二十筆實用成語 1111

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二十筆實用成語 1111

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二十筆實用成語 1111

01. to the nth degree
定義: 極限地, 極致地.
例句: He carried discretion to the nth degree, speaking only once about his job. (他極為謹言慎行, 僅有一次談及他的工作. 注: 由於有些工作性質敏感, 此類工作人員皆被上級警告無論如何, 不可向他人談及其工作內容)

02. to the point/purpose
定義: 直截了當, 與眼前事務或主題有關. (注: 美國人在談公事時不喜歡離題)
例句: I don't want to waste any time, so let me get right to the point. (我不想浪費任何時間, 所以讓我直接切入主題吧)

03. to the point of (something or of doing something)
定義: 達到某種程度或程度, 以致某事是真實的或可能發生.
例句: He was focused on perfecting the art of calligraphy to the point of obsession. (他專注於追求他的書法藝術臻至完美已經達到了痴迷的程度)

04. to the present day
定義: 到今天為止.
例句: He was a master of meter, and contributed certain modifications to the laws of Chinese prosody which exist to the present day. (他是一位押韻大師, 對流傳至今天的中國詩詞韻律學做出了一定程度的修改)

05. to the teeth
定義: 完全地, 徹底地.
例句: I have to say, I'm fed up to the teeth with all the people littering on campus! (我不得不說, 我徹底厭倦了所有在校園裡亂丟垃圾的人!)

06. to the trained eye
定義: 在行家眼裡, 在專家鑑定下.
例句: These minute differences are only obvious to the trained eye. (這些細微差異只有在行家眼裡才看得出來)

07. to the tune of
定義: 總數為, 高達一個數目或一個程度.
例句: She won a settlement in court to the tune of $200,000. (她在法庭上贏得了高達二十萬美元的和解賠償金)

08. to the victor belong/go the spoils
定義: [俗語]贏家全拿.
例句: John won the betting pool, so he gets the whole pot of money from those who paid in. To the victor, the spoils! (約翰贏得了公司內的運動彩券, 所以他從那些投注的人那裡拿到了整筆賭金. 這就是贏家全拿!)

09. to thine own self be true
定義: [莎翁名言]對自己誠實, 別欺騙自我. (注: 意指一個人最容易欺騙的人是自己)
例句: You don't have to be a cheerleader if you don't want to, regardless of what the popular kids say. To thine own self be true! (如果妳不想當啦啦隊員就不要當, 別管那些在學校廣受歡迎的孩子怎麼說. 妳要對自己誠實, 別自我欺騙!)

10. to this day
定義: 仍然, 直到今天.
例句: To this day he swears he never hit me when we were kids, even though I can remember it like it was yesterday. (直到今天, 他還在發誓小時候他從來沒有打過我, 儘管我仍然記得那件事就好像昨天發生的一樣)

11. to what do I owe the pleasure?
定義: 不知有何見教?
例句: Professor Goodwin! Why, I haven't seen you in nearly five years. To what do I owe the pleasure? (古德溫教授! 哎, 我已經快五年沒見到你了. 不知有何見教?)

12. to whom it may concern
定義: 敬啟者. (注: 常用於書信, 聲明, 證明等等)
例句: To whom it may concern: I am writing today to lodge a formal complaint against your company. (敬啟者: 我今天寫信向貴公司提出正式投訴)

13. to windward
定義: 佔上風, 佔優勢.
例句: We were hoping to get to windward of the situation. (我們希望能夠在這情況佔上風)

14. to wit
定義: 即是, 也就是說, 換句話說; 確切地說.
例句: The officer testified to having found several grams of a Class B narcotic, to wit, cocaine, on the defendant's person at the time of arrest. (該官員作證說, 在拘捕的時候, 他在被告的身上發現了幾克B類毒品, 確切地說是可卡因)

15. to your doorstep
定義: (送)到你家門口.
例句: With food delivery apps like these, they make it easier than ever to have meals delivered to your doorstep with a few taps of a phone screen. (有了類似這些送餐應用程序, 你只需輕點幾下手機屏幕, 他們便能夠比往常更輕鬆地將餐點送到你家門口)

16. to/by all outward appearances
定義: 表徵看起來像... (注: 意指表徵看起來像是如何如何, 但其實不是如此)
例句: He was, by all outward appearances, a happily married man. (表面上看起來, 他像一名婚姻幸福的男人)

17. to/until the bitter end
定義: 堅持至最後; 至死方休; 不到黃河心不死.
例句: I'm not really enjoying this book, but I always make a point of sticking with a novel to the bitter end. (我並不是很喜歡這本書, 但我還是勉為其難地努力把這本小說讀完)

18. today is the first day of the rest of your life
定義: [諺語]今天是你新生命的第一天. (注: 意指過去種種譬如昨日死, 未來種種譬如今日生)
例句: Be kind to yourself. Start the day with clear, positive thinking as if today is the first day of the rest of your life. (善待自己. 以清新, 積極的想法開始新的一天, 就好像今天是你餘生的第一天)

19. today is your day
定義: 今天是你幸運的日子; 今天你作主; 今天是你的生日; 今天是你的大日子.
例句: Wake up, smile and tell yourself, "Today is my day!" (起床, 微笑著告訴你自己, "今天是我幸運的一天!")

20. Today is your lucky day.



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