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二十笔实用成语 988

发表于 : 周二 7月 20, 2021 1:12 am
二十笔实用成语 988

01. sling/throw dirt/mud at, to
定义: 刻意抹黑, 诬赖或诋毁某人声誉.
例句: The paper became famous for slinging mud at movie stars. (这家报纸乃是靠抹黑电影明星而发家的)

02. sling hash, to
定义: [俚语]在小餐馆端盘子, 做服务员的工作.
例句: I spent five years slinging hash for 60 hours a week to pay my way through college. (我在餐馆干了五年每个星期六十个钟头的端盘子工作来供我一路读完大学)

03. sling your hook
定义: [不尊重语]走开, 离开.
例句: If Tom doesn't want to be part of our team then he should sling his hook. (如果汤姆不愿加入我们团队, 那么他应该离开)

04. slings and arrows
定义: 严厉批评, 苛求, 人身攻击, 窘困局面.
例句: She seemed generally unable to cope with the slings and arrows of life. (她似乎一般都没办法应付人生中所遭遇的困境)

05. slink away/off, to
定义: 偷偷地溜走.
例句: The burglar slunk away after tripping the alarm. (这个盗贼触发了警铃之后便偷偷地溜走)

06. slip a/one's cog/gear, to
定义: [俚语]犯错; 脑筋不正常, 失去思考或判断的能力.
例句: She must have slipped a cog or she would never have gone out barefoot in December. (她肯定是脑筋不正常否则她决不会在十二月这种天气光着脚出门)

07. slip a notch, to
定义: 表现不佳, 表现退步, 降低一格/码.
例句: Whenever my grades slip a notch, I immediately roll up my sleeves and review all my notes until I'm sure that the problem has been rectified. (每当我分数退步, 我马上采取果决行动, 复习我的笔记直到我确定这个问题得以纠正为止)

08. slip away, to
定义: 偷溜走, 静悄悄地流失, 慢慢减少或减弱, 不再有, 死亡.
例句: Our lives are so busy that it's easy for time to slip away, and our daily routines end up ruling us. (由于我们生活太繁忙致使时间轻易地流失, 我们最终还是被我们的日常生活所支配着)

09. slip by, to
定义: 悄悄地溜走; 静静地消逝.
例句: I managed to slip by while the guard wasn't looking. (我设法在守卫没注意的时候悄悄地溜走)

10. slip in, to
定义: 溜进; 不经意地塞入, 掺入或钻入.
例句: Go up to their mailbox and slip in this letter. (你到他们的信箱把这封信塞进去)

11. slip of the lip/tongue, a
定义: 口误, 失言, 说溜了嘴.
例句: I accidentally greeted Mary by her sister's name. It was just a slip of the tongue. (我不小心用了玛丽妹妹的名字跟玛丽打招呼. 这只是一时的口误)

12. slip of the pen, a
定义: 笔误, 不慎写出.
例句: I meant to tell my mother that she was welcome to visit me next Monday, but I actually wrote "next month" instead. Oh well, she'll understand that it was just a slip of the pen. (我本来是告诉我母亲欢迎她下个星期一来看我, 但我却写成"下个月." 其实也没关系, 她会了解这只是个笔误)

13. slip off, to
定义: 溜走; 滑落, 脱落; 脱去衣鞋; 静悄悄地离开.
例句: She hung the jacket on the back of the chair, but it slipped off. (她把这件夹克挂在椅背, 但它滑落下来了)

14. slip one over on, to
定义: 蒙混, 蒙骗, 诈欺.
例句: Beware of these street vendors selling tacky souvenirs. They're usually just trying to slip one over on you. (小心这些摆地摊的商家所贩卖一些差劲的纪念品. 他们通常会试图以假乱真来蒙骗你)

15. slip out of gear, to
定义: (脚踏车)脱链, 链条松脱; 汽车跳档; 脑筋不正常, 失去思考或判断的能力.
例句: Sometimes his brain seems to slip out of gear. (有时候他的脑筋似乎不正常)

16. slip out, to
定义: 悄悄地溜走; 滑落; 脱去衣鞋; 不小心说出口.
例句: I'll slip out and check the parking meter. Be right back. (我要偷偷地溜出去, 看看停车收费表有没有到时间. 我马上回来)

17. slip through the cracks, to
定义: 没有被检查到; 被忽略; 被漏掉, 不符合两个方案任何一个.
例句: With other issues taking priority for the government, the welfare of children in the foster system very often slips through the cracks. (由于其他问题被政府优先考虑, 寄养家庭系统中的儿童福利却经常被人们忽视了)

18. slip up, to
定义: 犯错; 促使别人犯错; 滑一跤.
例句: I think I slipped up and sent the check to the wrong address. (我想我犯了一个错了, 我把这张支票寄到错误的地址)

19. slip/escape one's mind, to
定义: 忘了, 不记得.
例句: I met her at church last Sunday but her name slips my mind. (我上个礼拜天在教会遇见她但我忘了她的名字)

20. slip/fall through the net, to
定义: 没有被检察/发现到; 被忽略; 被漏掉.
例句: There are plenty of talented players who slip through the net and never get to play professionally. (有许多才华横溢的球员由于没有受到发掘和赏识而一直没法取得专业比赛的机会)