二十笔实用成语 1147

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二十笔实用成语 1147

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二十笔实用成语 1147

01. walk off the/your job, to
定义: 罢工, 离职而去.
例句: John walked off the job when the foreman threatened to hit him. (当工头威胁要打他时, 约翰便拂袖而去)

02. walk off with, to
定义: 轻易赢取; 偷走, 顺手牵羊.
例句: Our opponents walked off with a victory because we were so unprepared for that game. (由于我们对那场比赛毫无准备, 我们的对手轻易赢得了胜利)

03. walk on eggs/eggshells, to
定义: 如履薄冰, 小心翼翼, 尽量避免刺激别人.
例句: Any little thing tends to anger my mother, so I feel like I have to walk on eggshells whenever I'm at her house. (任何一点小事都会激怒我妈妈, 所以我觉得每次在她家我都得小心翼翼, 尽量避免刺激她)

04. take a walk on the wild side, to
定义: 过着放荡的生活, 纵酒玩乐吸毒样样来.
例句: I've been cooped up in the house with the kids all year, so I'm really looking forward to taking a walk on the wild side in Cancun next week! (一整年我都和孩子们都困在家里面, 哪里都没去, 所以我真的很期待下个礼拜去坎昆痛快地放纵玩乐一番!)

05. walk on water, to
定义: 施展奇迹, 无所不能.
例句: Because Jerry was able to finish that huge project in just a few days, the boss now thinks he walks on water. (因为杰瑞能够在短短几天内完成那项大型工程, 老板现在认为他无所不能)

06. walk one's/the dog, to
定义: 遛狗.
例句: As I was walking my dog early the next morning, the first birds I saw were a pair of singing house finches. (第二天一大早我在遛狗的时候, 我最先看到的是一对会唱歌的家雀)

07. walk out in protest, to
定义: 罢工或罢课以示抗议; 离席以示抗议.
例句: After receiving their white doctor's coats, dozens of medical students at the University walked out in protest of a keynote speaker with anti-abortion beliefs. (在收到他们的白色医生大褂后, 数十名医学院学生离席抗议一位抱有反堕胎信仰的主讲嘉宾)

08. walk out on someone, to
定义: 抛弃某人离去; 突然断绝与某人的关系.
例句: I can't believe you would even consider walking out on your family when they need you the most! (我不敢相信你居然会考虑在他们最需要你的时候离弃你的家人!)

09. walk out, to
定义: 离开, 离弃; 突然愤而离开; 罢工; 离席以示抗议; 陪伴着某人离开; 罢工或罢课以示抗议.
例句: That movie was so terrible that I actually walked out before it was over. (那部电影拍得太差劲了, 我居然还没等它放完就离开了)

10. walk over, to
定义: 走过来; 步行横越, 走过; 陪伴某人走过或越过; 恣意虐待.
例句: The officers walked the suspect over the field to the police van that was waiting for him. (这群警察护送着嫌疑人越过田野, 走进了等待他的警车)

11. walk someone off their feet/legs, to
定义: 令某人走得累坏了.
例句: She may be over seventy, but I'm sure she could walk some of you younger ones off your feet. (她也许七十多岁了, 但我相信她可以让你们中的一些年轻人走得上气不接下气)

12. walk someone through something, to
定义: 带领或陪伴某人穿过门口, 走道; 带领某人全面地审核某事务; 带领新进人员介绍流程手续.
例句: Mary walked Jack through the complex solution to the calculus problem. (玛丽向杰克全程阐述了这道微积分问题的复杂解决方法)

13. walk tall, to
定义: 昂首挺胸, 理直气壮.
例句: I know a lot of people are upset, but you did the right thing, so walk tall. (我知道很多人不高兴, 但你做对了, 所以你应该昂首挺胸, 理直气壮)

14. walk the chalk, to
定义: 展示自己的胜任能力; (酒测时)走的笔直, 表示清醒; 循规蹈矩, 中规中矩.
例句: Because of the spotlight that seems to shine on our lifestyle, I have found myself trying to walk the chalk or at least act like I am doing it. (由于公众的注意似乎集中在我们的生活方式上, 我发现自己试图表现出循规蹈矩的行为或起码装着我正在这么做)

15. walk the floor, to
定义: 心神不宁地, 急躁不安地走来走去.
例句: I was a nervous wreck, walking the floor for hours waiting for the doctors to give me an update on Tommy's condition. (我当时很紧张, 急躁不安地走来走去几个钟头等待医生告诉我汤米的最新情况)

16. walk the plank, to
定义: 被强制退休; 被迫接受某事的后果.
例句: The person who's embezzling money from the company will have to walk the plank once their identity is discovered. (一旦身份曝光之后, 挪用公司资金的人将不得不接受其应得的惩罚)

17. walk the talk, to
定义: 身教重于言教, 以行动来证明自己信念.
例句: This consultant has sold us on some pretty radical ideas, but it remains to be seen whether he can walk the talk. (这名顾问向我们推销了一些相当激进的想法, 但他是否能言行一致还有待观察)

18. walk the walk, to
定义: 言出必行, 说到做到; 言必行, 行必果.
例句: Chelsea talks a big game, but she can back it up too. She definitely talks the talk and walks the walk. (雀儿喜虽然夸夸其谈, 但她也能以行动证明自己说的不是空话. 她言出必行, 说到做到)

19. walk through, to
定义: 练习或排练; 仔细演示或指导某人进行全部流程; 带领新进人员介绍流程手续.
例句: Let me walk you through some of the tasks you'll be doing while I'm on vacation. (让我跟你一一讲解在我度假期间你要做的一些工作)

20. walk up to someone, to
定义: 走近某人.
例句: I walked up to Bob and handed him the note. (我走到鲍勃跟前, 把纸条递给他)



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