二十笔实用成语 1186

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二十笔实用成语 1186

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二十笔实用成语 1186

01. wind through, to
定义: (路或河流)迂回曲折通过, 蜿蜒盘旋流过, 峰回路转.
例句: We wound through the forest for several hours before we finally found our way back to the road. (我们在森林里蜿蜒曲折地走了几个钟头才终于找到了回程路上的大路)

02. wind up getting ..., to
定义: 最后被...; 最后成为...; 最后得到...
例句: People who have preexisting conditions or who want complete coverage at a low deductible may not wind up getting a better deal. (身患既有病症或希望以低廉自付额获得全险的人可能不会获得更优惠的保险. 注: 道理上, 只有提高自付额才可以获得更便宜的保险, 但降低自付额则适得其反)

03. wind up, to
定义: 将发条上紧; 令人兴奋, 紧张或不安; 整理, 解决; 结束, 最后变为, 做收尾工作, 带入结束, 经一系列努力到达某一终点, 结局.
例句: Let's wind things up now and then we can all go home. (让我们现在把工作做个收尾, 然后我们就可以回家了)

04. window dressing
定义: 将商品放在展示窗上供人浏览; 假象, 珠光宝气, 将某物欺骗性地装饰得吸引人.
例句: You say that you've changed, but how do I know it's not just window dressing to make you seem like less of a jerk? (你说你改变了, 但我怎么知道你不是为了让你看起来不那么可恶所做出的假象?)

05. window of opportunity, a
定义: 良机, 好时机. (注: window在这里意指一个短暂时期)
例句: This afternoon, I had a brief window of opportunity when I could discuss this with the boss, but she wasn't receptive. (今天下午, 我有一个短暂的良好机会可以和老板讨论这件事情, 但她不想听)

06. window on the world
定义: 外界之窗; 世界之窗. (注: 意指可以令人关注了解的外界, 外国, 或世界各地的文化, 习俗, 或风景)
例句: Kids nowadays are spoiled rotten with the amount they can learn and see on the internet. In my day, the only window on the world was whatever books the local library had. (现今的孩子们都被宠坏了, 他们可以在网上学习和看到大量的资料. 在我那个年代, 了解外界的唯一窗口就是本地图书馆的书籍)

07. winds of change, the
定义: 变革之风; 转变之风.
例句: The winds of change have begun to blow. (变革之风已开始刮起)

08. winds out of northwest
定义: 刮西北风.
例句: For Wednesday through Friday, mostly cloudy today and fair tonight with winds out of northwest at 20 to 30 knots. (论及周三至周五, 今天大部分地区多云, 今晚晴朗, 西北风风速20至30节)

09. wine and dine, to
定义: 盛情款待好酒好菜.
例句: This guy is our ideal future client, so be sure to wine and dine him tonight. (此人是我们理想的未来客户, 所以今晚一定要好酒好菜款待他)

10. wing it, to
定义: 临机应变, 临场发挥.
例句: Don't worry. Just go out there and wing it. (别担心. 你就大胆地站上舞台, 尽情地临场发挥吧. 注: 本句的片语, "go out there"在美国经常被使用; 它虽是指走到观众面前表演或比赛之意, 但仍含有"尽力而为"的意义)

11. wink at, to
定义: 眨眨眼暗示或调情; 假装没看见.
例句: I cannot wink at blatant infractions of the law! (我不能对公然违法的行为视而不见!)

12. wink out, to
定义: 熄灯, 熄火; 突然被杀死, 摧毁或毁坏; 结束, 中止, 电力中断.
例句: The street lamps winked out one by one. (路灯一盏接一盏地熄灭了)

13. winkle out, to
定义: [英国俚语]逐渐地, 强制性地榨取消息; 取代某人的地位; 将某人驱逐出去.
例句: The banks have been winkling families out of their homes in record numbers following the sharp recession in the economy. (在经济急剧衰退之后, 银行一直在以创新纪录的数量将许多家庭驱逐出他们的住房. 注: 当屋主无力履行按揭合约, 或无法清偿债务时, 他们便被债权人或银行驱逐出住房)

14. winner takes all, the
定义: 赢家全拿.
例句: How about one last round of darts, winner take all? (要不要玩最后一回合掷飞镖游戏, 赢者通吃怎么样?)

15. winning combination, a
定义: 致胜组合. (注: 意指由两个以上的人, 事或物组合成为有效的解决方案)
例句: Together on one team, we're a winning combination. (团结在同一队伍之下, 我们俩便成了一对致胜组合)

16. winning isn't everything
定义: [谚语]胜利不是一切.
例句: When you think of how many top professional athletes have had trouble with the law or have struggled with debt, it's a powerful reminder that winning isn't everything. (当你想到有多少顶级职业运动员在法律上遇到麻烦或在债务中挣扎时, 这是一个强有力的提醒, 胜利不是一切)

17. winning smile, a
定义: 迷人灿烂的微笑, 令人愉快的微笑.
例句: The kid has never heard of stage-fright. Just stared at the camera, put on a winning smile and danced his heart out. (这个孩子从没听说过什么叫怯场. 他只是紧盯着镜头, 摆出灿烂迷人的微笑, 尽情地跳舞)

18. winning solution, a
定义: 成功妙方; 致胜妙方.
例句: It was no surprise they came up with a winning solution, which surpassed our expectations. (令人毫不意外地, 他们想出了一套致胜妙方, 而且比我们所预期的要强得多)

19. winning streak, a
定义: 连胜, 一连串胜利.
例句: We've finally started having a bit of a winning streak with our latest products. (我们的最新产品终于开始有了一些些连战皆捷的势头)

20. wino, a
定义: [俚语]酒鬼, 长期酗酒的醉汉.
例句: See that wino over there. He used to be the president of First Republic Bank. (看到那边那个酒鬼了吗? 他曾经是第一共和国银行的行长)



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