二十笔实用成语 964

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二十笔实用成语 964

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二十笔实用成语 964

01. set for life, be
定义: 终生不愁吃穿过日子.
例句: He inherited a fortune from a grandmother in Germany. He's set for life. (他从他德国的祖母那儿继承了一笔财富. 他将一辈子不愁吃穿)

02. set forth, to
定义: 提出...供考虑; 叙述事件的经过; 发表意见; 开始旅程.
例句: Chapter 13 is designed to allow debtor to set forth a plan to repay creditors over a period of time from 36 to 60 months. (第十三章破产法就是专为了准许债务人自己提出于三十六至六十个月期间内偿还债主计划所设计的)

03. set forward, to
定义: 推前; 放在显注地点; 提出意见供考虑; 发表意见; 将钟表时间拨前.
例句: I set forward our wedding picture on the mantelpiece. (我把我们结婚照片放在壁炉台上)

04. set in one's ways, be
定义: 顽固, 僵化固执, 旧习难改.
例句: As he gets older he's becoming more set in his ways. (他越老越顽固)

05. set in stone, be
定义: 永远如此的, 一成不变的; 不可改变的, 不能破例的.
例句: Please keep in mind that these blueprints are not set in stone. They're just to give you a feel for the design. (请记住, 这些蓝图并不是一成不变的. 它们只是给你这个设计图一个感觉而已)

06. set in train, to
定义: 启动, 引发, 推动.
例句: Making this announcement will set in train a series of actions that we will not be able to stop, so please consider it carefully. (一旦公布了这个声明之后将会引发一连串我们无法阻止的行动, 因此请你要慎重地考虑)

07. set in, to
定义: 嵌入, 缝入; 开始发生或仍会持续下去; 风浪移向岸边.
例句: The rain has set in and it looks like it won't stop for a while. (这场雨仍会持续下去, 看样子它一阵子还不会停)

08. set light to, to
定义: 点燃, 引燃, 纵火.
例句: A man who tried to set light to an apartment with a six-year-old girl inside was suffering from drug-induced psychosis. (一名受到药物引起精神错乱的男子试图纵火燃烧一间仍有一个六岁小女孩留在屋内的公寓)

09. set loose, to
定义: 释放, 发出, 放弃.
例句: Due to a lack of evidence, the suspects were set loose by police. (由于证据缺乏, 这名嫌犯被警方释放)

10. set of wheels, a
定义: 交通工具, 汽车, 卡车等等.
例句: I asked for a new set of wheels for birthday, but I don't think my parents will get one for me. (我要求我父母送我一辆新车作为生日礼物, 但我不认为他们会帮我买一辆车)

11. set off a chain of events, to
定义: 引发一连串相关事件.
例句: This could set off a chain of events that we may not be able to contain. (这样可能会引发我们未必能够掌控得住的一连串相关事件)

12. set off the alarm, to
定义: 触发警铃.
例句: I accidentally set off the alarm, now my vehicle won't start! (我不小心触动了警铃, 现在我的车子没法发动了!)

13. set off, to
定义: 引起, 带动, 造成; 引爆; 区别, 显示出不同, 对比, 对照; 抵销, 弥补; 加强, 使其更吸引人; 开始一个行程或旅程, 离开; 量出一个面积.
例句: Seeing someone in uniform always sets Jerry off about his time in the military. (看到了别人穿着军服总是会引起杰瑞长篇大论他的军旅生活)

14. set on fire, to
定义: 放火, 起火, 点燃; 造成极大的轰动或兴奋, 受到极大的激励或鼓舞; 激起, 挑动, 挑拨, 煽动.
例句: Ted's presentation didn't exactly set me on fire, but it was a good summary of the project. (特德的介绍虽然没有完全带给我极大的鼓舞, 但它仍是这个工作项目很好的摘要报告)

15. set on, be
定义: 一心一意的, 坚决不移的.
例句: We were all dead set on traveling to Montana for the summer, until Lizzy broke her leg and we had to cancel it. (我们原本都坚决打算去蒙大拿州度夏, 直到丽慈跌断了她的腿, 我们才不得不取消这个计划)

16. set on, to
定义: 指挥, 命令; 凶残地攻击, 纵使...攻击; 鼓动, 煽动; 决心要做; 置放于某处.
例句: The pair of thieves set upon the traveling merchant, stealing his goods and leaving him half-dead on the side of the road. (这一对盗贼凶残地攻击这名路过商人, 抢劫他的货物并将他半死不活地弃留在路边)

17. set one back on one's feet, to
定义: 协助某人站起; 受挫或遭到不幸之后重新站起来; 重振雄风.
例句: The investment from Charles' father helped set us back on our feet after losing so much of our business during the recession. (经济衰退期间我们损失许多生意之后, 查理父亲对我们的挹注资金帮助我们重新站起)

18. set one back, to
定义: 花费, 损失或付出代价; 拖延进展, 阻碍.
例句: That looks like a fine camera. How much did it set you back? (这个看起来像台高品质摄影机. 你花了多少钱买它?)

19. set straight, to
定义: 纠正某人的态度, 行为; 确定某人所了解的是正确; 改正, 更正; 纠正某人的谬误.
例句: I had to set Tom straight after I realized that he'd been operating the machinery wrong this whole time. (在我了解了汤姆从一开始到现在都错误地操作这部机器之后, 我不得不纠正他,教导他正确的操作方法)

20. set one's cap at/for, to
定义: (多为)女子追求男子.
例句: The ladies of this town shall all be setting their caps at Mr. Rutherford, now that his inheritance has left him quite wealthy. (由于他继承的遗产使他相当富有, 这个镇上的女仕们都应该追求卢瑟福先生)



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