二十笔实用成语 1207

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二十笔实用成语 1207

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二十笔实用成语 1207

01. year after year
定义: 每年; 年复一年.
例句: Year after year, she brings that awful casserole to Christmas dinner, even though no one eats it. (尽管年年都没人吃, 她还是年复一年地把那道难吃的烤锅菜带到圣诞晚餐桌上)

02. year by year
定义: 每一年, 逐年.
例句: Our subscriber base has grown year by year, and we're nearly at our target. (我们的订户基础逐年增长, 我们即将实现我们的目标)

03. year in, year out
定义: 每年固定地, 每年地.
例句: Year in and year out they went to Arizona for the winter. (年复一年, 他们去亚利桑那州过冬)

04. year-on-year; year-over-year
定义: 与去年同一时期或同一月份相比的.
例句: Revenue was up 59% year-on-year, and daily active users were up 17%. (收入同比增加了59%, 每日活跃用户增加了17%)

05. yellow brick road, the
定义: 通往梦想的途径. (注: 但是梦想可能成空, 并非原先所期望的)
例句: James took the internship thinking that it would be the yellow brick road to his dream job. (詹姆斯接受了这份实习工作, 认为这将是通往他梦想工作的一条途径)

06. yellow journalism, the
定义: 为了吸引读者的煽情, 失实, 夸张的新闻操作.
例句: It may have begun at the turn of the century, but yellow journalism is still alive and well, from the supermarket tabloids to all the talking heads on cable news. (它可能始于世纪之交, 但从超市娱乐小报到有线电视新闻的所有名嘴, 耸人听闻的新闻操作仍旧存在并且还很活跃)

07. yellow peril/terror, the
定义: 黄祸. (注: 意指东亚人以及东南亚人对西方世界生存的威胁)
例句: In the US, Asians have long been considered as a threat to a nation that promoted a whites-only immigration policy. They're called the Yellow Peril: unclean and unfit for American citizenship. (在美国, 亚洲人长期以来一直被这个推行仅限白人移民政策的国家视为威胁. 他们被称为"黄祸": 不清洁也没资格成为美国公民)

08. yellow-bellied/lily-livered, be
定义: 胆怯的, 懦弱的.
例句: I'm not surprised that Tom didn't come to the rally. He's too yellow-bellied to defend his beliefs in public. (我对汤姆没有来参加集会并不感到惊讶. 他胆子太小, 不敢在公共场合捍卫自己的信仰)

09. yellow dog, a
定义: 刻薄的, 卑鄙的人.
例句: I can't believe you get so invested in these debates. All politicians are yellow dogs that can't be trusted! (我真不敢相信你对这些辩论如此地投入. 所有的政客都是不能信任的卑鄙小人!)

10. yep/yup
定义: [俚语]是. (注: yep和yup等于yes, 经常用于不正式或轻松场合)
例句: "Are you going to the party tonight?" "Yup!" "Do you want to go with me?" "Nope." ("你今晚去参加派对吗?" "去!" "你要不要跟我一起去?" "不要.")

11. yes and no
定义: 非全面的肯定, 部分同意. (注: 意指在某方面是肯定的但另一方面是否定的意见)
例句: "Have you got a car?" "Well, yes and no. We have one, but it's not working at the moment." ("你有车吗?" "哦, 可以说有, 也可以说没有. 我们是有一部车, 但目前没法使用.")

12. yes, indeed
定义: 的确是的.
例句: Yes indeed. I truly did have a wonderful and enjoyable journey. (的确是的. 我确实亲历了一个美好而愉快的旅程)

13. that means you too
定义: 你也一样; 你们也一样.
例句: That means you too, parents! After all, there's more and more evidence that suggests folks with gum disease are more at risk for serious health conditions. (你们也一样, 父母们! 毕竟, 越来越多的证据表明患有牙龈疾病的人更容易出现严重的健康情况)

14. yes-man, a
定义: 对上级唯唯诺诺, 附和叫好的人, 马屁精, 应声虫.
例句: The boss only hired Tom because he's a yes-man and won't challenge her authority. (老板雇用汤姆只是因为他是个唯唯诺诺的人, 不会去挑战她的权威)

15. yesterday wouldn't be too soon
定义: 十万火急, 越快越好. (注: 原译为昨天做好都不够快)
例句: I need you to get me those financial reports, Brian. Yesterday wouldn't be too soon at this point! (我需要你把那些财务报告给我, 布赖恩. 在这个节骨眼上, 十万火急, 越快越好!)

16. yesterday's man/woman, a
定义: 过气的男人或女人. (注: 尤其指政客或社交名人当他们生涯结束或势微)
例句: Bob is never going to give up his cushy job. He's yesterday's man, and his next career move is retirement! (鲍勃永远不会放弃那份轻松的工作. 他的生涯已经到了尽头, 他下一个生涯更动就是退休!)

17. yesterday's news, a
定义: 旧闻, 进入历史的人, 过气的人. (注: 尤其指政客或社交名人当他们生涯结束或势微)
例句: I don't know why you're still campaigning for that hack. He's yesterday's news. (我不知道你为什么还在帮那个政治打手竞选. 他的政治生涯已经基本终结了)

18. yet again
定义: 再一次, 又一次; 更多次; 已经发生过很多次了.
例句: Mission Impossible 7 is being delayed once again, moving from September 2022 to July 14, 2023. (碟中谍7再次被推迟上映, 从2022年9月推迟到2023年7月14日)

19. yield the palm, to
定义: 认输, 自认不如.
例句: Boston was the largest city in British America nearly for a century, but it yielded the palm to the rapidly growing New York City. (近一个世纪, 波士顿市曾一直是英属美洲的最大城市, 但它让位给迅速发展的纽约市)

20. yikes!
定义: [惊叹语]表达恐惧或惊讶.
例句: Yikes! There's a spider on me! (哎呀! 一只蜘蛛掉在我身上!)



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