二十笔实用成语 930

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二十笔实用成语 930

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二十笔实用成语 930

01. ride out the storm, to
定义: 度过艰苦; 熬过了风暴.
例句: County officials are urging residents not to try to ride out the storm. This is a mandatory evacuation order. (县府官员敦促居民不要试图留下来熬过这场风暴. 这是一项强制性的疏散命令)

02. ride out, to
定义: 平安地渡过, 忍耐持久.
例句: You could try to ride it out, but I think you're better off dealing with the scandal up front. (这些流言蜚语你虽然可以试着隐忍不发, 但我认为你最好是给予这个诽谤一记迎头痛击)

03. ride roughshod over, to
定义: 横行霸道, 横冲直撞, 不顾虑其他人的感觉或利益而行动.
例句: In her ascent to the top of the corporate ladder, the general manager rode roughshod over anyone who stood in her way. (在她通往公司高层升迁的道路上, 这名总经理对于那些阻碍她仕途顺畅的同事横冲直撞, 不顾他们的感受)

04. ride shotgun, to
定义: 坐在车子前排乘客座位.
例句: Whenever we take a trip in Billy's van, Sally always rides shotgun. (每次我们坐着比利面包车去旅行的时候, 莎莉总是坐在前排乘客位子)
这位自拍女士所坐的便是前排乘客座位, 有些人称之为副驾驶座

05. ride/warm the bench, to
定义: 作第二线后备人选或候补选手.
例句: I can't wait till the head of accounting retires; I've been riding the bench for years. (我真的迫不及待地想要看到会计室主任退休; 作了多年的后备人选, 我已经等得不耐烦)

06. ride the crest of a wave, to
定义: 意气风发, 诸事顺利; 顺风顺水.
例句: Right after I got married, I got a big promotion at work, so I'm really on the crest of a wave at the moment! (就在我结婚之后不久, 我在工作上受到上级大幅度提升, 因此我于此时意气风发, 诸事顺利!)

07. ride the gravy train, to
定义: 赚钱容易; 享受丰裕的生活; 工作少钱多.
例句: Now that his brother is paying all his bills, Jim is riding the gravy train. (由于他哥哥负责他的一切开销, 吉姆正享受着丰裕无忧的生活)

08. ride the lightning, to
定义: 坐电椅被执行死刑.
例句: Scores of inmates rode the lightning while he was warden of the prison. (在他担任典狱长的任内, 许多囚犯坐电椅被处死)

09. ride up, to
定义: 逐渐向上移动; 骑在马背上逐渐接近.
例句: I hate it when my underpants ride up. (我很不喜欢我的内裤一直往上蹭. 注: 意指因为斜着坐, 身体不停地向前滑动使得内裤被往上挤压, 造成不舒适的感觉)

10. ride/hang on someone's coattails, to
定义: 受某人提携, 提拔, 庇荫或庇佑.
例句: Everyone knows you've been riding on the governor's coattails for the last two years, but once her term ends you'll be on your own. (大家都知道这两年来你一直受到州长的提携, 但是一旦她的任期结束之后你只有靠你自己了)

11. riding a tiger, be
定义: 骑虎难下, 落入危险困境.
例句: Our country has been riding a tiger with our military intervention in this region – it was foolish to get involved, but it would be catastrophic to leave now. (由于我们在这个地区的军事干预, 我国一直骑虎难下– 介入他国事务本来就是愚蠢, 但是现在想要撤离也会造成灾难性的后果)

12. rift within the party/family/administration/etc., a
定义: 党内或家庭内部或政府内部等等的分裂不和.
例句: A rift within the family developed after her parents forbid the kids to see their extended family. Gretchen missed her grandmother deeply. (由于她父母禁止这些小孩去探望他们祖父母家庭之后, 却演变成家庭内部的分裂. 葛蕾琴非常想念她的祖母)

13. rig out in/with something, to
定义: 穿着特殊服饰.
例句: I rigged myself out in a very respectable suit, which fitted me as well. (我穿着了一套非常体面并且合身的西装)

14. rig up, to
定义: 安装, 架设, 建立, 竖起. (注: 此短语含有临时仓促准备的意思)
例句: We rigged up some makeshift scaffolding so we could access the security cam up near the roof of the house. (我们架设了临时用的鹰架因此我们可以接触到这套离房顶很近的监视摄像头)

15. right a wrong, to
定义: 匡正, 纠正, 改正错误.
例句: The only way they can right the wrong done to me would be to fire the man responsible. (纠正他们让我受到冤屈唯一的办法就是解雇那个为此事负责的人)

16. right after ...
定义: 紧随...之后; ...之后立即.
例句: When you go for a walk right after dinner, not only will you receive just a little physical exercise but you will also be able to burn off some calories. (晚餐之后立即出去散个步, 除了让你得到一点体能锻炼之外你也可以消耗一些热量)

17. right and left
定义: 到处, 从各方向而来.
例句: We had a lot of business last week. The orders were coming in right and left. (我们上个星期取得了许多生意. 这些订单来自四处各方)

18. right and proper, be
定义: 妥当的, 可接受的, 符合道德的.
例句: Don't cancel your meeting with him at the last minute – that's not right and proper behavior. (别在最后一刻才取消你跟他的会面 – 这个在礼数上是不妥当的)

19. right as a trivet, be (as)
定义: 四平八稳的, 情况良好的.
例句: Yes, I was sick last week, but I'm right as a trivet now. (是的, 我上个礼拜生病了, 但是我现在的身体情况良好)

20. right as rain, be (as)
定义: 身心健康的, 感觉良好的, 令人满意的.
例句: I have a broken foot, but once I get my cast off, the doctor says I'll be as right as rain. (我的腿断了, 但是一旦我腿上的石膏模子拆掉了之后, 医生说我的腿将会完整如初)



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