二十笔实用成语 969

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二十笔实用成语 969

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二十笔实用成语 969

01. shake up, to
定义: 斥责; 对身体摇晃, 冲击, 冲撞, 震惊; 全面整理组织.
例句: The president decided to shake up top management in order to bring new energy into the organization. (为了把新活力带进这个企业, 董事长决定整顿高层管理人员)

02. shake with laughter, to
定义: 大笑不已.
例句: My brother-in-law's wicked sense of humor has us shaking with laughter every time we hang out with him. (每次我们跟他玩在一块的时候, 我姊夫卓越的幽默感总会让我们大笑不已)

03. shaken up, be
定义: 受到惊吓或震惊.
例句: I was a little shaken up after I heard about the fire at our apartment building. (听到了我们公寓大楼失火的消息之后我有一点震惊)

04. shame on you/him/her
定义: [惊叹语]真丢脸! 真可耻! 真不应该! (注: 意指斥责某人不应该的作为)
例句: Shame on her for taking advantage of your feelings like that! (她真可耻居然如此地玩弄你的感情!)

05. shank's mare/pony, by
定义: [幽默语]走路, 十一号公车.
例句: My bicycle fell apart three miles away from home, so I had to use shank's mare to go the rest of the way. (我的脚踏车在离家还有三英哩之外抛锚了, 所以剩下的路程我只好走路回家)

06. shape into, to
定义: 形成; 把某物做成, 打造成某种形状.
例句: Our teachers have helped shape us into the person we are today and for that, we are always thankful! (我们老师帮助我们成长并造就我们成为今天这样的人, 为此, 我们永远感恩!)

07. shape of things to come, the
定义: 未来流行风潮, 新潮流走向, 新发展方向, 新时尚.
例句: Many profess to know the shape of things to come, but no one truly knows the future. (许多人宣称他们知道新潮流走向, 然而没有人真正知道未来)

08. shape up or ship out, to
定义: 匡正你的行为或请你离开.
例句: I'm warning you about turning up to work late for the last time. You need to shape up or ship out! (这是我最后一次警告你上班迟到的问题. 你需要改掉你的迟到恶习否则我就把你辞退!)

09. shape up, to
定义: 改进; 发展; 有进展; 具有成果, 产生效果; 改善人行为或健康状况至可接受的标准.
例句: The project is shaping up nicely. We should be done by the end of the year. (这份工作项目进展得非常顺利. 我们应该可以在年底前完工)

10. share and share alike, to
定义: 平分, 共享.
例句: I told the children to share and share alike with their Halloween candy. (我告诉孩子们要平分他们万圣节糖果)
应该称为万鬼节的万圣节, 当晚小孩穿上鬼怪化妆服, 挨家挨户收集糖果

11. share in, to
定义: 分享; 分担; 占一份.
例句: If everyone shares in the work, we'll be finished cleaning the house in an hour or two. (如果每个人都分担一部分工作的话, 我们将可以在一两个钟头内做好清理房屋的工作)

12. share out, to
定义: 让人平分; 分发, 分享; 分配.
例句: He made sure he shared out his property among all his children and dependants. (他确定要将他的财产平分给他的子女和被抚养人)

13. share someone's concerns, to
定义: 与某人一样地对...关切.
例句: I shared her concerns about the future of the company whenever we were on the phone. I sometimes even took notes. (每当我们通电话的时候, 我跟她一样都关切公司的未来. 有时候我还把谈话内容记录下来)

14. share the blame for ..., to
定义: 同样也要对过失负责. (注: 意指大家都有参与这件事, 同样要负责任)
例句: We all share the blame for this. Instead of building walls, we should be building bridges. Instead of isolating, we should be helping. (这件事我们都有责任. 与其筑一道墙, 我们应该修一座桥.与其自我孤立, 我们应当帮助他人)

15. share thoughts/views, to
定义: 交流或分享想法.
例句: Sharing ideas with your peers is the only way to grow and survive throughout these changing times. (跟你同伴交流想法是成长壮大和生存于这个千变万化时代的唯一途径)

16. share with, to
定义: 分发, 分配, 分享.
例句: The children need to learn to share with each other. (这群小朋友们必须要学习相互分享)

17. sharp as a knife/needle/tack, be (as)
定义: 很精明, 懂得快, 反应快.
例句: Jim's as sharp as a needle, so he'll find a solution to this problem. (吉姆很精明, 所以他会找出解决这个问题的办法)

18. sharp cookie, a
定义: 精明, 不易上当的人.
例句: "I'm having a heck of a time doing my taxes, I just don't understand it at all." "You should get in touch with my uncle, he's one sharp cookie!" ("填写报税资料让我碰上了许多的困难, 我根本不明白该怎么做." "你应该跟我叔叔联络, 他很精明能干!")
美国私人报税表格之一: 1040税表

19. sharp end of ..., the
定义: 前锋; 活动或工作最吃紧的部分或问题最艰难的部分.
例句: A job like hers would be much too demanding for me, but she enjoys being at the sharp end. (她所担负的工作我根本胜任不了, 但她却乐于处在工作最吃紧的岗位上)

20. sharp practice, the
定义: 生意上尔虞我诈的手段.
例句: That firm's known for its sharp practice, so I'd rather not deal with them. (那家公司做生意是出名的不老实, 所以我不想跟他们打交道)



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