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二十笔实用成语 920

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二十笔实用成语 920

01. on a razor edge; on a razor's edge
定义: 命悬一线; 随时会突然失败或发生戏剧性地变化; 如临深渊, 如履薄冰.
例句: I knew my life at that moment hung on a razor's edge. (我知道在那个时刻我的性命悬于一线)

02. reach a decision/conclusion, to
定义: 做出决定, 达成决议或判决; 取得结论.
例句: Have they reached a decision yet? (他们做好决定了吗?)

03. reach a pretty pass, to
定义: 陷入困境, 僵局或危机.
例句: Don't spread this around, but I hear things have reached a pretty pass between Tom and his wife. (别把这件事到处宣扬, 只是我听人说汤姆和他妻子的婚姻陷入了危机)

04. reach a stage, to
定义: 到达一个阶段.
例句: We've reached a stage in life where we stop getting attracted to other people because we are committed to the ones we love. (我们已经达到了一个我们不再爱恋别人的人生阶段因为我们已经做了疼爱自己所爱的人的承诺)

05. reach across the table to shake someone's hand, to
定义: 伸手越过桌子与某人握手.
例句: To my astonishment she actually stands and starts to reach across the table to shake my hand. (让我惊讶的是她居然站起, 开始伸手越过桌子跟我握手)

06. reach adulthood, to
定义: 达到成年.
例句: Paige will probably grow to be between 10 and 14 lbs when she reaches adulthood. (当她达到成年的时候, 佩吉大概将要长到十至十四磅之间的重量. 注: 这句所谈的是一只小型宠物狗)

07. reach an agreement/accord (with), to
定义: 达成协议.
例句: I'm trying to reach an agreement with him unless he's stubborn and has to have it his way. (我正试图跟他达成协议除非他顽强不肯妥协和必须要按着他的意思去做)

08. reach first base, to
定义: 成功的第一步, 交异性朋友达到第一垒阶段意指两人已开始亲吻以及抚摸.
例句: "Did you get to first base with Dave last night?" "A lady doesn't kiss and tell!" ("昨晚妳有没有跟戴夫进入第一垒阶段?" "身为一个女仕是不会跟爱人亲吻还告诉别人的!")

09. reach for the sky, to
定义: 命令别人把手举起来; 追星梦, 追寻梦想, 想要成就极难之事.
例句: My parents always taught me to reach for the sky when I was growing up – that I could be anything I set my mind to! (在我长大的过程中, 我父母亲总是教导我要立志成就大事– 也就是我可以成就任何我所立志要做的大事!)

10. reach into one's pocket, to
定义: 伸进自己的口袋里.
例句: Chris reached into his pocket and pulled out some coins. (克里斯伸进自己的口袋里掏出几枚硬币)

11. reach out, to
定义: 善意接触别人; 伸出手接触或抓住; 试图联络.
例句: She set up her charity to reach out to the thousands of homeless on the streets. (她成立了她的慈善机构试图接触并提供援助给数千名无家可归的街友)

12. reach the end of one's patience, to
定义: 不堪其扰, 斯可忍, 孰不可忍.
例句: I apologize for my outburst, but I've reached the end of my patience with your nonsense. I'm out of here. (我为我的怒气爆发向你道歉, 但我已经对你的胡说八道忍无可忍了. 我走了)

13. reach the end of useful life, to
定义: (物品, 机器或建筑物)可使用寿命将结束.
例句: This equipment has not yet reached the end of useful life and will not be replaced any time soon. (这部机器还没到达使用寿命的年限, 短期内是不会被替换)

14. reach/shoot for the moon/stars, to
定义: 树立远大目标, 胸怀大志, 立争上游 , 想要成就极难之事.
例句: I will not shoot for the stars, I'll just try to improve my performance and find some clever way to beat my opponents. (我不会设立远大目标, 我将只会试图加强我的表现并找出一个击败我对手的巧妙办法)

15. react against, to
定义: 叛逆, 反抗, 反对, 做出与某人意愿相反的事.
例句: We are not reacting against the traditions in order to be different, we just happen to be different in the eyes of the society. (我们并不是以离经叛道来突出我们的与众不同, 我们只是碰巧在社会大众的眼中被视为与众不同而已)

16. read a lecture/lesson, to
定义: 严加训斥, 大肆斥责或谴责.
例句: I know Mary messed it up, but there was no need to read her a lecture for it. (我知道玛莉搞砸了这件事, 但没有必要为此大肆斥责她)

17. read along, to
定义: 跟着一起念, 跟着一起阅读.
例句: The instructor asked the class to read along in their text books. (这名教师要求全班跟着一起念他们的课文)

18. read between the lines, to
定义: 从字里行间领会其言外之意.
例句: Don't believe every thing you read literally. Learn to read between the lines. (不要人家说什么你就信什么. 你要从字里行间领会其言外之意)

19. read from prepared statements, to
定义: 宣读已准备好的声明.
例句: He read from prepared statements and took no questions. (他宣读已准备好的声明并且拒绝回答任何问题)

20. read from the same page, to
定义: 意见一致, 取得共识.
例句: We all need to be reading from the same page before we try to present this idea to the boss. (在我们试图向老板提出这个想法之前, 我们自己必须要先取得共识)