二十笔实用成语 1127

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二十笔实用成语 1127

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二十笔实用成语 1127

01. turn over a new leaf, to
定义: 改过自新; 开启新的一页; 开创新生命; 不眷恋过去, 开始新生活.
例句: I have made a mess of my life. I'm going to turn over a new leaf and hope to do better. (我把我的生活弄得一团糟. 我要改过自新, 希望活得更踏实)

02. turn over to police, to
定义: 移交给警方, 交出给警方.
例句: If you receive a suspicious mail, do not handle the letter, envelope or package, turn it over to the police instead. (如果你收到了一份可疑的邮件, 请勿处理信件, 信封或包裹, 而是将其交由警方处理)

03. turn over, to
定义: 翻覆, 翻动, 翻船, 翻车, 翻身; 思考或考虑某事; 旋转; 一件一件地翻开找寻, 翻阅或检查; 缴出, 转让所有权; 收购以及处理(一批货物); 做到生意量. 销售额; 胃翻腾, 呕吐; 心脏跳动或悸动.
例句: The ferry turned over during the winter storm. (这艘渡轮在冬季风暴中翻覆了)

04. turn pro, to
定义: 转为专业运动员, 球员或专业人士.
例句: And she's doing very well for someone who just turned pro in early April. (对于四月初才刚转为职业选手的人来说, 她做得相当好)

05. turn signal, a
定义: [汽车术语]汽车转向指示灯.
例句: When turning left always put your turn signal before you turn. (左转时, 请务必在你转弯之前先打转向指示灯)

06. turn someone off, to
定义: 让人失去兴趣或同情; 让人失望, 厌烦或失去耐性; 令人失去性欲.
例句: Her constant complaining always turns me off. (她的不断抱怨总是让我厌烦得不想听)

07. turn someone on, to
定义: 让人兴奋或非常有兴趣; 另, 令人产生性欲.
例句: She was turned on by the idea of going to Sanya Bay for the summer. (她被暑假去三亚湾游玩的主意打动了)

08. turn someone's head, to
定义: 令某人骄恣自满; 冲昏头.
例句: Success has never turned her head. She's still the same simple unaffected girl she always was. (成功从未使她骄恣自满. 她还是原来的那个纯真朴实女孩)

09. turn someone's life around, to
定义: 帮助某人开始新生活, 助人开启新的生命一页.
例句: I turned my life around by starting with a very simple but profound step: imagining the life that I truly wanted. (我从一个非常简单但意义深远的步骤开启新我的新人生: 设想我真正想要的生活是什么样的生活)

10. turn inside out, to
定义: 从里向外翻; 彻底搜查或检查; 将...次序颠倒; 把...弄得翻天覆地.
例句: I've turned this drawer inside out but I can't find my passport. (我把这个抽屉翻个底朝天, 但我还是找不着我的护照)

11. turn something on its head, to
定义: 彻底的与过去的主张或信仰恰好相左; 把...弄得翻天覆地, 把...弄反, 弄错.
例句: I'm afraid we've turned the original mission statement on its head. This is the exact opposite of what we stand for. (我们恐怕已经彻底地颠覆了最初的使命宣言. 这与我们所主张的信念正好相反)

12. turn sour, to
定义: (情况或两者关系)变糟, 恶化, 转变为失望, 敌对.
例句: Don't bring up politics unless you want things to turn sour real fast! (不要提起政治, 除非你想让情况迅速恶化!)

13. turn tail, to
定义: 转身逃逸, 仓促离开.
例句: The burglars turned tail at the sound of our security alarm. (窃贼一听到我们的防盗警铃的声响便转身逃逸)

14. turn the air blue, to
定义: 太多的脏话, 粗话. (注: 意指满屋子脏话使空气都变蓝色).
例句: My dad turned the air blue after he found out I'd put a dent in his car. (我爸爸发现我在他的车上撞的一个凹痕之后, 他气得骂了一大堆脏话)

15. turn the heat on, to
定义: 打开暖气, 暖炉; 裹胁某人, 对某人施加压力; 加强决心或努力.
例句: Wow, they really turned the heat on their opponents after halftime. The score went from 0-3 to 15-3 in less than half an hour! (哇, 半场结束后他们无疑地对其对手增强攻击力度. 不到半小时, 比分从零比三变为十五比三!)

16. turn the heat up, to
定义: 提高暖气, 暖炉的温度; 裹胁某人, 对某人施加压力; 加强决心或努力.
例句: I know I haven't made a lot of progress yet, but I always turn the heat up when I get closer to a deadline. (我知道我还没有取得很大的进展, 但是每当我接近最后期限的时刻, 我总是加强打拼力度)

17. turn the other cheek, to
定义: [圣经典故]隐忍下来, 不予反抗. (注: 意指温顺地容忍别人加诸的羞辱及伤害)
例句: John decided to turn the other cheek when the man tried to start a fight in the restaurant. (当那名男子试图在餐厅向他挑衅打架时, 约翰决定隐忍下来, 不予反抗)

18. turn the other way, to
定义: 假装没看见, 故意不理, 忽视.
例句: We saw someone getting mugged in the park across the street, but we just turned the other way and kept eating our meal. (我们看见有人在对街的公园里被抢劫, 然而我们还是假装没看见, 继续吃我们的饭)

19. turn the page, to
定义: 改过自新; 打开新的一页, 开创新生命; 不眷恋过去, 面对正面生活; 翻篇, 某事过去了, 不必再提了.
例句: I think we can turn the page on this discussion, Tom. There's nothing left we need to linger over. (对于这个讨论, 我想我们可以翻篇了, 汤姆. 我们没必要再继续纠结这件事)

20. turn the screw(s) on, to
定义: 施加压力, 裹胁某人做你想要的事.
例句: The supermarkets group turned the screw on its troubled rival yesterday, revealing strong sales figures and an expansion of its network. (昨天, 这家超市集团加强了对它已陷入困境的竞争对手所施加的压力, 揭示出它的强劲销售数据和销售网的扩张行动)



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