二十笔实用成语 1091

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二十笔实用成语 1091

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二十笔实用成语 1091

01. thick accent, a
定义: 浓重口音.
例句: English is her second language, and she speaks with a thick accent but is generally intelligible. (英语是她的第二语言, 她说话带有浓重口音, 但她一般所说的话都能听得懂)

02. thick and fast
定义: 纷至沓来, 接二连三地频频发生; 接踵而至.
例句: New problems seem to come thick and fast. (新问题似乎接二连三地频频发生)

03. thick as a brick, be (as)
定义: 笨得要命, 学得慢.
例句: Jen's new roommate is very nice, but she's as thick as a brick. (珍的新室友人相当好, 但她笨得要命)

04. thick as mince, be (as)
定义: 笨得要命, 学得慢.
例句: No point in expecting any real help from her. She's as thick as mince. (别指望她会给予任何实质的帮助. 她笨得要命)

05. thick as thieves, be (as)
定义: 亲密的, 紧密联系的, 紧密结盟的, 时刻黏在一起, 形影不离.
例句: The guys who work in the warehouse are thick as thieves. They don't really socialize with anyone else in the company. (在仓库工作的那些家伙一天到晚都黏在一起. 他们也不跟公司其他人打交道)

06. thick as two short planks, be (as)
定义: 笨得要命, 学得慢.
例句: His people regarded him as a great and wise king. In fact, he was as thick as two planks. (他的子民认为他是一位伟大而睿智的国王. 事实上, 他笨得要命)

07. thick cloud cover, a
定义: 厚厚云层.
例句: The sun was hidden behind a thick cloud cover producing a cool blue light. (太阳隐藏在厚厚的云层后面, 发出凉爽的蓝光)

08. thick on the ground, be
定义: 富饶的, 丰富的, 大量的.
例句: Though supporters of the fringe movement are not thick on the ground, they have been vocal in their demonstrations. (虽然这个极端运动的支持者人数不多, 但他们在示威中一直毫无顾忌地高喊口号)

09. thick skin, to have a
定义: 厚脸皮, 不在乎人家的批评.
例句: She has pretty thick skin when it comes to criticism. (谈及了面对批评, 她脸皮很厚, 根本不在乎人家的批评)

10. thick skull, to have a
定义: 笨瓜, 怎么解释都不懂的人; 固执, 不听劝告; 铁头, 不怕撞击.
例句: I've always had a thick skull when it comes to math. (说到了数学, 别人怎么解释我都不听懂)

11. thick tongue, a
定义: 口齿不清, 笨嘴笨舌.
例句: When the driver came out, officer Jones noticed that he held on to things for balance and support, spoke with a thick tongue, had bloodshot eyes, and his breath smelled of alcohol. (当司机站出来的时候, 琼斯警官注意到他紧抓着某东西以保持平衡和支撑, 说话口齿不清, 眼睛布满血丝, 他的呼吸充满酒精味)

12. thin as all get out, be (as)
定义: 很细的, 很薄的, 很瘦的, 骨瘦如柴.
例句: I knew two vegetarians, one was thin as all get out, the other was larger than me at my highest weight. (我认识两个素食者, 一个骨瘦如柴, 另一个人比我最胖的时候还要胖)

13. thin edge/end of the wedge, the
定义: 开口; 开端; 前例; 得寸进尺. (注: 意指先造成一个微小改变的开始, 再逐渐扩大演变)
例句: These new driverless cars are just the thin edge of the wedge, if you ask me. Pretty soon, every facet of our lives will be controlled by robots and automation! (这些新的无人驾驶汽车只是一个微小改变的开端, 如果你问我的话. 很快地, 我们生活所有的方方面面都将由机器人和自动化控制)

14. thin line, a
定义: 两事或两物之间的差距只有一线之隔; 微小区别, 但本质差别很大.
例句: As a new parent, you learn that there's a thin line between looking out for your child's welfare and being overprotective. (作为一名新晋父母, 你学到了留心孩子的福祉和过度保护之间的差别只有一线之隔)

15. thin on the ground, be
定义: 贫瘠的, 为数不多的.
例句: That type of bird is thin on the ground these days. I hope it's not going extinct. (目前, 此种鸟类已经为数不多了. 我希望它们不至于灭绝)

16. thin on top, be
定义: 童山濯濯的, 头发稀疏的.
例句: I should have known I would be thin on top by 30. None of the older men in my family have much hair. (我早就该知道我到了三十岁就会童山濯濯. 我家族的年长男人都是头发稀疏的)

17. thin skin, a
定义: 脸皮薄, 敏感, 很在乎人家批评.
例句: Watch what you say around Uncle Ed. He has such thin skin and gets angry at the slightest provocation. (留意你在埃德叔叔身边所说的话. 他脸皮很薄, 稍有一点挑衅言语, 他便顿时怒不可遏)

18. thing of the past, a
定义: 不再存在的东西; 已成为过去的事.
例句: In today's society, it certainly seems like manners are becoming a thing of the past. (在当今的社会, 人际之间的礼貌确实似乎已经不复存在了)

19. thingamabob/thingamajig/thingumajig, a
定义: 无法说出名称的东西. (注: 意指因为一时忘掉或找不出正确名称的东西)
例句: "What is that thingamabob over there?" "That's a power coupler. Don't touch it." ("那边那个玩艺儿是什么东西?" "那是功率耦合器. 别碰它.")

20. Things are going along just fine.



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