二十笔实用成语 994

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二十笔实用成语 994

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二十笔实用成语 994

01. snatch victory from the jaws of defeat, to
定义: 险胜.
例句: The team snatched victory from the jaws of defeat with a last-second full-court basket. (这支球队以最后一秒全场射篮得分取得了险胜)

02. sneak in, to
定义: 偷偷溜进去, 偷偷带东西进去或塞进.
例句: They were thrown out of the school dance for sneaking in bottles of alcohol. (由于他们偷偷带进了几瓶酒因而被赶出学校举办的舞会)

03. sneak out, to
定义: 偷偷地离开, 偷偷地溜出来.
例句: I sneaked out of the meeting, hoping no one would notice. (我偷偷地离开了会议, 希望没人注意到我)

04. sneak preview, a
定义: 不公开的新电影预演; 事先展示; 在公开...之前事先观看.
例句: She gave me a sneak preview of her latest painting. (她预先向我展示了她的最新画作)

05. sneak up on, to
定义: 不声不响地, 偷偷摸摸地接近; 不知不觉地来临.
例句: Don't sneak up on me like that! You nearly gave me a heart attack! (别不声不响地摸到我的身后! 你差点吓死我!)

06. sneaking suspicion, a
定义: 挥之不去的预感或直觉. (注: 虽然suspicion在中文被翻译为怀疑其实应该正确地被解释你认为某事是...的预感或直觉)
例句: I have a sneaking suspicion that there's more to it than what he's letting on. (我有个挥之不去的预感他有许多事都没告诉我们)

07. sneer at, to
定义: 对(某人)轻蔑, 嘲笑, 讥讽.
例句: Sarah just sneered at me when I invited her to my party. (当我邀请她来我派对的时候, 莎拉对我只是不屑的一笑)

08. snide remark, a
定义: 影射的, 贬低的毁谤话语.
例句: Samantha was ecstatic over her acceptance to law school, but John's snide remark about her ability to succeed really undermined her confidence. (萨曼莎对于法学院录取她之事欣喜若狂, 但是约翰贬低她没能力读毕业的话语着实地打击了她的信心)

09. sniff out, to
定义: 嗅出, 察觉到(例如问题).
例句: If the company is up to anything fishy, the auditor will sniff it out. (如果这家公司有任何可疑之处, 审计员会有办法找出来)

10. snippet of ..., a
定义: 小片段, 小部分, 一小段引述的话.
例句: It's hard to evaluate the situation based on just snippets of information that I saw reported. (只凭一些我所看到的被报导的一些片段讯息很难评估这个状况)

11. snitch, a
定义: 告密者.
例句: "I saw you take Sally's lunch money! I'm telling the teacher!" "Snitches get stitches, Timmy!" ("我看到你拿了莎莉的午餐钱! 我要告诉老师!" "告密者会招到惩罚的, 提米!")

12. snoop around, to
定义: 四处打听或调查; 四处偷窥探听.
例句: My son noticed someone snooping around our house just before 4 am this morning, with a video camera. (我儿子今天凌晨四点前注意到有人使用摄像机在我们家附近窥探)

13. snort at, to
定义: 嗤之以鼻; 对...表示蔑视, 厌恶或不满.
例句: The police officer just snorted at the handcuffed youth when he started whining how his rich father would have the charges dropped by lunchtime. (当他开始哼哼唧唧地说他富有的父亲将会如何在午餐时间之前把这些对他的指控都拿掉的时候, 警察只是对这名戴着手铐的年轻人嗤之以鼻)

14. blow snot rocket, to
定义: [俚语]压住一个鼻孔用力把鼻涕从另一鼻孔擤出. (注: 最好以纸巾接住, 否则不礼貌)
例句: Bob is always blowing snot rockets! How gross! (鲍伯总是压住一个鼻孔用力把鼻涕从另一鼻孔擤出来! 好恶心!)

15. snotty-nosed kid, a
定义: 小屁孩, 轻率不礼貌的小孩.
例句: I've been working at this company for 20 years. I don't need some snot-nosed kid coming in and telling me how to do my job! (我在这家公司已经工作了20 年. 我不需要什么小屁孩过来告诉我如何做我的工作!)

16. snow job, a
定义: 用奉承, 夸张等手法做的诱骗工作.
例句: He laid the compliments on her so thick, it was surprising that she couldn't see that it was nothing more than a snow job. (他这么地谄媚地奉承她, 令人吃惊的是, 她居然看不出这不过是个哄骗人的手法而已)

17. snow under, to
定义: 被雪困住, 被大量雪覆盖; 置于巨大压力下, 巨大工作量下; 压倒性大胜.
例句: I just got a call from the ski lodge. Apparently they were snowed under by the blizzard last night, and there's no way to get in or out of the place at the moment. (我刚才接到了滑雪旅馆的电话. 显然他们被昨夜下的大风雪困住了, 此时既没法进入也没法离开这个旅馆)

18. snowball's chance in hell, a
定义: 机会渺茫, 无望.
例句: She doesn't have a snowball's chance in hell of getting it done on time. (她准时完成这件事的机会很渺茫)

19. snowbirds
定义: 雪鸟; 到暖和地方避寒的人.
例句: Now that my parents are retired, they're total snowbirds – they leave New York after Christmas and spend the rest of the winter in Florida. (由于我父母已经退休了, 他们完全成为冬季到暖和地方避寒的人 – 圣诞节后他们便离开纽约, 在佛罗里达州渡过余下的冬天)

20. snowed in, be
定义: 被风雪所困住, 无法外出; 道路被大雪封闭不能通行.
例句: We were snowed in for several days, with only a small cupboard's worth of food to subsist on. (我们被大雪困住了好几天, 只有靠一个小厨柜的食物来存活)



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