二十笔实用成语 1068

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二十笔实用成语 1068

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二十笔实用成语 1068

01. tears spring to one's eyes
定义: 泪水夺眶而出, 突然哭泣.
例句: Tears sprang to her eyes, and she slowly sunk to the floor, her legs turning to Jell-O. (泪水夺眶而出, 她慢慢地倒在地上, 双腿瘫软无力)

02. tease apart, to
定义: 解开, 松开纠结, 梳直纤维.
例句: The twisted strands of the rope were gently teased apart. (扭绞的绳索被轻轻地解开)

03. tease out, to
定义: 解开, 松开纠结; 逐渐或增量地寻找资料; 梳理, 梳松或解开打结的头发; 套取消息; 用尖锐的工具解开纠结.
例句: My mother used a hairbrush to tease the knot out of my hair. (我妈妈用发刷把我打结的头发梳理清爽)

04. tee off on, to
定义: 痛斥, 愤怒地谴责.
例句: She teed off on me for forgetting her birthday. (因为我忘记了她的生日, 她对我发了一顿脾气)

05. tee off, to
定义: [高尔夫球术语]挥杆发球; 开始, 起步; 激怒或令人懊恼; 用力打击.
例句: It really tees me off the way people drive in the bus lane, while they clearly know they aren't supposed to! (人们在公车专用道上开车的这种行为真令我气愤, 虽然他们清楚地知道他们不应该这样做!)

06. teem with, to
定义: 充满.
例句: The liveliest Temple Street Night Market, teeming with street vendors, is an enduring example of the festivity of a Chinese market. (最繁华热闹的香港庙街夜市, 街头小贩云集, 是一个中国市场欢庆活动历久不衰的典范)

07. teeter on the brink/edge, to
定义: 非常接近做某事或即将发生某事; 摇摇欲坠.
例句: The company is still doing business, but ever since the recession hit, they've been teetering on the brink of closing down. (这家公司虽然仍在营业中, 但自从这场经济衰退来袭以来, 他们一直在倒闭的边缘摇摇欲坠)

08. teething problems/troubles
定义: 某事初期所遭遇的问题; 新手上路所遭遇的问题.
例句: There were the usual teething troubles at the start of the business, but that's to be expected. (创业初期通常都会碰到这种麻烦, 但这是预料之中的事)

09. telescope vs. binoculars
定义: [易混淆字或短语]telescope是天文望远镜多为单眼; binoculars是双眼望远镜多用于观察四周环境.

10. television junkie, a
定义: 看电视上瘾者.
例句: Outside of work I'm a big television junkie. From dramas to comedies, I keep up with a lot, and thanks to Netflix, I am able to catch up new shows and movies. (工作之余, 我是个大电视迷. 从戏剧到喜剧, 我努力地观看大量节目, 由于Netflix, 我能够看到了最新节目和电影)

11. tell a thing or two, to
定义: 告知有关...的事实; 纠正某人的错误观点; 露两手.
例句: The professor is teaching us some really antiquated material about quantum physics. I think I'll go tell him a thing or two about it after class. (这名教授正在教我们一些关于量子物理学早已过时的材料. 我想我会在下课之后告诉他, 他的教材太老旧)

12. tell a white lie, to
定义: 说不愿得罪人, 善意的谎话. (注: 意指无意伤害别人的谎言, 为了避免使人难堪而说的谎话)
例句: I told a white lie to bolster her battered ego. (我撒了一个善意的谎言来为她饱受打击的自尊打打气)

13. tell a/the difference between, to
定义: 了解两者之间的差异. (注: 意指分辨出两者的差异)
例句: The court ruled that the man was psychologically unable to tell the difference between right and wrong when he committed the crime. (法院裁定此男子在作案的时刻, 他心理上无法分辨是非对错)

14. tell against ..., to
定义: 对...不利.
例句: Your unkempt appearance is bound to tell against you in court. (你这蓬头垢面的样子肯定会在法庭上给你带来不利判决)

15. tell apart, to
定义: 分辨(两个相似的人或物).
例句: It is hard to tell the twins apart. (很难区分这对双胞胎谁是谁)

16. tell him to his face, to
定义: 当面告诉他.
例句: "Tom's been telling people around the office that you've been slacking lately." "If that's the way he feels, why doesn't he come tell me to my face?" ("汤姆一直在跟办公室的同事说你最近上班在摸鱼." "如果他是这么想的, 他为什么不来当面告诉我?")

17. tell it how it is, to
定义: 实话实说, 有话直说. (注: 意指话说得太直白让某些人会受不了)
例句: I always respect employees who are willing to tell it how it is, rather than trying to sugarcoat everything to save a little face. (我总是佩服那些愿意有话直说, 坦白讲出真相的员工, 而不是试图粉饰一切来挽回一点面子的人)

18. tell it like it is, to
定义: 实话实说, 有话直说. (注: 意指话说得太直白让某些人会受不了)
例句: Although what he said was very difficult for everyone to believe he decided to tell it like it is anyway. (尽管他说的话让大家都难以置信, 但他还是决定有话直说, 把实情说出来)

19. tell it to the judge, to
定义: 你有话去跟法官说. (注: 意指执法警官不想听解释, 因为这件事应该由法庭来判决有罪或无罪)
例句: "Wait, you can't arrest me! I'm innocent! I don't know how that money got there, I swear!" "Yeah, yeah, tell it to the judge." ("等等, 你不能逮捕我! 我是无辜的! 我不知道那笔钱是怎么摆在那儿, 我发誓!" "好啦, 好啦, 你有话去跟法官说吧.")

20. tell it to the marines!
定义: 去骗别人吧, 我才不相信这事.
例句: "I'll never smoke again!" "Yeah? Go tell that to the marines." ("我以后再也不抽烟了!" "是吗? 去骗别人吧, 我才不相信你.")



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