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二十笔实用成语 983

发表于 : 周三 7月 07, 2021 10:45 pm
二十笔实用成语 983

01. sink to such depths, to
定义: 竟然卑鄙到如此地步.
例句: In the wake of the January 6 attack on the US Capitol, it's horrible to think that our fellow citizens could sink to such depths in the name of patriotism. (随着一月六日针对美国国会袭击之后, 想想就令人害怕的是我们的同胞竟然卑鄙到如此地步, 打着爱国口号对国会发起攻击)

02. sinking feeling, a
定义: 不祥之兆; 有恶事将发生的预感.
例句: I've got the sinking feeling that the company is on its last legs. If its sales does not pick up soon, it will have to close down. (我有个不祥预感: 这家企业快要垮台了. 如果其销售不立即回升的话, 它将不得不关门倒闭)

03. siphon off, to
定义: 以虹吸管吸出; 抽取; 挪用, 掏空别人东西或款项, 将公物或公款转用私用.
例句: The CEO has been accused of siphoning money off from his employees' pensions funds to pay for his personal trips around the world. (这名执行总裁被指控挪用其员工退休基金来支付他私人环球旅游的费用)

04. Sir?
[成语句型]什么, 先生? 我没听清楚. (注: 意指礼貌的请求对方再说一遍)

05. sit about/around, to
定义: 无所事事, 虚度光阴; 休闲或松弛下来; 坐成一圈.
例句: Tom likes to sit around the house in shorts and a T-shirt on hot days. (炎热的日子里, 汤姆喜欢在屋内身着短裤和T恤进行休闲活动)

06. sit at someone's feet, to
定义: 被某人吸引着迷; 作某人学生或崇拜者.
例句: I've been sitting at the professor's feet ever since I heard his astounding lecture on quantum mechanics. (自从我听取了这位教授令我惊叹不已的量子力学课程之后, 我便成为他的崇拜者)

07. sit back and watch, to
定义: 放轻松地观赏; 袖手旁观; 坐视不管.
例句: I can't sit back and watch you people mock my son for proudly doing his job. (我不可能坐视你们这些人嘲讽我儿子自豪地做他自己的工作而撒手不管)

08. sit back, to
定义: 轻松或舒服的坐着; 坐视不管, 袖手旁观.
例句: Many people just sit back and ignore the problems of today. They're pretending like nothing ever happened. (许多人们只是袖手旁观并视而不见当今的问题. 他们假装着好像什么事都没发生过)

09. sit bolt upright, to
定义: 腰部直立地坐; 突然坐直.
例句: I awoke from the nightmare and sat bolt upright in my bed. (我从恶梦中突然地坐直惊醒过来)

10. sit by, to
定义: 坐视不管, 冷眼旁观; 坐在某人旁边.
例句: I feel so guilty for sitting idly by while my son was going through such a difficult time in his life. (我眼见我儿子历经他生命中相当艰辛的一段时期而没有施予援手造成我深深的内疚感)

11. sit down with, to
定义: 与某人坐下来一起商讨, 谈判或交流意见,
例句: You have to sit down with the employee in a calm, collected way and describe the problems you are facing. (你必须跟这名员工以冷静和镇定的态度坐下来好好地跟他讲述你所面临的各种问题才行)

12. sit down, to
定义: 坐下来; 要某人坐下来; 开始某项工作.
例句: My supervisor sat me down to have a talk about my productivity. (我上司要我坐下来一起检视我的生产能力)

13. sit idly by, to
定义: 坐视不管, 冷眼旁观.
例句: I do not intend to stand idly by while my children need my help. (我决不会撒手不管我儿女跟我的求助)

14. sit in the catbird seat, to
定义: 居于显要或有利的位置.
例句: As the CEO's assistant, you are definitely sitting in the catbird seat. (作为总裁助手, 你肯定是处于有利的位置)

15. sit in judgment (on/over), to
定义: 审理; 判断; 评论.
例句: The defendant's notoriety made it difficult to find anyone who could sit in judgment of him without bias. (这名恶名昭彰的被告很难让任何人在审理他的时候不产生对他的偏见)

16. sit in on, to
定义: 旁观, 旁听或在一旁观察而不参与.
例句: The boss wants to sit in on the production meeting to make sure everything is going smoothly. (老板想要边上旁听这场生产会议以确保整场会议顺利进行)

17. sit on one's hands, to
定义: 不鼓掌鼓励, 不置可否, 冷默以对; 坐视不管, 不采取适当行动.
例句: Why don't you actually help us fix the issue, instead of just sitting on your hands and complaining? (与其不采取任何行动和不停地抱怨, 你为什么不实际地帮我们解决这个问题呢?)

18. sit on the fence, to
定义: 骑墙; 保持中立, 不愿选边, 作壁上观.
例句: When Martha and Tom argue, it is best to sit on the fence and not make either of them angry. (当玛莎和汤姆争论的时候, 我们最好保持中立作壁上观, 别招惹他们任何一个人生气)

19. sit on a goldmine, to
定义: 坐在宝藏之上; 坐拥庞大财富或潜在巨额财富.
例句: If your social networking site is attracting millions of new users every month, then you guys are definitely sitting on a gold mine. (如果你的社交网站能够每个月吸引数百万新用户的话, 你们这些人肯定是坐拥了潜在的巨额财富)

20. sit on, to
定义: 坐下来; 指责或惩治某人; 带来重担或负担; 身为某个组织成员; 压制,​​ 藏匿某事或物; 调查, 商议, 判决; 延迟或避免决定或行动.
例句: The company sat on reports indicating a health risk in their products for nearly ten years until sick customers started coming forward with lawsuits. (这家公司压下了这些指出他们产品造成健康危险的报告将近十年了, 一直到患病客户开始主动站出来提出对他们的诉讼, 他们才出来面对问题)