二十笔实用成语 1057

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二十笔实用成语 1057

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二十笔实用成语 1057

01. take the edge off, to
定义: 使刀刃变钝; 缓和, 减弱, 减轻. (例如: 痛苦, 不舒服, 饥饿)
例句: We won't be having lunch for another hour, but if you're hungry now, I've got some snacks to take the edge off. (我们还要再一个钟头才吃午饭, 但如果你现在肚子饿的话, 我有一些零食可以缓解一下你的饥饿)

02. take the fall (for ...), to
定义: 替罪, 为某人所做的坏事或非法行为顶罪; 被逮捕或被惩罚(特指别人逃过了处分而某人却被逮捕或惩罚).
例句: I'm always taking the fall for your mistakes – I'm sick of covering for you! (我总是为你的错误承担责任 – 我厌倦了为你顶罪!)

03. take the field, to
定义: 进入竞赛, 上阵比赛, 开战.
例句: The country's best spellers took the field in the national spelling bee. (全国最优秀的拼字者都参加了这场全国拼字大赛)

04. take the Fifth (amendment), to, to
定义: 拒绝回答. (注: 意指美国宪法修正案第五条保障嫌犯不必在法庭或调查庭回答对自己不利的问题)
例句: There is speculation that he will take the fifth amendment if he is asked about his actions under oath. (被问及如果他做出了在法庭上讲实话的宣誓之后, 他可能会采取何种行动的时候, 有人猜测他将会拒绝回答对他不利的问题)

05. take the flak/flack, to
定义: 遭致严厉批评, 责难, 压力.
例句: When children cause trouble, their parents take the flack. (每当孩子们惹出麻烦的时候, 他们的父母总是会遭受责难. 注: 这里的when可以作whenever来解释)

06. take the floor, to
定义: 起立(走上讲台)正式发言; 起身要跳舞.
例句: We need you to take the floor and express the concerns of our department. (我们需要你站出来替我们发言, 表达我们部门的关切)

07. take the fun out of ..., to
定义: 令...没趣味.
例句: The obsession with exams and targets is destroying childhood, and it takes the fun out of school. (对考试和达成目标的痴迷正在摧毁童年, 它夺走了孩童们上学的乐趣)

08. take the future into one's own hands, to
定义: 将未来掌握在自己手中.
例句: You must take the future into your own hands, to the extent that you are able, and work to turn the odds in your favor. (你必须尽可能地把未来掌握在自己手中, 努力扭转颓势)

09. take the gaff, to
定义: 从容接受批评, 打击, 痛苦, 逆境.
例句: All the gaff he took never made him bitter. You shouldn't be in show business if you can't stand the gaff. (他所遭受到的一切横逆打击从未令他愤愤不平. 如果你不能忍受挫败打击, 你就不应该踏足演艺事业)

10. take the gilt off the gingerbread, to
定义: 令人扫兴.
例句: He's offered us his villa by the sea for two weeks. Unfortunately, we can only have it in January, which rather takes the gilt off the gingerbread. (他愿意提供我们使用他的海边别墅两个星期. 可惜的是, 我们只能在一月份使用它, 真令人扫兴)

11. take the good with the bad, to
定义: 坏处与好处概括承受.
例句: You must learn to take the bad with the good in this job. Things don't always go as well as you think they should. (你必须学会接受这份工作所带来的益处和坏处. 情况并不总是如你想像得那样称心如意)

12. take the guesswork out of ..., to
定义: 使...简明易懂, 不必费心思猜想. (注: 常指易懂的使用手册)
例句: Knowing your sweat rate takes the guesswork out of trying to drink the right amount of fluids during workouts. (知道你的发汗率可以免除你在锻炼身体期间费心猜想要喝多少水才是适量)

13. take the heat, to
定义: 因...受到谴责, 责骂或处分; 遭致抱怨, 责难, 压力.
例句: Why would I take the heat for something I didn't do? (为什么我要为我没做的事情受到谴责?)

14. take the heat off someone, to
定义: 替某人解围, 开脱.
例句: The government announced financial measures to take the heat off the struggling stock markets. (政府宣布了金融措施为陷入困境的股市纾困)

15. take the heat out of, to
定义: 减轻压力, 焦虑或危险; 安抚, 劝导. (注: 排除一个状况中的焦虑, 烦恼或愤怒等因素)
例句: Barry tried cracking a joke to take the heat out of the argument, but no one heard what he said. (巴里试图开个玩笑来缓解这场争论所造成的紧张气氛, 可是没有人听见他所说的话)

16. take the high road, to
定义: 选择崇高的, 以道德诉求的, 正确的路线或方法. (注: 意指选择正确但并不见得受欢迎的方法或态度)
例句: I strive to always take the high road when dealing with others, even if they've treated me unfairly in the past. (跟别人相处的时候, 我总是尽力走正道, 即使他们过去曾经欺负过我也是如此)

17. take the hint, to
定义: 接受或明白某个暗示.
例句: After an hour or so of being ignored, Jeremy finally took the hint and left the party. (被冷落了一个钟头左右之后, 杰里米终于明白了别人的暗示, 便离开了派对)

18. take the hit (for someone or something), to
定义: (不论是自愿或非自愿的)替他人受惩罚, 指责, 谴责或逮捕.
例句: Janet doesn't have any penalty points on her license, so she agreed to take the hit for Jeff. (珍妮特的驾照上没有被扣过分, 所以她同意替杰夫受惩罚)

19. take the initiative, to
定义: 主动开始某个工作, 行动或计划.
例句: If you notice that something isn't working, please take the initiative to fix it. (如果你发现某件东西坏了, 请自动自发地将它修复)

20. take the law into one's (own) hands, to
定义: 不顾法规或执法单位而擅自执行法律.
例句: Shopkeepers in the area have begun taking the law into their own hands, catching would-be thieves and tying them up until police arrive. (该地区的店主已经开始擅自执行法律, 抓住将要行窃的小偷就将他们捆绑起来, 直到警察到达才罢手)



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