二十笔实用成语 1060

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二十笔实用成语 1060

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二十笔实用成语 1060

01. take to somewhere, to
定义: 离开或逃到某处; 去某处.
例句: Last Saturday, my countrymen took to the streets to accompany my mother to her final resting place. (上周六, 我的同胞们走上街头陪着我母亲到达她最后的安息地. 注: 这句话乃是指许多同胞护送我母亲的灵柩到她的墓地)

02. take to task, to
定义: 申斥, 要求改正缺陷, 批评.
例句: I was taken to task by the supervisor for not arriving at work on time. (我因没有准时上班被主管申斥)

03. take to the airwaves, to
定义: 从电台或电视台播放讯息, 在电台或电视台演讲.
例句: As gas prices hit a high this week, top Republican lawmakers took to the airwaves with misleading claims that pinned the blame on the President and his energy policies. (由于本周汽油价格创新高, 共和党国会高层在广播中发表误导性声明, 将责任归咎于总统及其能源政策)

04. take to the bottle, to
定义: 畅饮(酒), 酗酒.
例句: After his divorce he took to the bottle. (与妻子离婚之后, 他便借酒浇愁)

05. take to the woods, to
定义: 拔腿就跑, 逃离.
例句: If you see this man, take to the woods! (如果你见到了这个人, 赶紧逃命!)

06. take to, to
定义: 带给某人; 逃去某地; 借着某个平台表达自己意见; 养成某嗜好, 习惯或消遣; 对...产生好感或兴趣; 了解, 认为.
例句: My husband has taken to gardening now that he's retired. (我丈夫退休之后便开始从事他的园艺嗜好)

07. take too much time, to
定义: 太耗时, 要花太多时间.
例句: My latest work brings issues that I am not familiar with, and it takes me too much time to find the right solution. (我最近的工作给我带来了我没见过的问题, 我花了许多时间才找到了正确的解决办法)

08. take turns, to
定义: 轮流, 依次, 一个接一个.
例句: Please take turns instead of everyone talking at once. (请大家依次说话, 不要同时都说话)

09. take umbrage, to
定义: 严重不同意, 受冒犯, 受辱, 生气, 憎恨.
例句: If you refuse her invitation to her party, she'll take umbrage. (如果你拒绝她参加派对邀请的话, 她会觉得没面子)

10. take up a collection, to
定义: 募款, 募捐, 要求并收取别人的捐赠.
例句: Every Saturday, I take up a collection outside of the local grocery store in support of veterans. (每个星期六, 我都会在本地杂货店外募捐, 把所得的捐赠用来支持退伍军人)

11. take up arms/cudgels, to
定义: 拿起武器, 准备作战.
例句: I'm a peaceful person, but if war comes upon us, I will not hesitate to take up arms. (我是一个崇尚和平的人, 但如果战争临到我们头上的话, 我会毫不犹豫地拿起武器准备保家卫国)

12. take up, to
定义: 移至高处; 拉起, 挪走或除去; 占据或安顿于某处; 采去新方法或观点; 开始一个新习惯, 爱好或消遣; 与人讨论商谈事务; 占据大数量或大空间; 重新某个暂停的活动或工作; 拿起武器, 保卫作战; 处理; 支持或给予庇护.
例句: The process isn't actually that difficult. The only real problem is that it takes up so much time. (其实这套处理过程并没有那么困难, 唯一真正的问题是它占用了太多时间)

13. take up for, to
定义: 为...辩护.
例句: A man on the bus took up for the driver when a woman began screaming at him for being behind schedule. (由于公车晚点, 一名女子开始对该车司机大声叫骂, 车上的一名男子便为司机辩护)

14. take up on, to
定义: 接受别人的邀请, 赠予, 机会, 选择, 挑战; 与某人更深一层地讨论某件事.
例句: I took Sue up on her offer of dinner. (我接受了苏的晚餐邀请)

15. take up residence, to
定义: 安顿, 定居.
例句: I took up residence in San Francisco after getting a job with a local tech company. (在当地一家科技公司找到了工作之后, 我便在旧金山定居下来)

16. take up room/space, to
定义: 占空间, 消耗空间.
例句: It's a gorgeous TV, and, because it's so slim, it doesn't take up a lot of room. (这是一台漂亮的电视, 由于它的超薄机身, 它也不占用太多空间)

17. take up the challenge, to
定义: 接受挑战.
例句: I'm aware that it is not going to be easy but I'm willing to take up the challenge. (我明白此事并不好做, 但我愿意接这个挑战)

18. take up the gauntlet, to
定义: 应战, 接受挑战.
例句: The time has come for us to take up the gauntlet and do something about this problem. (现在该是我们接受挑战, 并且为解决这个问题, 采取行动的时候了)

19. take up the slack, to
定义: 填补缺口(接收别人停做的工作), 补货(供应缺乏的货品), 拉紧松弛.
例句: When I'm away, Hal takes up the slack. (当我不在的时候, 哈尔会接替我的工作)

20. take up the torch, to
定义: 接棒, 接手, 接任, 接受挑战或责任.
例句: When her husband died prematurely, Marie took up the torch and managed to become a candidate herself. (当她的丈夫早逝之后, 玛丽便继承他的遗志并设法使自己成功地成为一名候选人)



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