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二十笔实用成语 1102

发表于 : 周一 9月 05, 2022 3:12 am
二十笔实用成语 1102

01. throw up, to
定义: 往上抛掷; 举起; 放映, 投影; 呕吐; 放弃, 弃权; 匆忙地拼凑或建造; 制造; 引发, 突出, 凸显; 唠叨地责怪.
例句: I was afraid I would throw up. The food was so horrible. (我害怕我会吐出来. 这个食物真难吃)

02. throw your toys out of the pram, to
定义: 为了点小事大吵大闹; 大庭广众丢人现眼; 幼稚地哭闹, 发脾气.
例句: I hope that your girlfriend is prepared to stand up to you as you throw your dummy out of the pram. (当你为了点小事大吵大闹的时候, 我希望你的女朋友准备好勇敢地对付你的胡搅蛮缠)

03. throw your weight behind someone/something, to
定义: 运用你的影响力去支持某人或某事.
例句: If we can get a major corporation to put its weight behind our charity campaign, we can raise even more money. (如果我们能够让一家大企业运用影响力支持我们慈善活动的话, 我们便能够筹募到更多的捐款)

04. throw out of gear, to
定义: 将机器的变速器切换到空档; 造成不能正常工作, 打断别人工作或计划.
例句: The economy was thrown out of gear by the sudden bankruptcy of one of the largest financial firms in the country. (该国最大的金融公司之一突然地破产致使其经济失去了动力)

05. thumb a lift/ride, to
定义: 招呼搭便车.
例句: My car broke down on the highway, and I had to thumb a ride to get back home. (我的车子在高速公路上抛锚了, 我不得不搭便车回家)

06. thumb one's nose at, to
定义: 对某人嗤之以鼻; 向某人表达蔑视, 嘲弄, 或挑衅的手势; 不尊重, 讥讽或蔑视. (注: 意指拇指放鼻尖其他四指张开摇摆)
例句: They thumb their nose at the rules and simply ignored them. (他们对规则嗤之以鼻, 根本对它们毫不理会)

07. thumbnail sketch, a
定义: 缩小的草图; 大概的轮廓, 简略的素描.
例句: The manager gave a thumbnail sketch of her plans. (这位经理简略地描述了她的计划)

08. thunder thighs
定义: 巨粗的大腿. (注: 意指走路时会发声音)
例句: I exercise every day but nothing seems to help my thunder thighs. (我每天都在练身体, 但似乎没法帮助我的大粗腿变细)

09. thus far
定义: 到现在为止, 迄今.
例句: Thus far the test results have been inconclusive. (到目前为止, 这些测试结果尚无定论)

10. tick away/by/past, to
定义: 时间点滴地流逝.
例句: I hated that class. Everyday, I just sat in my chair watching the minutes tick away on the clock. (我讨厌上那堂课. 每天, 我只是坐在椅子上看着时钟上的时间点滴地流逝)

11. tick off, to
定义: 经核查无误而在...上打勾作记号; 责备, 痛斥某人; 激怒, 使人发怒, 令某人气炸了; 列举, 列出.
例句: Nothing ticked off my mom more than having people come into the house with dirty shoes. (没有什么事比人们穿着脏鞋子进屋内更惹怒我妈妈了)

12. tick over, to
定义: (引擎)空转; 运作缓慢平稳, 没有重大改变; 时钟或其他机械计数设备运转.
例句: The taxi's meter had just ticked over $85 when we pulled into Love Field Airport. (当我们到达爱田机场的时候, 出租车的计价器正好跳到八十五美元)

13. ticket to success, the
定义: 迈往成功之路的大门.
例句: Education is my ticket to success. I will strive to achieve all goals. (教育是我迈往成功之路的大门. 我将会努力地实现所有目标)

14. ticketed for ..., be
定义: 由于...而遭开罚单; 买机票, 车票, 门票, 等等.
例句: I can't believe I was ticketed for speeding. I was only going a couple miles an hour over the speed limit! (我真不敢相信我因超速而遭开罚单. 我车子时速才超过了速限两三英哩而已!)

15. tickle one's fancy, to
定义: 吸引人, 令人喜欢, 激起人的遐想.
例句: I'm not going to declare my major until I've had a couple years in college to see what ends up tickling my fancy. (等到我在大学里待上个两年, 看看什么是最终吸引我的科系, 否则我不会正式申报我的主修科目)

16. tickle the ivories, to
定义: 弹钢琴.
例句: My father used to love tickling the ivories after dinner. (我父亲以前喜欢在吃完晚饭之后弹弹钢琴以自娱)

17. tickled pink, be
定义: 很满意, 很高兴, 开心极了.
例句: My family loves my fiancée as much as I do, so they were just tickled pink to hear that we're getting married. (我家人和我一样都喜爱我的未婚妻, 所以他们听到我们要结婚的消息都开心极了)

18. tickled to death, be
定义: 很满意, 很高兴, 开心极了.
例句: I was tickled to death and had no idea what to say. (我那时开心极了, 却不知道该说什么才好)

19. tide over, to
定义: 帮助渡过难关.
例句: I asked my brother for $100 to tide me over until payday. (我跟我的兄弟要了一百美元帮助我渡过难关直到发薪日)

20. tie down, to
定义: (以绳索)绑紧, 束缚, 拖累.
例句: I would love to try something different, but my career has really tied me down. I just don't think my experience applies to any other profession. (我很想尝试一些不同的工作, 但我的职业生涯确实将我束缚在原地. 我实在不认为我现有的工作经验能够应在任何其他的行业)