二十笔实用成语 967

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二十笔实用成语 967

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二十笔实用成语 967

01. settle in, to
定义: 安顿下来, 适应下来.
例句: How are you settling in after a week working here? (来这里工作了一个星期, 你适应得如何? 还习惯吗?)

02. settle on/upon, to
定义: 同意好, 决定好, 选定好.
例句: Have you kids settled on an idea for your school project yet? (小朋友你们决定好了你们学校研究项目要做什么吗?)

03. settle one's account, to
定义: 付清, 结账.
例句: When do you intend to settle your account? (你打算要什么时候把你的账结清?)

04. settle in behind the wheel, to
定义: (驾驶人)调整好座位, 坐得舒适以准备开长程车.
例句: Before you settle in behind the wheel, you want to make sure that you are relaxed, comfortable, and completely at ease. (在你坐得舒适准备开车之前, 你务必要使你自己放松下来, 保持心情愉快,完全无牵无挂)

05. settle someone's hash, to
定义: 制服某人; 驳倒某人使其使哑口无言.
例句: The former Navy officer settled the assailant's hash in a matter of seconds, disarming him and pinning him to the ground. (这位退役海军军官几秒钟之内便制服了这名袭击者, 缴下他的武器,并将他压制在地上)

06. settle the stomach, to
定义: 镇胃, 止吐, 消除呕吐.
例句: The drops taste amazing, provide instant soothing for upset tummies and have all the natural ingredients I use to settle my stomach all in one! (这些滴剂味道好极了, 立即舒解了我疼痛的肚子而且它含有全天然成份让我用来健胃整肠等多合一的功能!)

07. settle their differences, to
定义: 终止纷争, 取得和解或协议.
例句: A lawsuit was filed for defamation, and the parties agreed to settle their differences. An agreement was drafted that forbad either party from bad–mouthing the other going forward. (一桩诽谤诉讼案件被告进法院, 当事双方同意终止纷争. 一份被起草的协议书禁止双方此后再继续散布不利对方的言论)

08. settle up, to
定义: 解决纷争; 付清, 了结债务.
例句: Tom, you're not welcome here until you settle up your debt! (汤姆, 如果你不把债务偿清的话, 以后不欢迎你来这里!)

09. settle with someone, to
定义: 付清, 了结某人债务.
例句: I need to settle with Brian for those plane tickets soon – I hate having debt hanging over me. (我需要尽快地跟布来恩把这些飞机票的账结清 – 我最不喜欢背负着债务)

10. seven-year itch, the
定义: 七年之痒. (注: 夫妻结婚七年后厌倦配偶而想出去寻找婚外情)
例句: Everyone warned me about the seven-year itch, but I've been completely content with my wife every second that we've been together. (大家都警告我有关七年之痒的事情, 但我和我妻子相守的每一刻都觉得完全美满幸福)

11. several times before
定义: 之前好几次.
例句: It's been done several times before, but this step-by-step video will take you by the hand and teach you how to effectively resolve conflict and save your relationship. (这事以前已经做过好几次, 但这套循序渐进的录影节目将会携着你的手教导你如何化解冲突和挽回你的破裂关系)

12. severance pay, a
定义: 离职金.
例句: You can fire her for being insubordinate, but give her the severance pay. She did her job well, didn't she? (你可以因为她抗命而解雇她, 但你还是要付她离职金. 她工作做得很好, 不是吗?)

13. sew up, to
定义: 完全缝补好; 确定; 取得全面控制; 垄断; 取得全面成功.
例句: After so many attempts at winning the U.S. Open, Frank has sewn up the win at last. (经过这么多次试图赢得美国高尔夫球公开赛之后, 法兰克终于夺得了冠军)

14. sewer rat, a
定义: 下水道老鼠; 猥琐, 讨厌的人.
例句: You seem like a nice girl, it's nothing personal against you – but this guy is a sewer rat who cares more about himself than anything else. (妳看起来像个好人家女孩, 我可不是针对你个人– 可是这个家伙是个猥琐遭人厌恶的人, 他只顾他自己, 才不管别人的死活)

15. Sexton Blake, a
定义: [英国俚语]蛋糕; 假货, 冒牌货, 西贝货; 假冒者, 冒充者.
例句: Don't be too impressed. I know for a fact that her bag is a Sexton Blake. (别把她太当回事. 我确切地知道她提的包包是一个西贝货)

16. shack up, to
定义: 暂住某人处; 同居. 与未婚异性友人发生性关系. (注: 请注意shack up不能用在合法配偶上)
例句: My parents still disapprove of us shacking up together before we're married. They're a little old-fashioned that way. (我父母还是不同意我们婚前住在一起. 他们在这方面有点思想老旧)

17. shades of
定义: 令人想起似曾相识的过去的某人或境况.
例句: He took a moment to collect himself after his outburst. "Shades of my father," he muttered to himself. (他暴怒之后隔了一阵子才心情平复下来. 他喃喃自语地说, "跟我老爸一个样.")

18. shade of meaning
定义: 两个词句之间的意义差距稍有不同.
例句: Though many of the words are just a shade of meaning apart, but there are dramatic differences in the traits of the people who choose them. (虽然许多字眼之间的意义差距稍有不同, 可是个性不同的人在用字遣词上却使它们之间的意义出现了相当大的差别)

19. shade-tree mechanic, a
定义: 业余修车工; 不真懂的修车者; 在树荫下修车的人.
例句: You've got a big problem with your transmission right now, more than this shade-tree mechanic can diagnose. You'll have to take it to a professional. (现在, 你的汽车传动系统出了大问题, 它可不是这名业余修车工能诊断得出来. 你必须把它送到专业修车厂去检修)

20. shadow of one's former/old self, a; shadow of oneself, a; shadow of itself, a
定义: 今不如昔, 每况愈下; 身体孱弱, 智力退化, 精神衰弱; 权威丧失.
例句: Tim's been nothing but a shadow of himself since that car accident. His bubbly, outgoing persona replaced by gloom and seriousness. (自从那场车祸之后, 提姆身体每况愈下. 他过去的乐观开朗的形象却被忧郁和严肃所取代了)



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