二十笔实用成语 919

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二十笔实用成语 919

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二十笔实用成语 919

01. ratchet down, to
定义: 逐步减轻, 降低或减少.
例句: We're trying to ratchet down the operating costs. (我们正试图降低营运成本)

02. ratchet up, to
定义: 逐步加强.
例句: The president is ratcheting up pressure on the Food and Drug Administration to approve treatments and a vaccine for the Coronavirus. (总统正加强对食品及药物管理局施加压力令其加速批准新冠肺炎治疗和某一疫苗的申请)

03. rate of pay; pay rate
定义: 工资率. (注: 意指每小时, 每星期的薪资)
例句: When I received my first paycheck, I noticed that my pay rate was lower than what I was expecting. (当拿到我第一张薪水支票的时候, 我注意到我的工资率比我原先期望的薪资率要低)

04. rather safe than sorry, be
定义: 宁可谨慎安全也不要出事后悔.
例句: In any case, I always make screenshots of all my money transactions, just because I want to be rather safe than sorry. (无论如何, 我总是为我所有的金钱交易做下屏幕截图, 皆因为我本应宁可谨慎安全也不要出事后悔. 注: 这句话中的want to = should or need to do something)

05. rather lame, be
定义: 站不住脚的, 说不过去的, 理由牵强的.
例句: It angers me that a partner won't support their partner, and the "negative energy" excuse is rather lame in my opinion. (一桩令我愤怒的事是某人不但不帮助他或她的配偶, 而且还拿着"负面能量"这种我认为理由牵强的借口来搪塞)

06. rather than
定义: 而非, 而是或而不是, 不愿, 不如.
例句: Doug chose to quit rather than admit that he'd made a mistake. (道格宁愿选择辞职也不愿承认他犯了一个错误)

07. Rather than make her unhappy, he told her a white lie.
[成语句型]为了不使她不痛快, 他说了一个无恶意谎言.

08. rather you than me
定义: [俗语]宁愿是你而不是我. (注: 意指当你听到不愉快的事情或工作, 你会说宁愿发生在别人身上而非发生在自己身上)
例句: My sister Tracy has to work every day over the Christmas break – rather her than me. (我姊姊翠西必须在圣诞节期间每天都上班 – 宁愿是她而不是我)

09. rats are deserting the sinking ship, the
定义: [俗语]树倒猢狲散.
例句: The rats are deserting the sinking ship. One of president's longest-serving aides is leaving the White House at the end of the month. (树倒猢狲散了. 总统手下任期最长的幕僚之一正准备于本月底离开白宫)

10. rat's ass
定义: [不雅语]冷漠, 不关心; 无关紧要的琐碎小事.
例句: I'm sure your cousin Wendy doesn't give a rat's ass about your car problems. (我肯定你表妹温蒂根本不关心你的车子问题)

11. Rats! I goofed.
[成语句型]惨啦! 我出错了.

12. rattle/reel off, to
定义: 迅速明确地念出; 迅速, 毫不费力地说出或做出.
例句: The treasurer rattled off the list of all those who had not paid their annual dues. (这名财政主管轻松迅速地念出所有还没缴纳年费者的名单)

13. rattle on, to
定义: 喋喋不休讲(没意义的)话.
例句: He was rattling on and on, but I tuned him out. (他一直在喋喋不休唠叨这唠叨那, 但是我对他话却充耳不闻)

14. rattle sabers, to
定义: 武力恫吓, 威胁要使用武力.
例句: The workers are just rattling their sabers, but they won't strike. (这些员工只是在威胁恫吓, 但他们不会真的罢工)

15. rattle someone's cage, to
定义: 故意激怒某人尤其令他难看.
例句: The audience member asked a number of embarrassing questions about her past in an obvious attempt to rattle her cage. (这名观众问了几个有关她过去的令人尴尬问题显然是想要故意激怒她并令她难堪)

16. rattle through, to
定义: 迅速地做好, 例行公事地匆匆做好.
例句: We've only got a few more things to do before we can close up for the night, so let's just rattle through them and get the heck out of here. (在关店之前, 我们只剩下几件事要做, 所以咱们快点把它们做完, 咱们就可以早点离开这里)

17. ravages of time, the
定义: 岁月的蹂躏或毁灭.
例句: The granite base is intact, and has withstood the constant ravages of time. (这个花岗岩底座还是完整无缺的, 它还是能够承受得住岁月持续不断的侵蚀)

18. rave about, to
定义: 兴奋地谈论, 热捧或狂捧某人, 事或物.
例句: Everyone raves about this movie, but I thought it was pretty mediocre to be honest. (大家都在热捧这部电影, 但是说实话, 我觉得它不过是个相当普通的电影)

19. raw deal, a
定义: 不公平遭遇.
例句: Mandy really got a raw deal at that job. They passed her over for so many promotions! (曼迪在工作上确实遭到不公平遭遇. 他们许多次忽略她不给予她升迁!)

20. raze to the ground, to
定义: 夷为平地; 全面摧毁.
例句: The wildfire ravaged the mountain town, razing countless buildings to the ground. (这波野火给这座山城带来了巨大破坏, 将无数的建筑物夷为平地)



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