二十笔实用成语 935

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二十笔实用成语 935

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二十笔实用成语 935

01. rogues' gallery, a
定义: (供证人指认用的)罪犯及嫌犯的相片簿或档案; 恶人名单, 恶人榜.
例句: He occupies a prominent position in the rogues' gallery of the financial world. (他登上了金融界恶人榜的显著地位)

02. role model, a
定义: 成为言行榜样, 典范或楷模的人物.
例句: He's an introverted child, a student whose father's passing has left him without a male role model. (他是个内向的孩子, 一名父亲过逝也让他失去了男性言行榜样的学生)

03. roll along, to
定义: 滚动; 发展顺利, 无大碍.
例句: Things have been rolling along pretty well so far, which is unusual for a project of this size. (目前为止, 情况发展还一路顺利, 对于这种规模的工作项目来说是相当难得的)

04. roll around, to
定义: 滚动; 思考; 固定发生, 重复发生. (注: 意指绕圈子似, 不停地, 重复地发生)
例句: I always start feeling anxious whenever tax season rolls around again. (每当报税季节到来的时候, 我总是感到焦虑不安)

05. roll back, to
定义: 降价, 退回到以前价位; 撤离, 撤退; 取消, 废除; 滚动回去.
例句: If you roll your prices back, it will be much harder to raise them again without a lot of customer complaints. (如果你降价的话, 以后再把价钱提升回来而不引起许多顾客的抱怨会更加困难的)

06. roll in the aisles, to
定义: 令人捧腹大笑或笑倒在地.
例句: The stand-up comedian was very good indeed. He had the audience rolling in the aisles. (这位单口相声演员讲得真好. 他把观众逗得捧腹大笑)

07. roll in the hay, a
定义: 发生性行为.
例句: She got pregnant because she and her boyfriend had been rolling in the hay. (她的怀孕是因为她和她的男友曾发生性行为)

08. roll in, to
定义: 不停地流入(例如钱).
例句: The money has been rolling in since they started the new business. (自从他们的新生意开张之后, 他们便财源滚滚)

09. roll off the tongue, to
定义: 顺口而出, 朗朗上口. (注: 意指很容易念, 脱口而出)
例句: When you name your food truck, make sure it's something that rolls off the tongue so that people will remember it. (当你给你快餐车起名的时候, 你务必要找个容易念的店名以便人们可以方便记住)

10. roll on, to
定义: 继续向前; 继续取得进展; 涂抹; 时间流逝.
例句: I can't believe it's nearly Christmas already! The days just seem to roll on faster and faster lately. (我真不敢相信圣诞节马上就要到了! 近来日子真像是流逝得越来越快)

11. roll one's eyes, to
定义: 翻白眼. (注: 表达傲慢, 鄙视, 枯燥无味或不耐烦的态度)
例句: Don't you roll your eyes at me, young lady! You will finish your homework this instant, or you can kiss your weekend goodbye! (小姑娘, 你别跟我翻白眼! 你马上把功课做好否则你就别想周末出去玩!)

12. roll out of bed, to
定义: 起床. (注: 尤指睡过头之后的起床)
例句: She rolled out of bed just before noon. (她睡到快中午才起床)

13. roll out the red carpet, to
定义: 隆重盛大地欢迎或招待.
例句: We're just popping by for a cup of tea and a quick catch-up, no need to roll out the red carpet! (我们只是顺道过来喝杯茶和跟你简短地叙叙旧, 不必隆重盛大地招待我们!)

14. roll out, to
定义: 压平, 擀平; 起床; 推出或发表(新产品); 离开.
例句: Every year they roll a new phone out that is meant to make your current one seem obsolete. (每年他们都会推出一款新式电话主要是用来让你觉得你现在用的这只手机好像过气了)

15. roll over and play dead, to
定义: 装死, 不抵抗, 不努力竞争, 放弃抗争.
例句: You can't just roll over and play dead every time they try to take advantage of you like that. You need to stand up for yourself! (每次他们都用这个方式来试图占你的便宜但你可不能就这样放弃抗争. 你应当捍卫你的权益!)

16. roll over, to
定义: 延迟付款, 重新商议新的财务合约; 再投资; 翻覆, 翻滚, 翻身; 不抵抗, 放弃抗争.
例句: Look, I just taught my dog to roll over. (看, 我刚才教会了我的狗翻滚)

17. roll the bones/dice, to
定义: 掷骰子; 为了财富冒风险.
例句: Look, worst case scenario is that we get hit with a fine, so I say we just roll the dice and hope it doesn't come to that. (听我说, 我们会碰到的最糟情况就是被罚款, 所以我觉得我们干脆就冒这个风险, 也希望情况还不至于恶劣到那个地步)

18. roll up one's sleeves, to
定义: 卷起袖子, 准备认真地工作.
例句: Well, we have a long day ahead, so let's roll up our sleeves! (好了, 我们现在面临着一个漫长辛苦的工作天, 所以我们就准备大干一场吧!)

19. roll up, to
定义: 卷起来; 卷曲(身体); 包卷; 开始; 不停地累积变大; 悠闲地到达.
例句: He rolled up the napkin into a ball and shoved it into his pocket. (他把餐巾卷成一团, 塞进他的口袋里)

20. roll with the punches, to
定义: 闪躲敌人的一击; 作适当调整以应付不利情势.
例句: Losing my job was really tough, but I've just been trying to roll with the punches until I get back on my feet. (失业的日子真难过, 但是我一直试图作调整来适应贫困的环境直到我自立自足为止)



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