二十笔实用成语 1002

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二十笔实用成语 1002

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二十笔实用成语 1002

01. soul of ..., the
定义: ...的本质, 核心, 原则.
例句: Don't worry, my sister is the soul of discretion. She won't tell anyone about our engagement before we do. (放心, 我姐姐是个谨言慎行的人. 在我们订婚之前, 她不会向任何人透露我们准备要订婚的事)

02. raise/ring/sound alarm bells, to
定义: 敲响警铃; 发出警讯; 令人警觉. (注: 意指表示有问题将要发生)
例句: Regardless of where the bacteria came from, the test results should sound an alarm bell. (不管细菌来自哪里, 这些测试结果应当令人们有所警觉)

03. sound and fury
定义: 吵闹愤怒的杂音. (注: 意指这些吵闹愤怒的杂音只能引人注意而毫无实质意义)
例句: The "Y2K" hysteria leading up to the turn of the millennium turned out to be just so much sound and fury. (这场一直到千禧年的来到所造成的"Y2K"疯狂与混乱原来只是一场毫无意义的喧哗吵杂噪音)

04. sound as a bell, be (as)
定义: 健康, 状况极佳.
例句: The basic structure of the building is as sound as a bell. (这栋楼的基本结构状况相当稳固)

05. sound as if/though, to
定义: 听起来好像.
例句: It sounds as if you're really unhappy in your job, at least from everything you've told me so far. (起码从目前你所告诉我的一切话里, 听起来好像你对你的工作相当不满意)

06. sound asleep, be
定义: 熟睡的, 沉睡的.
例句: You must have been sound asleep if you didn't hear me knock over the coat rack when I came home last night! (你肯定睡得很沉, 否则昨晚我回家的时候打翻了衣架你不会还在熟睡!)

07. sound bite, a
定义: 简短录制好的公众人物声明; 动听引人却无实质意义的口号式话语.
例句: He's extremely good at sound bites, but a really substantive speech is beyond him. (他极擅长说场面话, 但实实在在的言之有物发言却超出了他的能力)

08. sound in wind and limb, be
定义: 良好身体状况.
例句: I shall be ninety three next birthday and, thank heavens, I am sound in wind and limb. (下个生日我就九十三岁了, 谢天谢地, 我身体还算硬朗)

09. sound judgment, a
定义: 有能力做出正确判断; 冷静和清晰头脑.
例句: Since most truck accidents are caused by a lack of sound judgment as opposed to a lack of driving skills, retaining the right drivers is important. (由于大多数卡车事故都是由于临阵判断失误所造成的而不是驾驶技术低劣所造成的, 留住拥有正确判断力的司机是很重要的)

10. sound like, to
定义: 听起来好像; 声音与某人一样; 说话口吻与某人一样.
例句: You sound like you are inside a cave. (你听起来好像是在山洞里说话一样. 注: 意指在电话上听到对方声音有回音)

11. sound off, to
定义: 大声说话或抱怨; 打断别人说话, 不适当时间发言; 部队在行进时的自行报名和报数; 在部队游行或阅兵仪式之时喊口号.
例句: She never wastes an opportunity to sound off about the city's sub-par public transportation. (她从来不放过一个抱怨这个城市低品质公共交通系统的机会)

12. sound out, to
定义: 缓慢念出字母, 音节或单词; 寻求看法或意向; 发出响亮声音或警铃.
例句: I don't know what Anna thinks about your suggestion, but I'll sound her out. (我不知道安娜对你的建议有什么看法, 但我会征求她的意见)

13. sound serious, to
定义: 听起来挺严重.
例句: A friend asks me to check her breast for lumps. I told her, "that sounds serious, you should probably see a doctor." (一个朋友要求我检查她的乳房是否有肿块. 我告诉她, "这听起来挺严重, 你应该去看医生.")

14. sound the death knell for ..., to
定义: 为...敲起丧钟; 造成...结束或失败; 成为...结束或失败的因素.
例句: A new supermarket in the area would be the death knell for many small, independent food shops. (在这个地区新开一家超市将会导致许多小型独立食品商店倒闭)

15. sound/strike a false note, to
定义: 走调, 走音; 言行不当, 令人不满; 听起来不对劲, 虚假, 错误或具有欺骗性.
例句: I know she apologized, but it sounded a false note with me – I don't believe she meant what she said. (我知道她道歉了, 但听起来不够真诚 – 我不相信她的话是发自肺腑的)

16. sounds good
定义: 听起来不错, 有道理, 没问题, 就这么办.
例句: "So I'll meet you here tomorrow at 3, yeah?" "Sounds good!" ("所以我明天下午三点在这儿跟你碰面, 好吗?" "没问题, 就这么办!")

17. sounds like a winner
定义: 听起来不错, 会成功.
例句: The board of directors agrees with me that your proposal sounds like a real winner, so we are prepared to move forward with it right away. (董事会同意我的看法, 也就是你的提议听起来不错, 会成功, 所以我们准备立即推动它)

18. soup up, to
定义: 经过修改来增强功率, 性能或能量.
例句: We've souped our computers up to run incredibly complex programs at lightning speeds. (我们已经增强了我们的计算机性能, 以闪电般的速度处理极其复杂的程序)

19. sour grapes
定义: 酸葡萄; 妒嫉之言. (注: 意指吃不着葡萄说葡萄酸)
例句: These accusations have been going on for some time now, but it is just sour grapes. (这些指控已经持续了一段时间, 但它们只是一些酸葡萄话语)

20. sour on, to
定义: 变为疏远, 冷淡, 厌恶.
例句: I don't know why, but John always sours on the women he dates after only a couple of weeks. (我不知道为什么, 但约翰总是在几个星期后就跟他约会的女人疏远)



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