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二十笔实用成语 938

发表于 : 周三 12月 30, 2020 12:11 am
二十笔实用成语 938

01. round up, to
定义: 驱集(牛群), 聚集, 招集, 搜集, 搜罗, 采集.
例句: The day starts at 5 am when the cows are rounded up for milking which takes until around 10 am. (一天的工作从早上五点便开始当牛群被驱集在一起被挤奶, 这一工作要做到早上十点为止)

02. rout out, to
定义: 驱逐, 驱离.
例句: The police commissioner directed the SWAT team to rout out the protestors from their encampment outside city hall. (警务处长下令特警队把那些在市政府前搭建临时帐篷的示威者们强制驱逐出市府广场)

03. routine checkup/visit, a
定义: 定期身体检查; 定期机器检查或定期造访.
例句: This is a routine visit. It has been planned for a very long time. It doesn't have anything to do with political things happening now. (这是一个定期造访. 它已经被计划了很长一段时间. 它跟目前所发生的政治事件并没有任何关联)

04. roving eye, to have a
定义: 用情不专, 风流成性, 不安份守己, 贪喜美色. (注: 意指用色迷迷眼光东瞟西望)
例句: He has a roving eye if his wife isn't around. (如果他妻子不在身边, 他便不安份守己总想寻找一夜情)

05. not amount to a hill/row of beans
定义: 微不足道, 一文不值.
例句: In this world the problems of people like us don't amount to a hill of beans. (在这个世界上, 问题是像我们这种人根本是微不足道, 没人会把我们当回事)

06. royal pain (in the neck), a
定义: 真令人头疼.
例句: This new computer is proving to be a royal pain. It's been crashing at least once a day since I first started it up! (这台新电脑真是十足的令人头疼. 自从我第一次开机之后, 它起码每天总要突然地宕机一次!)

07. royal road, the
定义: 顺畅省力的方法, 捷径.
例句: Each year, people flock to Hollywood hoping to find the royal road to fame and fortune. (每年, 人们成群结队地涌入好莱坞希望追寻到通往名利双收的捷径)

08. give the royal treatment, to
定义: 给予某人豪华, 精心的接待或礼遇.
例句: At our spa, we give all of our customers the royal treatment. (在我们的休闲健身美容中心, 我们提供给所有客人豪华, 精心的接待)

09. royally pissed, be
定义: [不雅语]非常生气, 极为愤怒.
例句: He's royally pissed that I made him look like a fool. (他极为愤怒因为我把他当傻瓜一般地戏弄)

10. royally screwed, be
定义: [不雅语]惨了, 出了大问题, 倒大楣, 完了.
例句: My heel broke. And I don't have any other shoes that go with this dress! I'm royally screwed. (我的鞋跟断了. 而我却没有其他任何一双鞋能够搭配这套衣服! 我惨了)

11. rub along, to
定义: 尚可维持下去; 与某人关系还可以.
例句: We rub along well enough, but we're not really close friends. (我们之间关系还算可以, 但是我们不是真的心腹之交)

12. rub down, to
定义: 擦干, 擦亮; 磨平或抛光; 将涂料抹在表面上; 全身按摩.
例句: I stepped out of the shower stall and rubbed myself down with a towel. (我走出了淋浴间, 拿了一条浴巾把我身子擦干)
淋浴间 – shower stall

13. rub elbows/shoulders with, to
定义: 与某人紧密交往, 经常与某人往来.
例句: I don't want to go to the gala tonight, but my wife is eager to rub elbows with the upper class. (我不想出席今天晚上的盛会, 但是我太太却热切地想要跟那些上层名流多多紧密交往)

14. rub in, to
定义: 用力揉搓; 触及别人痛处, 令人窘困或不悦; 惹恼别人; 故意炫耀自己来引起别人的妒嫉; 一再提起别人的失败.
例句: You'll want to rub in the ointment when your skin is clean and dry. (当你皮肤正干净的时候你得赶紧用力擦上护肤药膏)

15. rub it in, to
定义: 触及别人痛处, 令人窘困或不悦; 惹恼别人; 一再提起别人的失败.
例句: "You know that this means you won't get to qualify for the state championships, right?" "Sheesh, no need to rub it in, Tom." ("你要知道这就意味着你已经没有资格参加州冠军赛了, 对不对?" "哎, 你也没必要一再触及我的痛处, 汤姆.")

16. rub off on, to
定义: 使某人感染, 无形中影响某人; 因为磨擦而沾上.
例句: Peter's been very unruly lately. I think that new kid is rubbing off on him. (彼得最近一直调皮捣蛋, 不服管教. 我想就是那个新来的小孩无形中影响了他, 让他变坏了)

17. rub off, to
定义: 擦拭干净; 令人感染, 无形中影响; 令人窘困或不悦; 惹恼别人; 手淫; 腐蚀; 退色.
例句: You'd better rub that paint off before it has a chance to dry! (你最好趁油漆还没干的时候把它擦拭干净!)

18. rub one's hands, to
定义: 磨拳擦掌, 表现强烈的渴望; 自我满足或欢欣.
例句: We were rubbing our hands at the thought of a rematch against the team that robbed us of a spot in the finals so many years ago. (一想到要跟那个多年前夺走我们进入决赛资格的那一队再复赛一次, 我们便磨拳擦掌, 跃跃欲试)

19. rub out, to
定义: 擦掉, 擦拭干净; 杀死, 谋杀, 除去.
例句: You need to get it right first time because you can not rub it out and start again. (你必须第一次就做对因为你没法把它擦拭干净然后再重新做一遍)

20. rub salt in/into the/one's wound(s), to
定义: 伤口洒盐; 火上加油, 加深别人的痛苦; 落井下石.
例句: I can't believe you would ask me to pay you back on the day that I got laid off. Thanks for rubbing salt in my wounds, Tony! (我真不敢相信在我被裁员的这一天你居然要我还钱. 真谢谢你在我伤口洒盐, 东尼!)