二十笔实用成语 1157

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二十笔实用成语 1157

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二十笔实用成语 1157

01. weave in and out, to
定义: 穿进穿出, 迂回穿行, 曲折前进.
例句: Some maniac weaved in and out of traffic as he went flying down the highway at nearly 150 miles an hour. (有个疯狂开车的人以接近150英哩的时速在高速公路上飞快奔驰, 在车流里穿进穿出)

02. web of intrigue, a
定义: 一套错综复杂的阴谋, 诡计或圈套.
例句: Jack discovers that he's involved himself into a web of intrigue that stretches back into the past. (杰克发现他自己卷入了一场可以追溯到过去的阴谋诡计之中)

03. wedding reception, a
定义: 喜酒, 喜宴.
例句: This was a memorable wedding reception with a marvelous bunch of people that were having the time of their life. (这是一场令人难忘的喜宴, 与一群美妙可爱的人们度过了这段珍贵的欢乐时光)

04. wedge politics, the
定义: 分化敌营之政治手法. (注: 意指政治上分化敌对党阵营, 使其互斗以削弱其影响力)
例句: Tom is playing wedge politics to drive divisions between John and his friends to serve his own interests. (汤姆为了自己的利益而玩弄分化离间的手法, 挑拨约翰和他朋友之间的矛盾)

05. wee bit, a
定义: 一点点, 有点, 轻微地.
例句: I'm a wee bit confused. I just don't understand why I have to pay this ridiculous rate. (我有点困惑. 我真不明白为什么我必须支付如此不合理的费用)

06. wee hours, the
定义: 凌晨, 午夜之后两三个小时.
例句: I was studying for the exam until the wee hours of the morning, and now I can barely keep my eyes open! (我在准备考试一直读到凌晨, 我现在眼睛都快睁不开了!)

07. weed out, to
定义: 去芜存菁, 除去有害或不需要的事或物.
例句: I spent the morning weeding out the clothes that I didn't need anymore. (我花了一上午的时间挑出不想再穿的衣服)

08. weed
定义: [俚语]大麻.
例句: They were smoking weed when I came in. (我进来的时候他们正在抽大麻)

09. weekend getaway, a
定义: 周末休假, 周末假期. (注: 特指远离城市的繁嚣与压力去度假, 放轻松与休息)
例句: We're planning a weekend getaway to South Padre Island in two weeks and if we like it, we're planning on going back in August for our anniversary. (我们计划两星期后去南帕德里岛度周末, 如果我们喜欢的话, 我们计划在八月回去庆祝我们的周年纪念)

10. weep buckets, to
定义: 号淘大哭.
例句: What did you say to upset your brother? He's been weeping buckets upstairs for the last half hour! (你说了什么让你弟弟不高兴? 他在楼上号淘大哭了半个钟头!)

11. wee-wee, to
定义: [小儿语]撒尿.
例句: The doggie wee-weed on the carpet. (这只狗狗撒尿在地毯上)

12. weigh a ton, to
定义: 非常重, 重得要命.
例句: These suitcases weigh a ton! What have you got in them? (这些手提箱重得要命! 你在箱子里面放了些什么?)

13. weigh against, to
定义: 将两件事的利与害做一权衡比较; 因负面因素对某人产生不利考虑.
例句: Your persistent tardiness will certainly weigh against you in your annual review. (你持续不断的迟到肯定会在你的年度审查中对你不利)

14. weigh down, to
定义: 重物造成压弯曲, 负载过重, 压迫, 压抑.
例句: It feels good to finally get that off my chest. I've felt like I've been weighed down by guilt all these years. (我终于把想说的话一吐为快, 感觉真好. 这些年来我一直被罪恶感压抑得快要崩溃了)

15. weigh in, to
定义: 秤重量; 比赛前的量体重; 发表意见; 参赛, 参加.
例句: Karen, you haven't weighed in yet. What's your take on this? (凯伦, 妳还没发表意见. 妳对此事的看法如何?)

16. weigh on one's mind, to
定义: 心有罣礙, 心事重重.
例句: I really acted like a jerk on Friday night, and it has weighed on my mind all weekend long. (星期五晚上我确实表现得像个混蛋, 整个周末我感到极度痛苦)

17. weigh on, to
定义: 加重给他人或物的负荷; 造成别人倍受压力, 抑郁, 忧心忡忡.
例句: I have four kids to support with the absence of their father. Frustration began to weigh on me heavily. (他们的父亲不在这儿, 我独力抚养四个孩子. 无力感开始令我十分抑郁)

18. weigh one's words, to
定义: 仔细斟酌字句再说话.
例句: You should weigh your words carefully before you tell him your decision to quit. (在你告诉他你辞职的决定之前, 你应该仔细地斟酌你要说的话)

19. weigh up, to
定义: 秤重量; 仔细地观察某人能力, 言行, 人格再下判断; 仔细地权衡得失再下判断.
例句: I could tell everyone was weighing me up when I walked into the office for the first time. (当我第一次走进办公室时, 我可以看出每个人都在仔细地观察我)

20. weight/load/burden has been lifted from your shoulders/back, a
定义: 如卸重担, 松一口气.
例句: When a weight has been lifted from your shoulders, the world seems more beautiful! (当重担从你的肩膀上卸下的时候, 世界似乎更加灿丽!)



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