二十笔实用成语 886

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二十笔实用成语 886

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二十笔实用成语 886

01. pound for pound
定义: 比较性质或重量相同的人或物; 比较两人时将其重量列入考虑.
例句: Pound for pound, it's the most powerful notebook computer to date. (在相同的重量比较下, 它是至今运算力最强的笔记型电脑)

02. pound of flesh, a
定义: 将被残忍无情手段强讨债务.
例句: Be very careful about taking out loans that you can't repay right away, or you will have collectors coming after you for a pound of flesh. (如果你跟人借钱又没法马上偿还的话, 你要非常谨慎, 否则你会惹上讨债者残忍无情的讨债手段)

03. pound on, to
定义: 用力敲打; 殴打某人; 费力说服; 胜过某人, 比某人做得更好.
例句: Quit pounding on that door, I heard you the first time! (别再敲门呐, 你一开始敲门我就已经听到了!)

04. pound out, to
定义: 制作或写作, 尤其以打字或弹奏所创作出; 敲打钢琴键.
例句: Every day he pounds out an article for his website. (他每天写作出一篇文章发布在他的网站上)

05. pound the streets/pavement, to
定义: 挨家挨户进行工作. (注: 例如寻找工作, 兜售东西或拉选票)
例句: Carrying a dozen copies of his resume, Xiao-Wong was pounding the pavement in the Houston Central Business District. (带着十来份他的履历表, 小王在休士顿商业中心区挨家挨户寻找工作)

06. pour cold water on/over, to
定义: 泼冷水, 打消他人兴致.
例句: Slashing your employees' benefits is a great way to throw cold water on their plans to stick with your company. (削减你的员工福利是一个最有力的办法打消他们还打算要跟随你公司继续打拼的兴致)

07. pour down, to
定义: 倒掉; 倾倒; 一饮而尽; 倾盆大雨; 不吝惜溢美之词; 大量给予.
例句: It's a shame to pour such nice wine down the drain, but I can't drink anymore, or I'll get a horrible headache. (把这么好的葡萄酒倒掉真可惜, 但是我不能再喝了, 否则我会头疼的要命)

08. pour it on thick, to
定义: 夸张, 夸大, 阿谀奉承, 赞不绝口.
例句: He has been pouring it on thick but she still doesn't like him. (他一直阿谀奉承但她还是不喜欢他)

09. pour it on, to
定义: 夸张, 滔滔不绝地说; 倾全力辛勤工作.
例句: The defending champions jumped out to an early lead, but the underdogs just kept pouring it on and eventually won the game. (这支卫冕队一开场便领先, 但是落后的另一队还是倾全力地追赶, 终于赢得这场比赛)

10. pour oil on the fire/flames, to
定义: 火上加油. 使紧张情势更恶化.
例句: China has called on all sides to exercise calm and restraint and not pour oil on the flames as tensions continue on the Korean Peninsula. (正当紧张情势在朝鲜半岛蔓延, 中国呼吁所有方面保持冷静和克制, 不可火上加油并造成情势恶化)

11. pour oil on troubled waters, to
定义: 平息争执; 劝慰情势激动的人.
例句: If those two are arguing again, send Mom in to talk to them. She's great at pouring oil on troubled waters. (如果他们俩再度争吵的话, 请妈妈来劝导他们. 她是最会平息争执的人)

12. pour on the coal, to
定义: 加速, 加紧. (注: 意指过去蒸汽机驱动的火车或轮船加煤使车船加速)
例句: We're going to be merging onto the freeway soon, so be sure to pour on the coal before we reach the on ramp. (我们马上就要并入高速公路的车流, 所以在进入斜道入口之前你务必要加速)

13. pour one's heart/soul out, to; pour out one's heart/soul, to
定义: 倾诉心事, 把心事向人吐露.
例句: She poured out her heart to her mother when she returned home from work. (她下班回家之后便向她母亲倾诉心事)

14. put/pump/pour money into, to
定义: 把大钱投入某开销或事业; 注入大量资金.
例句: By pouring money into Africa, China has seen an opportunity both to gain political influence and to reap rewards in a continent whose economies are predicted to boom in the coming decades. (把大量资金投入非洲这一片经济被预测在未来数十年前景繁荣的大陆块, 中国看到了既能增加政治影响力又能取得回报的机会)

15. pouring rain, a
定义: 倾盆大雨.
例句: I waited in the pouring rain for the next bus. (我在倾盆大雨之下等待下一班公车)

16. powder one's nose, to
定义: 女客离席上洗手间.
例句: Excuse me. I'm going to powder my nose. Are you coming, Judy? (对不起. 我要上一下洗手间. 茱蒂你要来吗?)

17. power behind the throne, the
定义: 幕后掌实权者.
例句: Harry may be the CEO, but it's obvious that his wife is the power behind the throne. (哈利也许是公司总裁, 但他的妻子显然是幕后掌实权者)

18. power dressing, a
定义: (主要指女性)强势衣着. (注: 意指穿着时尚名牌衣服借以强调其权威性和强势的印象)
例句: It was utterly at odds with the broad shoulders and pencil skirts that defined the power dressing of the time. (这个衣着跟在当时被定义为强势衣着的宽肩衣服和窄裙大相径庭, 截然不同)

19. power failure, a
定义: 停电, 电源中断.
例句: Shortly before 8 pm this evening, there was a power failure in our area. (晚上快八点的时候我们这一区域发生了停电)

20. power of attorney, a
定义: 委托书, 授权书.
例句: A power of attorney is a written authorization to represent or act on another's behalf in private affairs, business, or some other legal matter. (授权书是一份交予被授权者的书面授权来代理或代表授权者,处理私人事务, 商业, 或者一些其他法律事务)



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