二十笔实用成语 865

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二十笔实用成语 865

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二十笔实用成语 865

01. peel away, to
定义: 飞机脱离编队; 汽车脱离车队; 撕去外层的皮.
例句: I love peeling away the protective plastic films they put on the screens of brand new smartphones. (我喜爱撕去那片黏在崭新智能手机屏幕上的塑料保护膜)

02. peel off, to
定义: 移去, 分离; 除去外层的皮; 飞机脱离编队, 汽车脱离车队.
例句: When he saw his parents approaching, Tom peeled off from his friends and ducked down a side alley. (一看到他父母走近, 汤姆便离开他的朋友, 躲入一个侧巷内)

03. peeping Tom, a
定义: 偷窥狂. (注: 意指为了病态娱乐偷窥邻居活动)
例句: The police arrested a peeping Tom near our apartment building last week. (警方上个星期在我们公寓大楼附近逮捕了一名偷窥狂)

04. peer group
定义: 同年龄或相同社会背景的群体.
例句: Peer groups are not inherently positive or negative. They can be both good and bad. That is why choosing one is important. (同年群体并不是一成不变地都是正面的或者是负面的. 他们有可能是既好也坏. 这就是为什么选择一个同年群体是要慎重的)

05. peer pressure, the
定义: 同辈压力. (注: 意指受到同学或朋友的习惯, 衣着或功课等等方面压力)
例句: There was a lot of peer pressure to get drunk at my school. (我们学校里的学生受到同辈很大的酗酒压力. 注: 美国有些大学甚至高中流行binge drinking, 也就是狂饮性纵酒, 少数不胜酒力的学生也因酒精中毒而致死)

06. peg/plug away at, to
定义: 锲而不舍, 努力不懈地工作.
例句: I pegged away at the tax return until I'd finished last night. I'm ready to mail it out today. (我锲而不舍地做我的所得税申报工作直到昨夜才完成. 我今天准备要把它寄出去)

07. peg to hang something on, a; peg to hang a matter on, a
定义: [英国]利用某个事件, 话题, 机会来表达自己的意见, 想法或信仰.
例句: The professor makes any subject a peg on which to hang his political views. (这位教授不放过任何的话题他都会借机表达他的政治观点)

08. pejorative terms, a
定义: 带有负面性, 歧视性或毁谤性的字眼或用语.
例句: Permissiveness is used almost universally as a pejorative term. ("放纵"几乎毫无例外地被作为一个带有负面性的字眼来使用)

09. pen/pencil pusher, a
定义: 处理烦杂文书工作的职员, 管帐簿记, 文案作家.
例句: I refuse to be a pencil pusher the rest of my life. I have big dreams and goals! (我拒绝下半辈子作为一名处理烦琐文书工作的职员. 我有我的宏伟愿望和远大的人生目标!)

10. pennies from heaven
定义: 意外收获, 意想不到的财富.
例句: You may scoff at a jackpot of "only" $2,000, but for many people that much money would be pennies from heaven. (你也许会讥讽一个"只有"两千美元的头奖, 但是对许多人来说,这笔钱却是意想不到的财富)

11. at/for pennies on a/the dollar
定义: 极便宜地. (注: 意指一块钱的东西只卖几分钱, 百分之几的价格或成本)
例句: I am looking for distressed properties for pennies on a dollar in Houston. (我在休士顿寻找我可以很便宜地购买的那些由于贷款付不出被债权人扣押和甩卖的房地产)

12. penny for your thoughts, a
定义: 告诉我, 你在想什么?
例句: You've been awfully quiet tonight, my love – a penny for your thoughts? (你今晚一直很安静, 亲爱的 – 你在想什么?)

13. penny-wise and dollar-dumb/foolish, be
定义: 因小失大; 小处精明, 大事糊涂.
例句: You spent our carefully-saved money on an expensive electric organ that neither of us can play? Now that is penny-wise and dollar-dumb! (你把我们省吃俭用的积蓄用在一部我们两人谁都不会演奏的昂贵电风琴上? 这才是真正的小处精明, 大事糊涂! 注: 第二句起头的now是用来加强语气, 本身不具意义)

14. pent-up anger/frustration
定义: 一肚子火气/抑郁, 压抑的愤怒/挫折感.
例句: I was full of pent-up anger. I stomped it out, walking all the way home, still fizzing hours later. (我满腔压抑的愤怒. 我强压住这些怒火, 一路行走回家, 几个钟头后余怒仍未消退)

15. people all over the world
定义: 全世界的人们; 世界各地的人们.
例句: Millions of computers linked together in a network that allows people all over the world to exchange information. The Internet is often called the Net. (千百万部电脑联结在一个网络里, 容许世界各地的人们交换讯息. 互联网也经常被称为the Net)

16. people have short memories
定义: 世人多健忘.
例句: It is something we have to continually emphasize because people have short memories and if we stop doing it, the messages will be forgotten. (这是一件我们不得不反覆强调的事因为世人多健忘, 如果我们停止提醒人们的话, 这些意义重大的道理将被遗忘. 注: 这句的messages并不是指信息而是指重要的道理)

17. People (who live) in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.
定义: [谚语]自己有缺陷的人切莫揭他人短; 五十步笑百步; 乌鸦笑猪黑.
例句: He's been hounding his opponent for dodging taxes, when it's public knowledge that he owes the IRS for years of tax delinquency. People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones! (他一直紧追不放他对手的逃税问题, 然而众所周知的是他自己却多年来拖欠国税局的税款. 自己有缺陷的人切莫揭他人短!)

18. people skills
定义: 与人相处的技巧; 人际交往能力.
例句: Gary does a great job managing the sales team. He has great people skills. (盖瑞非常善于管理这支销售团队. 他人际交往能力特强)

19. people's person, a
定义: 喜欢跟别人相处的人, 善于与人交际的人.
例句: Did you see how Holly handled that irate customer? She is a real people person! (你看到了荷莉如何处理那个怒气冲冲的客人吗? 她真是个善于与人交际的人!)

20. pep rally, a
定义: 造势集会. (注: 多指学生校际比赛前打气加油, 鼓励斗志的集会)
例句: The boss gave an inspiring speech at the pep rally. (老板在造势集会上发表了一场激励人心的演说)



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