二十笔实用成语 902

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二十笔实用成语 902

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二十笔实用成语 902

01. put in mind, to
定义: 提醒; 令人想起.
例句: Cold weather like this always puts me in mind of childhood trips to our cabin in the mountains. (像这样寒冷天气总是让我想起小时候我们走上山中小木屋的寒风凛凛路程)

02. put in mothballs, to
定义: 把物品长期存放; 暂时收藏物品以备未来启用; 暂停以备未来启动.
例句: I'm so glad that I can finally get my summer clothes out and put my winter clothes back in mothballs. (我很高兴我终于可以把我夏季衣服拿出来, 把我冬季衣服放回储藏室存放)

03. put in one's two cents, to
定义: 提出自己意见或忠告.
例句: If I can just put in my two cents, I think the staff would really appreciate a bump in their pay. (假如我能够提出自己意见的话, 我认为员工们会非常感激如果他们得到加薪的话)

04. put in one's way, to
定义: 放在面前, 置于垂手可及或可感受范围内.
例句: Many stumbling blocks were put in my way but I climbed over each and every one of them. (许多绊脚石被置于我人生路途上, 但我克服了所有的重重障碍)

05. put in order, to
定义: 整理, 整顿.
例句: I've spent all morning putting all these books in order, so don't go messing them up! (我花了整个早上把这些书籍整理完毕, 所以别把它们弄乱!)

06. put in/into practice, to
定义: 将它付诸实际执行, 将它付诸行动.
例句: That is a good idea. I suggest you put it into practice immediately. (这是一个好主意. 我建议你立即将它付诸实际执行)

07. put in time on, to
定义: 下不少工夫; 花时间工作, 照顾或逗留.
例句: I've put in months of my life on this project, so it's really gut-wrenching to see it get canceled at the last minute. (我已经投入了数个月的时光在这个工作项目上, 看到它在最后一刻被取消实在令人难过不已)

08. put in your two penn'orth, to
定义: 提出自己意见或忠告.
例句: Jeff always has to put in his two pennyworth, even when it's clear he knows nothing about what's being discussed. (杰夫总是要提出他自己意见, 即使明显地他对刚才所讨论之事一无所知的情况下他还是要抒发己见)

09. put in, to
定义: 正式请求(例如在法庭上); 插话; 替人说好话; 介入; 下工夫, 花时间待在某地或工作; 种植; 进入, 进港.
例句: I put in eight hours of solid work every day. (我每天投入八个钟头埋头苦干在工作上)

10. put into commission, to
定义: (船舰)编入服役.
例句: The Nanchang, China's first Type 055 guided missile destroyer, will soon be put into commission in the People's Liberation Army Navy. (南昌舰, 中国的第一艘055型导弹驱逐舰, 将很快被编入人民解放军海军服役)

11. put into effect, to
定义: 实施, 实行, 执行, 生效.
例句: The new traffic law will be put into effect on the first of January. (新交通法将于一月一日开始实施)

12. put into play, to
定义: 使用, 启动, 运用, 发挥影响, 发生作用.
例句: I really wanted to visit you this weekend, but the COVID-19 pandemic has put some other unpleasant factors into play. (我很想要这个周末来看你, 但这场新冠肺炎流行病致使其他不愉快的因素影响了我们周末计划)

13. put into words, to
定义: 以言语表达.
例句: It's difficult to put into words how I feel, and I've tried to express how grateful I am, I don't know what else to say. (很难用言语表达我的感觉, 我也试图表达我的感激之情, 我不知道还能说什么别的话)

14. put into, to
定义: 放入, 放进; 将某人送进(养老院或精神病院); 以...表达; 将汽车放进某档; 付出精神或努力于工作, 投入时间, 金钱于某事; (船只)停泊.
例句: Will you put the clean dishes into the cupboards for me, please? (你能帮我把洗好的碗盘放进厨柜里, 好吗?)

15. put it behind us, to
定义: 将它忘却, 别再想它.
例句: It was definitely a tough weekend, but we have to put it behind us and learn from our mistakes so we can get ready for our games next weekend. (那确实是个难过的周末, 但我们必须要忘却这次痛苦经验并从错误中汲取教训如此我们才能够准备我们下一个周末的比赛)

16. put it on one's bill, to
定义: 赊帐或挂账(以后再结账); 放在某人帐单上, 由某人付帐.
例句: "Would you please have that sent up to my room, and give yourself a ten-dollar tip. Put it on my bill." "Absolutely, sir! I'll have it taken care of right away." ("请你把那件东西送到我的房间来, 给你自己十块钱小费. 把小费记在我的帐单上." "当然, 先生! 我马上就把它办得妥妥地.")

17. put it on the line, to
定义: 付清; 说清楚, 讲明白; 孤注一掷, 把...押上去或赌上去.
例句: I've said it before, but this time I'm going to put it on the line. Don't eat these wild mushrooms! (我以前已经说过了, 但是这次我要把话说清楚. 不要吃这些野生蘑菇!)

18. put it there, to
定义: [俚语]握手. (注: 意指两人和解或意见一致, 等等)
例句: "50 dollars is my final offer for the computer." "I wish I could get more for it, but you win. Put it there!" ("五十块钱是我买这台电脑最后的开价." "我希望我能多要一点钱, 但是你赢了. 握手成交!" 注: 在美国谈生意的时候, 当双方谈妥价钱之后大多以握手来确认成交成功)

19. put it to someone, to
定义: 将某一情况的事实明明白白地告诉某人; 加重某人负担或工作; 指控某人; 占某人便宜; 彻底击败某人.
例句: Well then, let me put it to you this way: if you keep walking down this path you're going to end up dead. (好吧, 那我就把话跟你说清楚: 如果你坚持沿着这条路一路走到黑的话, 你最终的结局便是死亡)

20. put it to the test, to
定义: 测试到何种程度; 付诸实际的考验.
例句: The second part of the contest will put your general knowledge to the test. (这个竞赛的第二部分乃是测试你对一般常识的广泛认知程度)



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