二十笔实用成语 1027

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二十笔实用成语 1027

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二十笔实用成语 1027

01. stop someone's clock, to
定义: [俚语]杀死某人.
例句: They threatened to stop his clock if he appeared on the witness stand. (他们威胁他如果他在法庭上出席作证的话就会将他杀害)

02. stop the bleeding, to
定义: 防止失血或恶化, 停止再赔钱下去.
例句: If we don't stop the bleeding now, the company might be in jeopardy of collapsing. (如果我们现在不停止继续赔钱下去的话, 公司将面临濒临倒闭的危机中)

03. stop the clock, to
定义: 延后期限, 不再限制时间; 停止计时, 停止时间流逝; 保持年轻不老.
例句: Management agreed to stop the clock so that a new contract could be negotiated before the present one expired. (管理阶层同意不再限制时间, 以便在当前合同到期之前可以商定一份新合同)

04. stop the rot, to
定义: 防止情势恶化.
例句: We don't have time to figure out a long-term solution now. We just want to stop the rot. (现在我们没时间找出一套长期的解决方案. 我们只想防止局势继续恶化)

05. stop the waterworks, to
定义: 别哭; 停止哭泣.
例句: If you need to compose yourself quickly, a quick pinch in a couple places on your body might help you refocus and stop the waterworks. (如果你需要迅速地镇定下来的话, 快速掐你身体的几个部位可能会帮助你重新集中注意力并且停止哭泣)

06. stop up, to
定义: 填补洞或裂痕; 堵塞开口或流道; 熬夜.
例句: Call the plumber quickly. The sink stopped up again. (快点打电话给修水管的人. 水槽又堵塞了)

07. stop whining, to
定义: 别牢骚满腹; 别吭吭唧唧或哀声连连.
例句: The best way to stop your children's whining is to tell them they must speak in a normal tone with clear enunciation for you to understand what they are saying. (阻止孩子吭吭唧唧的最好方法, 就是告诉他们必须用正常语气和清晰发音跟你说话, 这样你才能听懂他们在说什么)

08. stop-and-go traffic, a
定义: 停停走走的交通状况, 尖峰时间交通.
例句: It was a stop-and-go traffic and took us longer to get to our destination. (那是一个停停走走的交通状况, 我们花了更久的时间才到达了目的地)

09. stopgap measure, a
定义: 临时权宜措施.
例句: We might have to employ someone temporarily as a stopgap measure until we can hire someone permanently. (在我们能够雇用永久性员工之前, 我们可能不得不聘用临时雇员以作为权宜措施)

10. store hours
定义: 商店营业时间.
例句: Our store hours are: Monday – Sunday noon to 7 PM or by appointment. (我们的营业时间是: 周一至周日, 中午至晚上七点或者经由预约)

11. storm clouds on the horizon, a
定义: 暴风雨出现天际; 问题将至, 灾难即将来临.
例句: Although we are making good profits there is one cloud on the horizon – the government may increase taxes. (尽管我们正在赚取不菲的利润, 但有个麻烦将要来临 – 政府可能会提高征税)

12. storm in a teacup, a
定义: 小题大做; 茶碗里风暴.
例句: I really think you're making a storm in a teacup over this. It's just a tiny scratch on the car! (我确实认为你在小题大做. 这只是车身的一个小刮痕!)

13. story of my/one's life, the
定义: [抱怨语]经常发生在我身上不顺遂事情; 这就是我的人生故事.
例句: "They finally decided to hire someone who has a relative in the company." "This is the story of my life, man." ("他们最终的决定乃是雇用那个在公司内有亲戚的人." "这就是经常发生在我身上的不顺遂事情, 伙计.")

14. stow away, to
定义: 收藏好以被后用; 大快朵颐; 偷藏于机, 船内等交通工具准备偷渡或免费乘坐.
例句: We stow away our winter jackets in the attic during the summer in order to save space in our wardrobe. (夏季期间我们将冬天穿的夹克收藏在阁楼中以便节约衣橱的空间)

15. Stow it!
定义: [不尊重语]闭嘴! 安静!
例句: And please, if you have an urge to accuse me of 'axes to grind' and all that trash, just stow it! (还有拜托你, 如果你有冲动想要指责我怀着"别有用心的图谋"之类的废话, 那你就闭嘴吧!)

16. straight and narrow, the
定义: 正道, 循规蹈矩, 安份守己.
例句: You should have no trouble with the police if you stick to the straight and narrow. (如果你坚持循规蹈矩, 安份守己的话, 就不用担心警察找你麻烦)

17. straight arrow, a
定义: 正直不阿的人, 遵循传统道德的人.
例句: Kristen was often mocked by her peers for being a straight arrow who always followed the rules and stayed out of trouble. (克里斯汀经常被她同辈人嘲笑因为她是一个固守规则, 不惹麻烦的守正不阿之人)

18. straight A's
定义: 完美, 优异的在校成绩.
例句: My parents got me a new bike for getting straight A's this year. (由于我取得了优异的在校成绩, 今年我的父母给我买了一辆新自行车)

19. straight as a die, be (as)
定义: 笔直的; 完全诚实的; 耿直的, 直爽坦诚的.
例句: I know Bob's story sounds ridiculous, but I believe him because he's straight as a die. (我知道鲍伯的故事听起来很荒谬, 但是我相信他, 因为他是个耿直坦诚的人)

20. straight as an arrow, be (as)
定义: 笔直的; 诚实牢靠的, 不耍花样的; 直爽坦诚的, 不绕圈子的.
例句: Jack is straight as an arrow. I'd trust him with anything. (杰克是个诚实牢靠的人. 我完全信任他)



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