二十笔实用成语 1040

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二十笔实用成语 1040

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二十笔实用成语 1040

01. switch seats, to
定义: 交换座位.
例句: More often than not I have been asked to switch seats on my last few flights. I always pick an aisle seat due to the fact I need to get up and stretch often. (在最近的几次航班中, 我经常被要求交换座位. 我总是选择靠走道的座位, 因为我需要经常站起来舒展一下手脚)

02. switch to, to
定义: 换成, 改变, 切换成.
例句: I'm switching to more of an aerobic workout routine instead of focusing so much on weight-training. (我正在改变做更多的有氧体操运动, 而不是把精力集中在举重训练上)

03. sword of Damocles, the
定义: 经常的威胁; 迫在眉睫的, 即将发生的的危险. (注: 意指悬挂在头上达摩克利斯之剑)
例句: The threat of war has hung over the region like the sword of Damocles for nearly a decade. (战争的威胁就像达摩克利斯之剑一样悬吊在该地区之上方将近十年了)

04. symbolic gesture, a
定义: 象征性姿态.
例句: The President wants to remove the word "alien" from US immigration law as a symbolic gesture to acknowledge the US "as a nation of immigrants." (总统希望从美国移民法中删除"外国人"一词以作为肯定美国"是一个移民国家"的象征性姿态)

05. sympathize with, to
定义: 同情某人的不幸; 理解, 谅解某人的想法或意图.
例句: We certainly sympathize with your intentions, Ms. Connors, but there are certain issues that make this much more difficult to implement than you're suggesting. (我们当然谅解你的意图, 康纳斯女士, 但有些问题使得这件事比你所建议的更难执行)

06. systemic problem, a
定义: 全面性问题.
例句: Racism has permeated throughout our society, from the government to health care to large corporations and schools. It is becoming a systemic problem in America. (种族主义已经渗透到我们整个社会, 从政府到医疗保健再到大公司和学校. 它正成为美国的全面性问题)

07. tab, a
定义: [餐厅用语]餐饮账单.
例句: She offered to pick up the tab for the meal. It came to $200. (她主动提出为这顿饭买单. 这份账单总计为200美元)

08. table is turned, the
定义: 主客易位, 情势逆转.
例句: Globalization has done us a good service, especially in the economic sphere, a sphere in which the table has been turned, with the dominator fearing the loss of his domination. (全球化给我们带来了许多好处, 尤其在经济领域上, 一个已经情势逆转的领域, 而其主宰者正担心失去了他的主宰地位)

09. tack on, to
定义: 附加, 添上.
例句: Miss, can I tack a side of bacon onto my order? (小姐, 我可以在我点的餐上添加一客培根配菜吗?)

10. tackle an/the issue, to
定义: 解决问题.
例句: It's time to tackle the issue of street littering and illegal dumping of refuse in our area. (是时候解决在我们地区的街头乱扔垃圾和非法倾倒废弃物的问题了)

11. tacky, be
定义: 俗气的, 粗鲁的, 寒酸的, 低格调的.
例句: He showed up in a really tacky suit. (他穿着一套非常俗气的西装出现了)

12. ta-da/ta-dah!
定义: 塔哒! (注: 意指夸装声势引起人们对某件非凡事物的注意)
例句: I did some job hunting within the past month, and ta-da, I found the dream job! (上个月我做了一些工作搜寻, 塔哒, 我找到了梦寐以求的工作!)

13. tag along, to
定义: 跟随某人或团体作伴一起走. (注: 经常是不请自来)
例句: If you're going to the mall, do you mind if I tag along? (如果你要去购物中心的话, 你介不介意我跟你一起去?)

14. tag out, to
定义: [棒球术语]被投手触杀出局; 允许别人接替自己工作; 接替别人工作.
例句: Sorry George, but I've been trying to get the baby to sleep for over an hour. I need to tag out. (抱歉乔治, 我已经花了一个多钟头试图让宝宝睡着. 我需要有人接替我的工作)

15. tail away, to
定义: 逐渐减轻或消失, 减弱, 消弭.
例句: He started talking about the tax code, but he tailed away when he realized no one was listening. (他开始谈论税法, 但当他了解到没有人在听的时候, 他就不说了)

16. tail down, to
定义: 逐渐减轻, 减弱, 消失.
例句: As usual, shares for the company began to tail down shortly after the massive spike yesterday. (跟往常一样, 这家公司的股价在昨天大幅飙升之后不久便开始下跌)

17. tail of the eye, the
定义: 眼梢, 眼角.
例句: Dave glanced over his shoulder, and from the tail of his eye saw Bart only five paces behind. (戴夫向身后瞥了一眼, 从眼角他看到巴特只落后五步)

18. tail off, to
定义: 逐渐减轻, 减弱, 消失, 消弭.
例句: The number of people filing for unemployment insurance is beginning to tail off. (申请失业保险金的人数开始逐渐减少)

19. tail wagging the dog, the
定义: 本末倒置, 以微不足道的因素左右大局.
例句: They reorganized their entire weekly schedule just because their son likes to sleep in late. Talk about the tail wagging the dog! (他们重新调整了整个星期的日程安排只因为他们的儿子喜欢晚睡. 这不就是本末倒置嘛!)

20. take (the) time to do something, to
定义: 抽出时间, 花点时间, 不辞麻烦去做某件事.
例句: If you can't even take the time to read my emails, how can I expect you to follow my instructions? (如果你连我的邮件都懒得花时间看的话, 我还怎么能指望你按照我的指示去做呢?)



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