行总裁是一个无耻的恶棍并不意味我们应当把他整个公司的员工都视为一丘之貉)

19. pair off, to
定义: 配对, 成双结对.
例句: He hated being single especially while his friends were pairing off and having kids. (他厌恶形单影只的单身汉生活尤其正当他的朋友们都成双结对, 结婚生子的时候)

20. pair up, to
定义: 配对, 成双结对.
例句: My best friend David and I paired up when our class chose locker partners. (当我们班级选择置物柜共用搭档的时候, 我最好朋友大卫和我组成一对伙伴. 注: 这里的locker partners是指两人组成共用一个寄物柜空间的伙伴)



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