二十笔实用成语 1028

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二十笔实用成语 1028

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二十笔实用成语 1028

01. straight away
定义: 立即, 马上.
例句: We'll be heading out straight away, just as soon as I find my keys. (我一找到钥匙, 我们就马上出发)

02. straight dope, the
定义: [俚语]真相, 事实, 实话.
例句: I want the straight dope. I can take it. (我想要知道真相. 我能够承受它)

03. straight face, a
定义: 板着的脸; 忍住不笑的脸; 面无表情的脸.
例句: It's hard to keep a straight face when someone tells a funny joke. (当有人讲到一则好笑的笑话时候, 很难保持忍住不笑的表情)

04. straight fight, a
定义: 一对一的两人竞选或竞争.
例句: The election is shaping up to be a straight fight between these two parties once again. (此次选举再次成为这两党之间的一对一直接较量)

05. straight from the horse's mouth
定义: 直接来自第一手资料; 直接来自当事人或最可靠的来源; 直接来自可靠的权威性消息来源.
例句: I know it's true! I heard it straight from the horse's mouth! (我知道这是真的! 我是从当事人那儿直接听来的!)

06. straight from the shoulder
定义: (不拖泥带水)直接了当地; 坦白, 直率地.
例句: Right straight from the shoulder: clean out your desk; you're through. (直接了当: 清理你的办公桌; 你不用在这里做下去了)

07. straight goods, the
定义: 直言不隐的真相, 事实.
例句: Give me the straight goods, Bill – is there any way to save the business? (告诉我你真实的想法, 比尔 – 有什么办法可以挽救这家公司?)

08. straight man
定义: 正常男人, 异性恋者; [演艺术语]捧哏之人. (注: 意指两人对口相声由一人挑起话题使另一人回答幽默话语)
例句: I always considered Bud Abbott to be the very best straight man in all of comedy, the perfect and hilarious foil to the wonderful Lou Costello. (我一直认为巴德•阿博特是所有喜剧中最好的捧哏演员, 完美而搞笑地衬托出精彩的卢•科斯特洛)

09. straight off
定义: 马上, 立即.
例句: When we land, we'll be catching the next flight straight off. There is no layover. (我们飞机降落之后, 我们将立刻搭乘下一班航班. 我们中途不停留)

10. straight out
定义: 直爽坦诚地, 直言不讳地; 马上, 立即, 毫不犹豫; 彻底地, 毫不害臊地.
例句: You don't have to straight out lie to your parents, but you don't have to tell them the whole truth, either. (你不必对你的父母彻底撒谎, 但你也不必告诉他们全部的真相)

11. straight shooter, a
定义: 直率, 正派, 诚信的人.
例句: Joe's a straight shooter. If he says that Alice is taking money out of the cash register, then I believe him. (乔是个直率诚实的人. 如果他说爱丽丝从收银机偷钱, 那么我相信他)

12. straight talk, a
定义: 坦诚, 直言不隐的谈话.
例句: I think we need to sit down and have a straight talk about your behavior lately. (我想我们需要坐下来, 坦诚地谈谈你最近的行为)

13. straighten out, to
定义: 说清事实; 澄清误会; 改过自新; 纠正行为; 摆正, 对齐; 清洁, 整理.
例句: I need to go straighten things out between me and Cindy. (我需要澄清我和辛蒂之间的误会)

14. straighten up, to
定义: 厘清事实或误会; 改过自新, 改邪归正; 站着笔直; 摆正, 对齐; 清洁, 整理.
例句: He got into a rut with his drinking for a while, but he's been trying to straighten himself up lately. (他养成了喝酒习惯有一阵子了, 但他最近一直在努力地戒酒以便改过自新)

15. strain a point, to
定义: 夸张事实; 超越适当的限度或规则; 灵活地对待某事; 作出例外或让步.
例句: The principal will strain a point for any student she actually likes, but me? I get detention whenever I do the slightest thing wrong! (校长会为她真正喜欢的学生作出例外的优待, 但我呢? 我哪怕犯了最轻微的错都会被处罚放学后留校!)

16. strain at gnats and swallow camels, to
定义: 紧抓别人小瑕疵却忽视别人大错; 见树不见林; 严以待人, 宽以待己.
例句: "Look at him. Eddie is combing his hair at his desk. How unprofessional." "Don't strain at gnats and swallow camels. There are many more worse problems than that around here." ("看看他. 埃迪在办公桌前梳理头发. 多么不专业的样子." "别见树不见林. 这里多得是比这更严重的问题.")

17. strain at the leash, to
定义: 迫不及待地想要做某事; 挣脱束缚, 争取自由.
例句: The players all know that there are plenty of youngsters straining at the leash to take their places if they don't perform. (这些球员们都知道, 如果他们表现不佳的话, 有很多年轻小伙子会迫不及待地取代他们)

18. strain every nerve/sinew, to
定义: 全力以赴, 尽最大的努力.
例句: He strained every sinew to help us, but didn't succeed. (他竭尽全力帮助我们, 但没有成功)

19. strain off, to
定义: 过滤掉, 除去, 控掉.
例句: Strain most of the water off from the pasta, leaving a little bit in the pot to mix with your sauce. (控去意大利面中大部分的水分, 在锅中留一点水用来跟酱汁搅拌)

20. stranded like a beached whale, be
定义: 进退维谷, 动弹不得.
例句: The highway traffic was tied up for over three hours last night. We were stranded like a beached whale. (昨晚高速公路交通被堵了三个多小时. 我们像搁浅的鲸鱼一样动弹不得)



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