二十笔实用成语 918

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二十笔实用成语 918

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二十笔实用成语 918

01. rake in, to
定义: 赚大钱.
例句: But while the rich rake it in, the poor continue to lose their jobs. (但正当富人们赚大钱的时候, 穷人们却继续失业. 注: 这句里的the rich和the poor乃是指整个被其形容词所描述的人群因此the unemployed乃是指那些失业者)

02. rake off, to
定义: 清理, 打扫; 一扫而空; 拿回扣, 取得非法利益, 侵吞公款.
例句: The mayor quickly resigned after it was discovered he was raking off money from the city's budget to help finance his gambling addiction. (被发现侵吞市政府预算款来帮助提供他过赌瘾的资金之后, 该名市长便迅速地辞去职务)

03. rake over old coals, to
定义: 重提令人不愉快的老事.
例句: Now, now, there's no need to rake over old coals, that disagreement happened a long time ago. (好了, 好了, 没必要再重提旧事, 那件争执是很久以前发生的事了)

04. rake up, to
定义: 用耙子将地上东西耙成一堆; 公布, 揭露, 曝光; 重提旧事.
例句: When she runs out of things to say, she is sure to rake up an embarrassing story or two about me! (每当她没什么话可说的时候, 她总是会重提一两件有关令我窘迫不堪的旧事!)

05. rally against, to
定义: 声讨, 群集抗议; 某一股票, 货币, 或期货针对另一对等单位大幅增值.
例句: The International March against Monsanto hit the stairs of the Utah State Capitol and protesters rallied against the use of GMO in food. (反对孟山都国际游行的成员直抵犹他州议会大厦前的阶梯, 抗议者群集声讨将转基因生物使用于食物中)

06. rally around, to
定义: 团结支持, 集体声援.
例句: The local community has rallied around the family after it emerged that they were unable to pay their son's medical expenses. (被得知他们无力偿还他们儿子医疗费用之后, 当地社区便团结一致资助这个家庭)

07. rally for/behind, to
定义: 公开支持, 声援.
例句: Parents rallied behind the school's new dress code guidelines. (学生的父母们公开站出来声援这间学校新出台的服装规范准则)

08. ram home, to
定义: 强调, 说明, 令人信服; 令人恍然大悟, 豁然开朗, 终于明白真相或事实; 令人印象深刻.
例句: I tried to ram home the importance of meeting the deadline. (我试图强调按时完工的重要性)

09. ramble on, to
定义: 喋喋不休, 东拉西扯地唠叨没完, 漫无边际地闲扯.
例句: She rambled on for several minutes before introducing the main speaker. (她喋喋不休地唠叨了数分钟之后才介绍主讲人)

10. ramp down, to
定义: 产量, 数量或步调放缓或调低.
例句: As the project ramped down, several employees were laid off. (当这件工作项目的步调逐渐放缓的时候, 数名员工便被解雇)

11. ramp up, to
定义: 产量, 数量或速度增加或调高.
例句: The factory ramped up production to meet the increased demand. (这间工厂调高产量以满足日益增长的需求)

12. rank and file, the
定义: 基层人员, 基层兵员, 普通成员.
例句: The party's rank and file are beginning to question their president's choice of advisers. (这个政党的基层人员已经开始质疑他们总统对其顾问的选用原则)

13. rant and rave, to
定义: 愤怒地, 激动地或不停地抱怨.
例句: You should spend less time ranting and raving about how unfair your professor is and spend more time actually studying the material. (你应该少花点时间不停地抱怨你的教授对你有多么地不公平, 多花一点时间好好地研读学习材料)

14. rap on/over/across the knuckles, a
定义: 温和的训斥, 轻斥; 轻罚. (注: 经常使用在本应该受到严重惩罚的人或事却被轻罚放过)
例句: The public was outraged that the government merely gave the company a rap on the knuckles for illegally dumping chemicals in the river. (政府仅仅轻罚这家非法倾倒化学废料进入河流的公司, 此事引起公众群情激愤)

15. rap sheet, a
定义: [俚语]前科记录; 被警方逮捕的记录.
例句: By his late 30s, he already had a rap sheet as long as your arm – 52 criminal convictions and a total of 16 years behind bars. (四十岁不到, 他累积的犯罪前科记录有你手臂这么长– 52笔刑事判决和16年的牢狱生涯)

16. rap someone on/over/across the knuckles, to
定义: 温和训斥, 轻斥; 轻罚; 给予警告. (注: 经常使用在本应该受到严重惩罚的人或事却被轻罚放过)
例句: The boss only rapped my knuckles for coming in late on Friday. (老板对我星期五的迟到只给我一个警告)

17. rarely ever; rarely if ever
定义: 绝无仅有, 几乎不. (注: 意指做某事)
例句: I have rarely if ever been so embarrassed! (我几乎从来没有这么地丢人现眼过!)

18. rat fink, a
定义: 出卖者; 告密者; 违反罢工的工人; 令人厌恶者.
例句: Tom is such a rat fink that I can't even stand being in the same room with him. (汤姆真是人见人厌的人, 我都不愿跟他同处一个房间里)

19. rat on/out, to
定义: 背叛; 离弃; 告密.
例句: The rest of the office won't rat on me, and besides, I'm all finished with my work for the day. (公司其他人决不会告我的密, 况且, 我这一天的工作全部都做完了)

20. rat race, the
定义: 费力, 吃重, 激烈的竞争, 工作, 或生活.
例句: He is tired of living in the rat race every day and plans to quit his job soon and do something else. (他厌倦了生活在每天激烈竞争的环境里, 他打算辞了他的工作, 做点别的事)



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