二十笔实用成语 1115

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二十笔实用成语 1115

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二十笔实用成语 1115

01. top of the morning
定义: [爱尔兰]早安. (注: 较古老的问候语)
例句: Top of the morning, Bill! That was quite a party last night, wasn't it? (早安, 比尔! 昨晚的那场派对可真是精彩盛大呀, 不是吗?)

定义: 生涯, 职业上的最高点或颠峰.
例句: Don't think you're going to reach the top of the tree right out of college. It takes time to work your way up. (不要以为你大学毕业之后便马上能够登上生涯的颠峰. 从基层向上爬升是需要时间的)

03. top off, to
定义: 填满, 加满; 以某物或某事来作一完满结束, 锦上添花; 火上浇油, 雪上加霜; 这还不打紧, 最(糟糕/妙)的是.
例句: The bottom line is that topping off your car is dangerous to you and your car, and may cause problems. Your best bet is to stop pumping when the fuel pump clicks off. (最重要的是, 给你汽车灌满汽油对于你和你的车子都是危险的, 并且可能会导致问题. 最好的办法是在燃油泵发出咔嗒声时就该停止加油)

04. top out, to
定义: 加盖, 装顶; 填满, 加满; 达到高峰; 无法再升高; 停止追求个人生涯.
例句: The federal reserve announced that it would be topping interest rates out at 8%. (美联储宣布将最高利率限制在8%)

05. top secret, the
定义: 最高机密; 涉及国家安全的机密; 最高机密之授权.
例句: It should go without saying that this information is top secret – do not mention it to anyone, not even your loved ones. (显而易见, 这些信息是最高机密 – 不要向任何人提及, 即使是你的亲人也不可)

06. can't top that
定义: 没法超越它, 没法赢它; 没有比这个还更好.
例句: "I know the car is old, but it still runs pretty well, and I would give it to you for free." "Great, you can't top that!" ("我知道这辆车老旧, 但它仍然跑得很顺畅, 我将它免费送给你." "太棒了, 没有比拿一辆免费汽车还好的事!")

07. top up, to
定义: 回复到满额的数量, 容量, 装满; 向某个帐户添加更多资金; 增加收入; 填补供应.
例句: Oh, your glass is nearly empty, Jim. Let me top you up. (哦, 吉姆, 你的杯子快空了. 我来替你斟满)

08. torn between A and B, be
定义: 难予取舍, 不知帮谁好, 不知如何处理.
例句: I'm torn between the red dress and the blue one. Which do you think looks better on me? (我不晓得该穿这条红裙子还是这条蓝裙子. 你觉得我穿哪一条更好看?)

09. toss and turn, to
定义: 翻来覆去, 辗转反侧, 烦恼得不能睡眠.
例句: Every night, it seems like I have to toss and turn for 15 minutes before I get comfortable, and then there's my wife, who falls asleep as soon as her head hits the pillow. (我每天晚上, 似乎要翻来覆去15分钟才能松弛下来, 然后再来看我的妻子, 她的头一碰到枕头就睡着了)

10. toss around/about, to
定义: 抛来抛去; 初阶段讨论或思考某件事; 抛出各种想法以交换意见; 翻来覆去, 辗转反侧, 不能入眠; 动来动去; 摇来摇去.
例句: The primary effects of earthquakes are ground shaking, ground rupture, and objects can be tossed around due to strong ground shaking in quakes. (地震的主要效应是地动山摇, 山崩地裂, 并且由于地震中强烈的地面震动, 物体可能会被抛来抛去)

11. toss away, to
定义: 扔掉, 抛弃; 拒绝, 放弃; 抛去, 抛开. (注: 抛去, 抛开并不一定用在实质物上, 也可以用在烦恼, 恐惧等看不见的心理状态上)
例句: Don't toss this opportunity away without thinking about it. (不要毫不考虑就放弃了这个机会)

12. toss down, to
定义: 扔下; 丢入; 狼吞虎咽, 仰杯一饮而尽.
例句: I poured the medicine into a small cup and tossed it down. (我把药倒进了一个小杯子里, 一饮而尽)

13. toss in the sponge, to
定义: 放弃挣扎, 放弃竞争, 认输.
例句: When John could stand no more of his wife Mary's bad temper, he tossed in the sponge and left. (约翰再也忍受不了妻子玛丽的坏脾气, 他放弃了挽回这段婚姻的努力, 就这样离开了)

14. toss off, to
定义: 扔下; 脱下, 扔掉; 不费力完成; 一饮而尽; 不予计较, 视而不见, 不跟...一般见识.
例句: She just tossed it off like nothing had happened. (她对此事不予计较, 就像什么事都没发生一样)

15. toss one's hat in the ring, to
定义: 宣布参加竞争尤其争取政治席位.
例句: Another candidate has now tossed his hat into the ring for the elections later this year. (另一名候选人现在已经宣布投入今年晚些时候的选举)

16. toss out, to
定义: 扔掉, 弃而不用; 提出建议; 赶出去, 解除某人职位; 棒球赛开球或掷出第一球.
例句: Toss out some ideas here, people. How would you decorate the lounge for the party? (大家在这里出点意见吧. 你会如何装饰这间给派对使用的休息室?)

17. toss/spill one's cookies, to
定义: [俚语]呕吐.
例句: With the way that boat was rocking back and forth, I felt like I was going to toss my cookies at any minute. (随着船来回摇摆, 我觉得我好像随时都会吐出来)

18. total stranger, a
定义: 素未谋面者, 完全陌生的人.
例句: "Can I give you a ride home?" "No. You're a total stranger." ("我可以送你回家吗?" "不行, 我跟你素未谋面.")

19. totally awesome, be
定义: [年轻人语]太好的, 太棒了, 酷极了.
例句: "How was the concert?" "Oh, it was awesome! I was so moved by their performance!" ("那场音乐会怎么样?" "哦, 太棒了! 他们精湛的演奏深深感染了我!")

20. totally spent, be
定义: 精疲力尽.
例句: Honestly, those last five or six kilometers were just done on pure willpower, because I was totally spent after being out there for 100 km. (老实说, 最后的五六公里我完全是靠意志力完成的, 因为我在那儿跑了100公里之后便已经筋疲力尽了)



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