二十笔实用成语 1085

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二十笔实用成语 1085

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二十笔实用成语 1085

01. the way to a man's heart is through his stomach
定义: [谚语]掌握一个男人的胃就可掌握他的心.
例句: "I want Keith to notice me, but he doesn't even know I'm alive." "Invite him over and cook him a good meal. The way to a man's heart is through his stomach." ("我想要基
斯注意到我, 但他甚至还不知道我的存在." "请他过来吃饭, 给他做一顿美食. 掌握一个男人的胃就可掌握他的心.")

02. the way you say it
定义: 你说这话的样子或态度.
例句: It's not what you say, It's the way you say it. How to sell yourself when your business is small. Be proud to be small. (重要的不是你说什么, 而是你说话的态度. 当你的企业规模较小的时候你如何推销自己. 应该为自己的规模小而自豪)

03. the week/month/year before last
定义: 前星期(上上星期); 前个月; 前年.
例句: I can't believe that Aunt Marie is in the hospital. I just talked to her the week before last, and she was totally fine! (我不敢相信玛丽姑妈现在躺在医院里. 前个星期我还跟她聊过天, 她那时身体好得不得了!)

04. the wheel is spinning but the hamster is dead
定义: [讥讽语]死脑筋, 脑空转, 脑死. (注: 意指思考的轮盘在转但轮盘上仓鼠已经死亡)
例句: Do you ever just look at this guy and think the wheel is spinning but the hamster is dead? (你是否一看见这家伙就想到他的脑子里空无一物?)

05. the whole lot
定义: 全部; 所有.
例句: I offered him some chocolate, and he ate the whole lot. (我给了他一些巧克力糖, 他把它们全都吃掉了)

06. the whole way
定义: 全程地, 从头到尾地, 完全地.
例句: She didn't speak a word to me the whole way home. (整个回家的路上, 她一言不发)

07. the works
定义: 机器的工作零件; 一切, 整套.
例句: When we went to Houston, we visited the Johnson Space Center, did some shopping at the Galleria, saw the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo – the whole works. (当我们去休斯顿的时候, 我们参观了约翰逊航天中心, 去盖乐利亚商场购物, 观看了休斯顿畜牧展和牛仔竞技表演 – 全套行程)

08. the world
定义: 极为珍贵的..., 所拥有的... (注: 意指对某人来说某些...对他来说就是他的全部世界)
例句: I would give my children the world if I could. (如果能够的话, 我会把我所拥有的全部世界都给我的儿女)

09. the world is your oyster
定义: 一个人可以实现他的梦想; 世界是我的; 如要功成名就, 要好好掌握住机会.
例句: You have so much talent at such a young age. The world is your oyster! (你这么年轻就拥有这么高超的才学禀赋. 你将可大展鸿图, 功成名就!)

10. the world over
定义: 全世界, 到处, 每个地方.
例句: People are the same the whole world over. (全世界的人都大同小异)

11. the worst is over
定义: 危机已经过去.
例句: Nothing is the same as it was before and we know we will enter a new era when the worst is over. (一切都和从前都不一样了, 我们知道, 当这场危机过去之后, 我们将进入一个新时代)

12. theft ring, a
定义: 盗窃团伙. (注: ring在此意指一个做坏事的帮派)
例句: After four mailbox break-ins in our area this summer, several members of a mail theft ring are now behind bars, according to the postal inspector. (据邮政检查员称, 今年夏天在我们附近地区发生了四次邮箱被盗事件之后, 一个邮件盗窃团伙的几名成员现在已经被关进了监狱)

13. then ... (noun名词)
定义: 当时的...(名词, 例如总统, 州长, 市长, 等等).
例句: In 2007, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg visited Beijing and signed the memorandum on strengthening global partnership with the then Mayor of Beijing Guo Jinlong. (2007年, 纽约市长迈克尔•布隆伯格访问北京, 与时任北京市市长郭金龙签署了强化全球伙伴关系备忘录)

14. then again
定义: 然而, 但是; 话又说回来; 从另一方面来看.
例句: I'd love to upgrade our car. Then again, there are lots of other things around the house that we need to replace more urgently. (我也很想升级我们的车. 但话又说回来, 这栋屋子周遭还有很多东西更急需我们的更换)

15. then and there; there and then
定义: 就在当时和当场立即.
例句: I decided to settle the matter then and there and not wait until Monday. (我决定当场立即解决这件事, 而不是等到星期一)

16. then came
定义: 然后, 紧接着, 随之而来.
例句: First came the fire, then came the flood. The only thing missing was the brimstone. (先是来火灾, 然后又遭大水淹. 只差硫磺了. 注: 在希伯来圣经和基督教新约圣经中的fire and brimstone象征着上帝的愤怒)

17. then it hit me ...
定义: 然后我突然想到...; 我当时突然想到...
例句: Then it hit me, that no one awaits me at home now. I'm stay in a different country. All alone. (然后我突然想到, 现在家里没有人在等我了. 我住在另一个国家. 孤伶伶一人)

18. then there was
定义: 然后, 紧接着, 随之而来.
例句: Then there was a shortage of food and medicine. When there was food, the people complained about the lack of variety. (然后随之而来是食物和药品短缺. 在有食物的时候, 人们却抱怨缺乏多样性)

19. then what?
定义: 然而再如何?
例句: I chop the onions first and then what? (我先切洋葱, 然后呢?)

20. there are always two sides of a story
定义: [谚语]一个事情的说法总有两造说法.
例句: I totally agree that there are always two sides of a story, and I personally think that each side believes that truth and right are on their side and the other side is wrong. (我完全同意一个故事总有两造说法, 我个人认为每一方都觉得真理和正义是在他们这一边, 而另一方是错误的)



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