二十笔实用成语 1118

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二十笔实用成语 1118

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二十笔实用成语 1118

01. track record, a
定义: 过去的表现或成绩记录.
例句: The company had an almost perfect track record before the scandal, which made it even more shocking. (在丑闻发生之前, 这家公司拥有近乎完美的业绩记录, 这就是令人更加惊讶之处)

02. trade barbs, to
定义: 互相尖酸刻薄地辱骂.
例句: Should we trade barbs with each other, or ask more profound questions that require thought and insight? (我们应该互相尖酸刻薄地辱骂, 还是提出需要思考和洞察的更深层的问题?)

03. trade down, to
定义: 以高价物交换较低价值物品; 购入低价货品.
例句: A lot of people are trading their expensive cable TV packages down for low-cost digital streaming subscriptions. (很多人正在终止他们昂贵的有线电视整套服务, 转而订购低成本的数字流媒体订阅服务)

04. trade in, to
定义: 以旧物作买进另一新物的部分付款; 从事某种产品或商品的买卖.
例句: You could trade in all your old records for some new CDs. (你可以用你所有的旧唱片换一些新的激光唱片)

05. trade insults (with someone), to
定义: 互相辱骂.
例句: We traded insults with each other for a while and then settled down to some serious discussions of our differences. (我们互相辱骂了一阵子, 然后坐下来, 认真地讨论我们之间的分歧)

06. trade off, to
定义: 交换, 权衡利弊, 折衷, 妥协.
例句: When you get tired of driving, I'll trade off with you. (等你开累了, 就换我来开)

07. trade on, to
定义: 利用自己的优点与人打交道; 占别人便宜, 剥削.
例句: Tom was able to trade on the fact that he had once been in the army. (汤姆能够利用他曾经在部队服役的经验来跟人打交道)

08. trade places with (someone), to
定义: 易地而处; 交换位置; 互换身份.
例句: Many people say that they would gladly trade places with a celebrity, but I doubt they would enjoy the constant attention. (很多人说他们很乐意与名人互换身份, 但我怀疑他们会喜欢不断地受人的注目. 注: 意指成了明星将可能受到狗仔队不断地拍照或偷窥)

09. trade secret, a
定义: 行业窍门, 行家绝技, 秘方, 秘诀.
例句: I won't tell how Paula makes her pizza. It's a trade secret. (我不会说出宝拉是怎么做披萨的. 这是行业秘方)

10. trade up, to
定义: 以低价物交换较高价值物品; 购入高价货品.
例句: We just had our second child, so we are trading up to a larger car. (我们刚生了第二个孩子, 所以我们要换一辆更大的车)

11. traffic bottleneck, a
定义: 交通瓶颈, 交通堵塞.
例句: The accident caused a traffic bottleneck for hours. (这件交通事故造成了交通堵塞数小时)

12. traffic jam, a
定义: 交通瘫痪.
例句: I was late for class because of a traffic jam. Honest! (为了一个交通瘫痪害得我上课迟到了. 这都是实话!)

13. trail away/off, to
定义: 减弱, 变小.
例句: His voice trailed away to nothing. (他的声音渐渐减弱至完全无声)

14. trail gets cold, the
定义: 证据或线索渐渐荒废. (注: 常指犯罪的现场留下的证据经过长时间没人搜查失去应有作用)
例句: As the trail gets cold and time is running out, the detective forms a partnership with a radio psychic who claims to have visions of the missing girl. (随着线索变冷, 所剩时间不也多了, 这名侦探与一名声称看到失踪女孩的电台通灵师携手合作, 重启调查工作)

15. trail one's coat, to
定义: 故意挑衅, 找碴, 搦战.
例句: With a comment like that, she is clearly trailing her coat, and I refuse to take the bait. (撂下了这样的话, 她显然是想要故意挑衅, 我可不上她的当)

16. trailer trash, a
定义: [不尊重语]拖车公园的人渣. (注: 泛指白人下层人物, 并不一定指住在拖车公园的居民)
例句: Just because I come from a caravan park doesn't make me trailer trash. I'm working on my PhD at Harvard, for goodness' sake! (就因我来自拖车公园并不意味着我是一个拖车公园的人渣. 老天啊, 我正在哈佛大学攻读博士学位!)

17. train of thought, a
定义: 思路, 一连贯的想法或思考.
例句: When the phone rang, it derailed my train of thought. I totally forget what I was talking about! (电话一响, 我的思路就被打乱了. 我完全忘记了我刚刚在说什么!)

18. train on, to
定义: 瞄准; 以来...训练, 加强, 改善某技术或技巧; 训练, 指导或教育某人如何做或使用某物.
例句: Train your lens on that bush. There is a deer back there. (把你的镜头对准那丛灌木. 它后面有一只鹿)

19. traipse over/in, to
定义: 步行至(某处), 闲逛到(某处).
例句: Don't just traipse over unannounced. Call me ahead of time! (可别一声不响地就晃到我这里. 务必先打电话给我!)

20. tranny, a
定义: [俚语]传动系统. (注: 意指汽车传动系统; tranny是transmission的缩写)
例句: When you buy a used car, check the condition of the tranny first. (当你去买二手车的时候, 首先要看车子传动系统的状况)



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