二十笔实用成语 1123

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二十笔实用成语 1123

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二十笔实用成语 1123

01. try one's wings, to
定义: 初试身手, 考验最新学来的技艺.
例句: Now that I'm a licensed driver, it's time for me to try my wings and hit the open road! (现在我已经是个有驾照的司机, 该是初显身手, 开上宽广道路的时候了!)

02. try out, to
定义: 参与运动员或演员职位的甄选, 测试, 试用, 试穿.
例句: We will try her out in the editorial department and see how she does. (我们将要让她去编辑部试工, 看看她的表现如何)

03. try someone's patience, to
定义: 考验某人的耐心; 令人不胜其扰.
例句: All these mistakes of yours are trying my patience. (你犯的这些错误简直令人烦不胜烦)

04. try to help out, to
定义: 尽力帮忙纾困.
例句: She's always trying to help you with healthy suggestions to keep you on track. (她一直在尽力为你提供理智的建议, 以确保你在正轨上前行)

05. try, try and try again, to
定义: 尝试, 尝试, 再尝试. (注: 意指鼓励某人努力不懈)
例句: If at first you don't succeed, just try, try and try again until you do. (如果一开始你没有成功的话, 那就尝试, 尝试, 再尝试直到你成功为止)

06. trying times
定义: 艰难, 挣扎, 痛苦不堪的时候.
例句: I've had my share of trying times over the years, but they helped shape me into the person I am today. (这些年来, 我经历过一些痛苦艰难的时期, 但它们帮助塑造了今日的我)

07. tuck away, to
定义: 大吃大喝; 隐藏, 收藏; 位于安静地点.
例句: The cabin is tucked away in a grove of trees, so you won't even be able to see it from the road. (这间小屋隐藏在一片树林子里, 所以你甚至从路上也没法看得见它)

08. tuck in/into, to
定义: 把衬衫或被子的边塞进去; 大吃大喝, 大快朵颐; 将四肢或身体某部位收紧; 将某人(通常是孩子)放在床上并让他们准备睡觉, 通常替他/她盖好被子.
例句: Do you want me or Mommy to tuck you in tonight? (今晚你要我还是妈咪带你去睡觉, 帮你盖被子?)
带着宝贝睡觉, 讲睡前故事, 并替她盖好被子

09. tucker out, to
定义: 筋疲力竭.
例句: I thought swimming at the beach all day would have tuckered Tommy out, but he still seems to have loads of energy. (我以为一整天在沙滩上游泳会使汤米筋疲力竭, 但他似乎仍然精力十足)

10. tumble to something, to
定义: 跌倒; 了解, 明白过来, 意识到(某事).
例句: They didn't tumble to the seriousness of the problem. (他们并没有意识到这个问题的严重性)

11. tune in, to
定义: 收听广播节目, 收看电视节目; 关注, 意识到或作出回应.
例句: We have over two million viewers tuning in to our show every week. (每星期有超过两百万的观众收看我们节目)

12. tune out, to
定义: 调出某频道, 调换频道; 忽视不理周遭发生状况; 故意忽略或停止关注.
例句: I have to try to tune out the kid's shouting when I work from home. (当我在家工作的时候, 我必须尽量不理会孩子的叫喊声)

13. tune up, to
定义: 矫正乐器的音律; 调整机器回到最佳工作状态; 活动之前做暖身活动.
例句: You'll need to tune the car up before you take it to be inspected this weekend. (你需要先把车引擎调整好, 然后这个周末带它去检查)

14. tunnel vision, a
定义: 管中之见, 狭隘看法; 只关注某一特定事务, 毫不理会其他人与事.
例句: They always say that you have to have tunnel vision to be a champion. You can't have any outside distractions at all. (他们总是说你必须一心关注你的目标才能取得冠军. 你不可理会任何外界的干扰)

15. turd, a
定义: [不尊重语]一坨屎; 令人厌恶者.
例句: Geez, that guy just won't shut up. He's an obnoxious turd. (哎呀, 那家伙就是不会闭嘴, 在那儿说个没完. 真是个让人讨厌的家伙)

16. turf out/off, to
定义: 将某人赶出去.
例句: The bouncer turfed the drunkard out of the bar after he started a fight with another customer. (在与另一位顾客发生争执后, 酒吧保镖将那个闹事的醉汉赶出酒吧)

17. turf war, a
定义: 地盘争夺战.
例句: Street violence has escalated as a result of a turf war between rival neighborhood gangs. (由于两个邻近敌对的黑帮团伙之间的地盘争夺战, 街头暴力事件随之激增)

18. turkey shoot, a
定义: 神枪手射击竞赛; 轻而易举的工作; 一面倒的战斗或竞赛.
例句: What some predicted to be a long, arduous war ended up being a turkey shoot because the smaller country lacked adequate troops and firepower. (一些人预测的一场漫长而艰苦的战争最终变成了一面倒的战争, 因为这个较小的国家缺乏足够的军队和火力)

19. turn a blind eye, to
定义: 故意视而不见, 假装看不见.
例句: There's so much suffering in the world, you can't just turn a blind eye to it. (世间有这么多苦难, 你总不能故意视而不见)

20. turn a corner, to
定义: 扭转颓势, 转危为安, 克服了重重困难.
例句: The company claims it has turned a corner and will be profitable soon. (这家公司声称它已经扭转颓势, 很快就会盈利)



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