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二十笔实用成语 857

发表于 : 周一 12月 23, 2019 11:24 pm
二十笔实用成语 857

01. pal
定义: 老友, 朋友; [愤怒时]小子, 伙计.
例句: Back off, pal! (退后, 小子!)

02. pal around, to
定义: 亲密交往; 待在一起. (注: pal around主要是指同性好友之间地交往)
例句: I like to pal around with my friends on the weekends. (我喜欢跟我的朋友一起渡周末)

03. pal up (with) ..., to
定义: 与...交友.
例句: I just feel like Tom doesn't want to spend as much time with me ever since he and Susan palled up. (我只是觉得自从汤姆跟苏珊交往之后他便不想多花时间跟我在一起)

04. palate vs. palette vs. pallet
定义: [易混淆字或片语]palate(名词)上颚, 趣味, 味觉; palette(名词)调色板, 颜料, 色质, 色谱, 独特色彩; pallet(名词)草褥, 简陋小床, 集装架, 货板.

05. pale as a ghost, be (as)
定义: 苍白, 面无人色.
例句: She was pale as a ghost after that car nearly ran into her on the sidewalk. (那部车差一点就撞上在路边人行道的她, 她吓得面无人色)

06. pale by comparison; pale in comparison; paled in comparison
定义: 比不上...; 跟...一比较就失色; 显得不严重或不重要.
例句: I thought I was badly treated but my experiences pale in comparison with yours. (我还以为我受到恶劣地对待但比起你受到的待遇我的经历根本就不能比)

07. palm off, to
定义: 偷天换日, 以欺骗意图取代, 将不值钱某物充当高价物品卖; 把无名小卒当大明星推出.
例句: He palmed off his old television set as one that was new and reliable. (他把他的老旧电视机充当一台既新颖又牢靠的电视机来兜售)

08. paltry sum, a
定义: 微小的金额, 少的可怜.
例句: What did I pay for this painting? A paltry sum, I bought it at a garage sale. (这幅画我付了多少钱? 一点小钱而已, 我是在车库旧货摊上买到它的. 注: 一般在车库前摆摊出卖家中旧货都是很便宜, 也有由于原物主过逝而其子孙或受托者为了省事不想研究遗物价值把价值连城的物品贱售让买家发了财)

09. pan out, to
定义: 成果不错, 成功; 趴着睡或休息; 把镜头拉后.
例句: I hope that your plans to go back to school pan out well. (我希望你返回学校读书的计划一帆风顺)

10. panic attack, a
定义: [心理学术语]突然发生的极度焦虑惊恐症发作.
例句: The impact of a panic attack on the individual can be physically and emotionally disabling. (突发的惊恐症所造成的冲击可能对身体上和情绪上都受到残害)

11. paper over the cracks, to
定义: 掩饰不和, 分歧或缺失. (注: 尤其在两人吵架后努力使外人看不出两人的不和)
例句: Although they tried to paper over the cracks while we were visiting, you could just feel the tension between them. (虽然在我们拜访他们的时候, 他们试图不让人看出他们的不和, 但你可以察觉出两人之间的紧张不安)

12. paper over, to
定义: 文过饰非; 使问题变为容易接受, 减少敌意.
例句: The company papered over the catastrophe with empty promises, but the circumstances that led to the tragic accident have yet to be addressed. (这家公司拿空洞的承诺来文过饰非这次灾难, 但是造成这场悲剧性事故的情况还是没有被解决)

13. paper tiger, a
定义: 纸老虎. (注: 看起来危险强壮但事实上胆小无力的人或国家)
例句: The new management team tries to command respect through lots of blustery speeches, but all of us workers just see it as a paper tiger. (这支新组成的管理团队试图藉由夸夸其谈的言词来取得大家的尊敬, 但是我们所有的员工只是把他们当成纸老虎. 注: 句尾的it是指这个团队, 为了易懂我把团队翻成他们)

14. paper trail, a
定义: 可用以佐证某桩案件的文件踪迹.
例句: They covered up the fraud and were careful not to leave any paper trail. (他们遮掩这件诈欺行为并且谨慎小心不留下任何文件踪迹)

15. par for the course, be
定义: 意料之中的, 正常的, 没有什么特别.
例句: That was par for the course. He always comes late when there is a lot of work to do. (这是意料之中的事. 在工作堆积如山的时候, 他总是迟到)

16. paradigm shift, a
定义: 重大变更; 根本变化.
例句: Continuous learning is the paradigm shift that involves a permanent process of acquiring new knowledge and skills that help people to perform new tasks or new jobs. (永续学习是个重大变革, 它涉及永久性地吸取新知识和工作技能以便帮助人们执行新任务或新工作)

17. paralyzed with grief, be
定义: 由于悲伤过度而瘫痪或产生无力感.
例句: She was angry with her mother for being so paralyzed with grief that she needed to be reminded to even eat or sleep. (由于她母亲悲伤过度而不能正常生活, 她对她母亲非常愤怒, 她母亲甚至需要有人提醒她吃饭或睡觉)

18. parameters vs. perimeters
定义: [易混淆字或片语]parameters(名词)参数, 参量, 界限, 因素, 特征; perimeters(名词)周围, 边缘, 周界.

19. parcel out, to
定义: 分享; 平均分配; 切割成部分再分配出去.
例句: The money was parceled out in dribs and drabs instead of doled out in one lump sum. (这笔钱是点点滴滴地被分配出去而不是一整笔钱一次发放)

20. pardon me for being forward
定义: [礼貌语]原谅我说话太直接.
例句: Pardon me for being forward, I don't know when I have ever seen a better-looking lady than you, ma'am. (恕我说话太直接, 小姐, 我还真没见过比你更美的女仕)