二十笔实用成语 866

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二十笔实用成语 866

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二十笔实用成语 866

01. pep up, to
定义: 刺激, 振奋, 打气, 鼓励, 增加生动活泼.
例句: I think I need some coffee to pep me up. (我想我需要一些咖啡来振奋精神)

02. pepper someone with questions, to
定义: 接连不停地提问某人一堆问题.
例句: During the lecture, the class peppered Dr. Lei with questions. (上课期间, 班上学生接连不断地向雷博士提出许多问题)

03. pepper with, to
定义: 洒遍, 掺混, 大量砸下, 大量落下.
例句: Police and their cars were then peppered with bottles and while none of the officers was hit, their cars were struck and damaged. (警察和他们车辆在那时被大量瓶子攻击, 虽然没有警官被击中, 但是他们的车辆被击中和受损)

04. per se
定义: 就本身而言地, 就本质而言地. (注: 意指就它, 他, 他们的本身或本质而言地)
例句: This candidate is not a pacifist per se, but he is in favor of peaceful solutions when practicable. (这位候选人本身并不是一名和平主义者, 但他赞成尽量使用和平解决方法如果行得通的话)

05. per vs. according to
定义: [易混淆字或片语]per经常被用为as per(旧式用法)即依据, 按照之意也就是according to, 现在比较少用为依据, 按照之意; 而per多用为每, 每个的方面上.

06. perfect storm, a
定义: 由数个同时发生的因素所引发的严重灾难.
例句: The mayor's re-election campaign is starting amidst a perfect storm of allegations and news stories about corruption, tax evasion, and racketeering within the city government. (在一片人们的指控和有关市政府内发生腐败, 逃税, 和有组织犯罪新闻报导所引发的严重灾难中, 这名市长的寻求连任竞选活动正开始起动)

07. perfect stranger, a
定义: 完全陌生人, 素不相识的人, 从未谋面的人.
例句: My mom and dad didn't come to see our son until he was nearly three years old, so, to him, they were perfect strangers! (我父母一直等到我们的儿子几乎三岁大的时候才来看他, 因此, 对他来说, 我父母无异是两个完全陌生的人)

08. perfidious Albion, the
定义: [不尊重语]卑鄙, 不可信的英国. (注: 意指不友善地对英国称呼)
例句: Today, President Macron met with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson – perfidious Albion incarnate – and the two clashed over Brexit. (今天马克龙总统会晤了英国首相勃里斯•约翰逊– 卑鄙的英国化身– 这两人为了英国脱欧议题发生冲突)

09. perform best under pressure, to
定义: 在压力下表现最出色.
例句: I perform best under pressure when everyone is watching. I feel the pressure and it drives me to do my best and be the best that I can be. (当大家在观注我的时候, 我在压力下表现最出色. 我感觉到了压力而它却激励我努力以赴并且尽力而为)

10. perform miracles, to
定义: 做出神奇有效的改善; 化腐朽为神奇; 创造奇迹.
例句: If we're going to bring this company back to its former glory, we'll need a marketing team that can perform miracles. (如果我们要恢复这家公司昔日的荣景, 我们将需要一支能够创造奇迹的营销团队)

11. perform the wedding ceremony, to
定义: 主持婚礼.
例句: A judge performed the wedding ceremony before the couple left on a two-week Caribbean honeymoon from which they returned on the brink of divorce. (在法官主持婚礼之后这对新人便离去, 赴加勒比海渡他们为期两周的蜜月假期, 他们在回来之后却陷入濒临离婚的危机)

12. perfunctory smile, a
定义: 例行公事的, 肤浅的, 机械式的微笑.
例句: When it was finally over, Mr. Lin gave me a perfunctory smile and motioned towards the hallway. "Thanks for coming, Mr. Fong. We'll call if we need anything else." (当会面终于结束之后, 林先生给我一个例行公事的微笑, 手比向走廊. "感谢光临, 方先生. 如果我们还需要什么别的资料我们会打电话的.")

13. period of time, a
定义: 一段时间.
例句: If you have a high pile-up of snow on your roof and it has been sitting there for a long period of time, it could be doing damage to your roof. (如果你屋顶上堆积了又高又厚的冰雪而它已经积存在那儿一段长时间的话, 它可能会对你的屋顶造成伤害)

14. perish the thought, to
定义: 想都别想; 千万别有这个想法.
例句: "If something were to ever happen to me, I would want you to go and live your life, perhaps fall in love again." "Perish the thought, my love!" ("如果有什么事发生在我身上,我希望你别管我, 过你自己的日子, 或许再次坠入爱河." "亲爱的, 千万别有这个想法!")

15. perk up, to
定义: 改进, 恢复健康, 恢复活力, 变为耳目一新, 生龙活虎.
例句: I began to perk up after I had a chance to rest for a while. (借了机会稍事休息之后, 我又开始生龙活虎般地恢复活力)

16. persecute vs. prosecute
定义: [易混淆字或片语]persecute(动词)迫害, 残害, 困扰, 为难; prosecute(动词)进行到底, 起诉, 依法进行, 告发.

17. person of color, a
定义: 非白种人, 有色人种, 黑人.
例句: Diesel has self-identified as "definitely a person of color", and has stated that his parents' relationship would have been illegal in parts of the United States due to anti-miscegenation laws. (迪索自认"肯定是个有色人种", 并且说由于反异族通婚的法令, 他父母之间关系在美国的部分地区是非法的)

18. for personal gain
定义: 为了私人利益; 徇私.
例句: The President abused his power, betrayed our national security, and corrupted our elections, all for personal gain. (这名总统滥用权力, 背叛我国国家安全, 在我们选举中舞弊造假, 全为了私人利益)

19. personal hygiene
定义: 个人身体卫生.
例句: Personal hygiene is how you care for your body. This practice includes bathing, washing your hands, brushing your teeth, and more. (个人身体卫生是你如何照顾你的身体. 这些做法包括洗澡, 洗你的手,刷牙, 等等)

20. personal matter, a
定义: 私人事务.
例句: This is a personal matter and does not concern you. (这是一件私人事务, 不关你的事)



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